How To Make A Minion Planter | 10 DIY Minion Pot Ideas

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Looking to add some minion charm to your garden or home? Learn How To Make A Minion Planter with our fun and easy DIY Minion Pot Ideas!

Not only is this project a fun and creative way to display your plants, but it’s also a unique and whimsical addition to any space. So grab some supplies, and let’s see “How To Make A Minion Planter”

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DIY Minion Pot Ideas

1. DIY Minion Tire Pot

minion tire planter

Recycle and spray paint three junk tires to create a minion using a tire. Fascinating craft for displaying plants cleverly. Check out the step-by-step DIY here.

2. How to Make a Minion Planter

how to make a minion planter

Display your favorite flowering plants or houseplants in the most creative way by creating this minion planter. You can involve your kids in this project! For this, get 6 terracotta pots, rope, paint and brushes, stencil, Polyurethane, pencil, and tape. Check out this video for directions.

3. Minion Flower Pot

minion flower pot

Dedicate a small amount of your time to making this trendy minion flower pot for yourself using terracotta pots and painting essentials. Follow this link for the tutorial on these beautiful minion pot holders and planter combo.

4. Minion Plant Pots

minion plant pots

Minions became popular in 2010; kids love them. So, ask your little ones to help you to replicate this minion plant pot idea. We found the idea at eHow.

5. Minion Pot People

minion pot people

Recycle old terracotta pots to make these beautiful minion clay pots that you can keep anywhere. Check them out here.

6. Easy Minion Flower Pot

If you or your kids love minions, learn How to Make a Minion Planter. Take help of these 6 DIY Minion Pot tutorials in this article.

You are going to love how basic and cheap this DIY minion flower pot project is. Paint the pot, decorate it as if a minion, and plant your favorite flowers; it’s just that easy.

7. Minion Pot for HomeMinion Pot for Home

Here is another amazing minion planter idea that you can make in just a couple of hours. Check out the DIY here for this minion flower pot.

8. Terracotta Pot MinionsTerracotta Pot Minions

Have some old terracotta pots? Put them to good use with this DIY, and you will have amazing little minion terra cotta pots to adorn your home and garden.

9. DIY Mini MinionDIY Mini Minion

Follow this tutorial for one of the best DIY Minion Pot Ideas for extremely adorable little minion pots that your kids will love.

10. 3-D Minion Planter3-D Minion Planter

Check out how amazing this little planter looks! And you can create it using a 3-D printer. Here is the DIY.

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