Vertical Succulent Wall Planter In Quick Easy Steps | DIY Succulent Frame

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Learn how to make a vertical succulent wall planter in a few steps without spending money. You don’t need to be a great DIYer to have this DIY succulent frame in your home.

vertical succulent wall

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Succulents are easiest plants to grow on earth. They are not demanding and most of them grow in severe conditions, plus they come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. All this makes them perfect for vertical gardening.

Things you’ll need to make DIY succulent wall planter

succulent wall planter

  1. Succulent
  2. A tape to measure
  3. Chicken wire
  4. A hammer
  5. Nails
  6. A pencil or Marker
  7. Glue
  8. Special potting mix for cacti and succulents
  9. 4 equal size thick sticks or frame moulding to make frame
  10. Moss (Optional)
  11. A piece of board (plywood or something else) to adhere behind the frame.
  12. Staple gun or whatever you find easily to attach the chicken wire to the frame.
  13. Pincer or wire cutter to cut wires

Steps to Follow

Step 1diy plant picture frame (3)

Make a frame by joining the pieces of wood. (See the photo above)

Step 2

succulent picture frame 2

Measure and cut the plyboard or picture frame board to cover the frame from behind according to the dimensions of the frame. Once you join it to the frame with nails and glue, stick a plastic bag or film over it. To make your vertical succulent wall waterproof.

Step 3


Evenly spread the soil in your frame. Stop filling just before the soil reaches the edge of the frame.

Step 4


Before fixing the chicken wire on your succulent wall planter, distribute moss over the soil (optional) and put succulents to see and adjust them according to colors, shapes and sizes. This is fun! Once you have found the ideal location for your small plants, remove them again.

Step 5

25+ Unique Chicken Wire Frame Ideas On Pinterest | Christmas Card inside Staples Picture Frames –

Attach the chicken wire using a staple gun on the edges of the frame. You can skip this step if you want but chicken wire is used to support the succulents and soil.

Step 6

Now plant the succulents. Skip this step if you are planting them from cuttings but if you are planting potted succulents you may need to cut chicken wire mesh to create a few small planting holes to transplant succulents with the help of a pincer or wire cutter.

Step 7

Poke holes in the soil and then gently tuck the plants in and close the hole and mist the soil to moisten it.

Wait a few days before hanging your DIY succulent wall planter or putting it vertically until the plants recover and establish well.

How to Care for Succulent Wall Planter



Keep the succulent wall planter on a table, near a windowsill, in your living room, somewhere where it will receive some sun or indirect sunlight. You can also hang it on the wall but for this, you’ll need to attach a picture hanger to your frame.


Spray water on your vertical succulent wall to keep the soil slightly moist in the next few days. Once established water only when the substrate is slightly dry. Be attentive to it and observe when the plants need water.


Right kind of soil is the key as you’re growing plants vertically in a too small space. Use succulent potting mix for this.

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Learn how to make a vertical succulent wall planter in a few steps without spending money. You don't need to be a great DIYer to have this DIY succulent frame in your home.

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  1. For my succulents I usually like to use a mix of turface, lava, and pumice. Do you think chicken wire would successfully hold that substrate (using the moss as a buffer) and/or do you have a suggestion for a method that would hold it in successfully?

    • Not sure if I’m saying it correctly but “repair fabric” or “reinforcing fabric” from Home Depot would work. It’s like pvc mesh, smaller holes vs the chicken wire. Or burlap

  2. I use 1/4″ hardware cloth. The wire with the square holes. and moss as a buffer. works great. I enjoy my vertical living art succulent planters for years.

  3. The best part? Most of the DIY vertical garden ideas we’ve compiled here are as inexpensive as they are nice to look at. Spray-painted tin cans, simple clay pots, and DIY wooden planters are just a few of the options that make it easy to save money as you save space. You’ll also be able to customize many of the projects on our list to suit your space. Not sure that the classic terra-cotta colors will work well in your kitchen? Paint them a different color! Interested in a more modern look? Try a set of copper pipe planters we’ve got a tutorial for that too. (P.S. Don’t miss our tips on the easiest flowers to grow too!)


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