33 Best Terrariums Plants | Top Plants for Indoor Terrarium

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Do you want to bring a little bit of greenery into your house in a small space? We can help you find the Best Terrariums Plants!

The best way to usher in a little greenery indoors is to create a mini-greenhouse like a terrarium. It is a micro-ecosystem in bowls, jars, tanks, and glass vases that can vary in shape and size. If this method of growing excites you, then here are the Best Terrariums Plants you can try.

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Best Terrariums Plants

1. Anubia

33 Best Terrariums Plants | Top Plants for Indoor Terrarium

Botanical Name: Anubia

This versatile semi-aquatic plant does not need much maintenance and is perfect for terrariums owing to its low light requirement and slow-growing nature.

2. Hemianthus

Top Plants for Indoor Terrarium

Botanical Name: Hemianthus callitrichoides

With vibrant and dense foliage, dwarf baby tears make for an excellent choice for open terrariums. It is one of the Best Terrariums Plants you can grow.

3. Riccardia

 Best Terrariums Plants

Botanical Name: Riccardia

The Riccardia is one of the best plants for terrariums because of the fact that it is really easy to look after and thrives in humidity and moist environments.

4. Schistochila

Plants for Indoor Terrarium
 leo kala

Botanical Name: Schistochila

A leafy liverwort, the Schistochila has thick green leaves that will make your terrarium look like a miniature jungle. Pair it with a small castle and stones for the best look. It is one of the Best Terrariums Plants you can grow.

5. Oak Leaf Fern

top Best Terrariums Plants

Botanical Name: Aglaomorpha quercifolia

Oak Leaf Fern has light green leaves with a soft and wooly appearance. With the high humidity in closed terrariums, it will flourish with little effort.

6. Cuspidata

Amazing Plants for Indoor Terrarium

Botanical Name: Bolbitis heteroclita ‘cuspidata’

A rosette of thick fleshy leaves, the Cuspidata is one of the best plants for terrariums. Pair it with stones and see the terrarium become an eye-catching example!

7. Baby Jade

 Best Terrariums Plants

Botanical Name: Portulacaria afra

Jade plants are great for terrariums, thanks to their small size and slow growth. All they need is moist soil, bright light, and moderate watering to thrive well.

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8. Echeveria

best Plants for Indoor Terrarium

Botanical Name: Echeveria

Most species of echeveria do well in a terrarium. You can pick specimens that have similar water and light needs so that all are happy in the same environment.

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9. Houseleek

beautiful Plants for Indoor Terrarium

Botanical Name: Sempervivum

Succulents like Hens and Chicks are very easy to plant. They grow relatively slowly and easily, which makes them a great option for terrariums. It is one of the Best Terrariums Plants you can grow.

10. Haworthia

Amazing Top Plants for Indoor Terrarium

Botanical Name: Haworthia

For low-light terrariums, one of the best choices is Haworthia! It grows slowly and does well in both indirect light and bright sunlight. Grow it in an open terrarium for the best display.

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11. Panda Plant

 Plants for Indoor Terrarium

Botanical Name: Kalanchoe tomentosa

Kalanchoes, with their succulent leaves, are a good choice for an open terrarium. They make for an attractive and suitable addition to an open-top dish garden.

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12. Widow’s-Thrill

Plants for Indoor Terrarium in glass

Botanical Name: Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

The plant comes in shades of white, yellow, pink, purple, orange, magenta, and red, making it a great option for an open terrarium. It is one of the Best Terrariums Plants you can grow.

13. Peperomia

 Top Plants for Indoor Terrarium

Botanical Name: Peperomia

Peperomia is an excellent choice for houseplants and is used frequently in terrariums and combination with other high-humidity-loving plants and ferns. It is one of the Best Terrariums Plants you can grow.

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14. Ferns

The Best Indoor Terrarium Plants

Botanical Name: Tracheophyta

Ferns are great for both open and closed terrariums as they offer these plants the right amount of humidity and warmth they need to thrive well.

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15. Pilea

Best Indoor Terrarium Plants

Botanical Name: Pilea peperomioides

Pilea Peperomioides favor humid environments, and terrariums can create the perfect habitat. It’s very pleasing to the eye and an easy-to-care-for plant.

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16. Polka Dot Plant

beautiful Best Indoor Terrarium Plants

Botanical Name: Hypoestes phyllostachya

The polka-dotted leaves feature colored splotches that can vary from bright pink to silvery green, making it a great choice for your terrarium if you’re looking to add a pop of color.

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17. Dracaena

The Best Plants for Indoor Gardens

Botanical Name: Dracaena

Dracaena is good for low-light areas in your home, and colored ones like this add beauty to any corner you decide to place your terrarium. It is one of the Best Terrariums Plants you can grow.

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18. Nerve Plant

 Best Plants for Indoor Gardens

Botanical Name: Fittonia albivenis

Another terrarium classic is the Fittonia, which is most loved for its funky and stunning leaf pattern. The veins on this plant vary from neon pink to light green shade!

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19. False Shamrock

 Plants for Indoor Gardens

Botanical Name: Oxalis triangularis

Oxalis triangularis grows anywhere it finds moist soil and shade, making it another great choice for closed terrariums. It will thrive alongside moss and peperomia.

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20. Artillery Fern

 Plants for Indoor Gardens

Botanical Name: Pilea microphylla

Artillery fern is a member of the Pilea family and is not actually a fern at all. The plant’s lovely texture makes it one of the Best Terrariums Plants you can grow.

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21. Pothos

hanging Plants for Indoor Gardens

Botanical Name: Epipremnum aureum

While the Golden Pothos vine may look very ordinary as a houseplant, it can look amazing in a terrarium. You can prune it regularly to keep it confined in an open or large closed terrarium.

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22. Moon Valley Pilea

Ideal Indoor Terrarium Plants

Botanical Name: Pilea mollis

It is a fast-growing plant that tolerates low light and can grow up to 10-12 inches tall and spread about the same in width. Its deep texture makes it a standout addition to your terrarium. It is one of the Best Terrariums Plants you can grow.

23. Spider Plant

best Ideal Indoor Terrarium Plants

Botanical Name: Chlorophytum comosum

Another low-light terrarium plant that enjoys the moist potting mix and high humidity found inside a terrarium. Its glossy leaves have a unique yellow band around the center.

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24. Baby Tears

top Ideal Indoor Terrarium Plants

Botanical Name: Micranthemum micranthemoides

Baby tears is an excellent choice for a terrarium, as it is easy to maintain, low-growing, and thrives really well in a controlled environment.

25. Blue Star Fern

Amazing Ideal Indoor Terrarium Plants

Botanical Name: Phlebodium aureum

Blue star fern’s unusual appearance with blue-green paw-shaped elongated fronds makes it a lovely choice for a slightly larger plant terrarium. It is one of the Best Terrariums Plants you can grow.

26. Creeping Fig

Indoor Terrarium Plants

Botanical Name: Ficus pumila

With its small, variegated heart-shaped leaves, Creeping fig makes for a beautiful addition to any terrarium. This perennial climbing vine can also be trained to creep up structures, making it interesting to try in a large terrarium.

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27. Earthstar

lovely Indoor Terrarium Plants

Botanical Name: Cryptanthus

Cryptanthus, also called Earthstar, is a type of terrestrial Bromeliad that typically grows on Brazilian rainforest floors. It makes it perfect for growing in a terrarium that offers a similar environment. It is one of the Best Terrariums Plants you can grow.

28. Air Plants

best lovely Indoor Terrarium Plants

Botanical Name: Tillandsia

It would be the perfect choice to place an Air Plant terrarium in your bedroom as it photosynthesizes at night. They will emit fresh oxygen into your room while you sleep.

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29. Aluminum Plant

lovely Indoor Terrarium Plants

Botanical Name: Pilea cadierei

The aluminum plant flourishes in a closed terrarium as it appreciates the humid surroundings. The plant grows fast and requires occasional pinching. It is one of the Best Terrariums Plants you can grow.

30. African Violets

best lovely Indoor Terrarium Plants

Botanical Name: Saintpaulia

African violets enjoy warm, bright, humid surroundings, which makes them perfect for an indoor terrarium. Just ensure not to keep it in direct sunlight.

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31. Moss

 Best Terrariums Plants

Botanical Name: Bryophyta

Mosses go hand in hand with closed terrariums as it grows slowly and flourishes in moisture and low light. For a natural woodland look, choose carpeting mosses like Java and Feather Moss.

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32. Strawberry Begonia

stunning Indoor Terrarium Plants
Monmouth Houseplants.

Botanical Name: Saxifraga stolonifera

This Begonia variety is ideal for terrariums as it does not exceed a height of more than 8 inches; in late spring, the plant offers small, white, star-shaped blooms. It is one of the Best Terrariums Plants you can grow.

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33. Moss Rose

top best stunning Indoor Terrarium Plants

Botanical Name: Portuluca delicosa

Moss Roses flourish in open terrariums and are extremely drought and heat tolerant. For a beautiful rosette of succulent leaves, moss rose terrariums are the best choice.

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