50 Genius Space Saving Hacks for Small Kitchens

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Follow these Genius Space Saving Hacks for Small Kitchens to bring a stylish look smartly with easy systematized tricks to your apartment!

These Genius Space Saving Hacks for Small Kitchens will help you to make the best of the limited space, especially if you live in a small apartment or studio!

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Genius Space Saving Hacks for Small Kitchens

1. Fix a Towel Holder Inside Kitchen Sink

Install a small magnetic cloth holder to your kitchen sink and utilize the unused space! It will also save you from setting a tray beneath the cloth to collect dripping water.

2. Set a Dish Drying Rack On the Wall Along with Sink

Construct a vertical structured drying rack using wire baskets, cutlery casket, and s-hooks. This hack will provide you with extra kitchen space.

3. Reuse an Office Supply Organizer

Repurpose an office supply organizer into your kitchen, hang it on the wall beside the kitchen sink. Store sponges and dish soap on it, the netting helps in draining water and you will have a mold-free sponge.

4. Attach a Sponge Holder to the Kitchen Faucet

Set a silicon sponge holder inside the sink to the kitchen faucet—it will help in saving the kitchen counter from the mess of wet sponge.

5. Make Clamps into a Utensil Rack


Spoons, forks, spatulas, whisks scattered everywhere look untidy and messy. You can keep all of these items on a wooden plank using clamps.

6. DIY a Pull-Out Cutting Board with a Middle Hole

A pull-out cutting board, with a middle hole, increases the counter space and makes your food preparation quicker as you can easily throw waste directly into trash cans.

7. Keep Pans Sideways

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Pans stacked on each other occupy 50 percent of total storage in the kitchen. The best trick to utilize compact space is to store them sidelong in a standing position instead of stacking.

8. Single Bowl Sink

A double bowl sink has its own charm but single bowl sinks are useful as well. They save approx a foot of counter space, large pans, and dishes easily fit into a single bowl.

9. Pull Out Pantry

Install a pull-out pantry with many racks where you can store groceries and utensils according to your priorities and need. It will only take less than a foot of area.

10. Build Shelves


Reserve a single shelf in the cabinet for storing oversized items and add multiple shelves to the remaining part for small things.

11. Cabinet for Storing Vegetables and Fruits

Install an under cabinet fruit basket and bring accessibility and beauty to your kitchen. You can easily grab fruits with this space-saving hack and the countertops will be clean.

12. Three Tiered Hanging Wire Baskets

Hang a three-tiered wire basket from the ceiling in any corner of your kitchen, you can stock onions and garlic on the top floor, oranges, bananas, avocados on second, and bread or large items on the bottom. Follow the DIY here.

13. Renovate Drawers with In-built Baskets

Store onions, potatoes, and garlic in cabinet wicker baskets. With this hack, you can keep vegetables away from kitchen counters and out of sight as well.

14. Expand the Space by Making Cabinets All the Way to the Ceiling


This will give great storage space to less frequently used items like crockery and dinner sets. It also makes your kitchen expansive as you create more compartments.

15. Magnetic Holders

Instead of purchasing a knife holder, place knives in a magnetic one. You can save counter space by buying a magnetic knife strip that can be fixed to the wall, on the fridge, and on the sides of the cabinet.

16. No Kitchen Door


The kitchen door takes so much space that you can save by going for an open one which also brings a style statement to the overall look.

17. Over The Sink Cutting Boards

You can use the sink as a place to keep cutting boards, this is very useful when you are preparing many dishes and fall short of space.

18. File Folders in the Kitchen

File folders have great use in the kitchen, you can use them to keep cleaning supplies and place them under the kitchen sink.

19. Plastic Bag Holder

Use an empty tissue box for keeping plastic bags, garbage bags, and small rags. It is one of the best Genius Space Saving Hacks for Small Kitchens!

20. Make a Command Station

Attack a chalkboard paper and adhesive pockets inside the cabinet, so everyone in the house can easily read about coupons, grocery lists, recipes, and kitchen items.

21. Utensil on a Pegboard Wall

Screw-in a variety of curved, angled, and straight hooks to hang measuring cups, mugs, and cookware.

22. Dividers in Drawers


Have a seamless look by creating matching dividers and keep your kitchen essential there for quick clutter-free access.

23. Towel Bar Over The Sink

Keep everything under arm’s reach by installing a metal bar to the blank wall above the sink. You can hang cheese graters, soup spoons, etc.

24. Give Your Pantry a Store-like Look

Arrange the items in the pantry by following the ‘first-in-first-out rule’, simply place the new boxes behind opened products. Make things organized with labels.

25. Fill Narrow Areas

The narrow space between the fridge and the wall can be used to keep canned goods.

26. Use Insides of Cabinet Doors

Hang spoons and measuring cups on the back of a cabinet door instead of cluttering them into full drawers.

27. Fill Up the Cabinet Sides

Fit hooks and utilize the unused area of cabinet sides by hanging cutting boards, heavy, and clunky items.

28. ‘In-Between’ Drawer

Use the slim gap units between drawers by building a pull-out cutlery drawer and utilize this area smartly.

29. Slide into a Wall

You can use unused space on the other side of the wall by building a slider cabinet into the wall for keeping groceries and other kitchen essentials there.

30. Two-Layer Drawers


Instead of deep drawers try two-story ones with inside sliders; a top layer for cutlery and below for storing serving dishes or utensils.

31. Mini Table for Kitchen

If you have a small kitchen, then you can add a mini table with wheels to store items. It can also be used as a mini counter, too!

32. Hooks to Hang Mugs


Mugs take up too much shelf space, you can fix hooks under a cabinet or shelf and hang mugs by handles.

33. Dividers for Baking Sheets, Pans, and Lids

Set up some pan dividers and stack lids, dishes within a cabinet. Baking sheets and pans can be organized in the dividers perpendicularly to the shelf.

34. Drawer Spice Rack


Build a shallow drawer and store your spice jars in it, and you will have quick access to them at the time of cooking!

35. Hang Stemware

Store stemwares in a stylish way by hanging them under a cabinet. Display your wine glasses, or tuck them inside hidden storage.

36. Rolling Shelves

Have rolling shelves and keep things organized and accessible on the downside of deep cabinets.

37. Miniature Susan Inside a Kitchen Cabinet

Include a small Susan in the kitchen cabinet undersides, or place it below the sink for storing cleaning items.

38. Space-Saving Containers

Bulky boxes or air-filler bags occupy more space than the contents they carry. Store them into transparent, labeled, space-saving containers and save a lot of space.

39. Roll Up Tea Towels


People fold tea towels and make a tower of them, instead store the towels by rolling them horizontally in a shallow drawer and have easy access every time.

40. Keep Small Snack Packets in Baskets

This hack will declutter your cabinet! Simply keep snack packets like granola bars, oats packets, and lunch-sized bags in a basket for easy access.

41. Make the Best Use of Space

Label the shelves, containers, and drawers to have easy access and a clean aesthetic. It will keep things explicable on the time when are lazy to organize the kitchen.

42. Repurpose a Nook

Transform the small nook in the kitchen into a breakfast place for two. This way, you will have a dining area for two, right in the kitchen!

43. Riser on Counter

Buy a counter riser and double the available space, choose a natural wooden shade that blends with countertops. It will give you a space where you can eat without using a table!

44. Under Table Storage

Increase the storage space in the compact kitchens by adding a drop-leaf table that brings extra room for keeping stemware and dishes.

45. Use the Space on the Top of the Fridge


Don’t let an inch of space go to waste! Utilize the unused space on the refrigerator by keeping items you don’t use daily.

Note: The top of the fridge gets warm so avoid storing perishable items or food.

46. Buy a Thin Storage Rack on Wheels

Invest in a thin, tall, wheeled storage rack for storing cleaning supplies, wheel them away to an area that has less traffic.

47. Vintage Locker in New Pantry

Transform this mini storage unit into a stylish pantry for storing spices, granola bars, and other groceries.

48. Hang  Spoons on DIY Wire Rack

This minimalist design suits any style of decor, you can use it to hang pans, spoons, mugs, and maximize your storage area. Follow the DIY here.

49. Hang Hooks Behind the Door to Hang Stuff


Bolt or stick hooks behind a cabinet or kitchen door to make the best use of otherwise wasted space. You can use it to hang towels and baskets to store kitchen stuff.

50. Use IKEA Cart to Grow Salads

IKEA carts with roller wheels are great to grow salads and herbs! You can move them to the balcony for the plants to get some sun and bring it back to the kitchen to get a fresh harvest!

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