7 DIY Mason Jar Ideas For Garden

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Have a collection of unused mason jars? Don’t throw them! Here’re 7 DIY Mason jar ideas for garden you can look at for inspiration.

1. Mason Jar Terrarium

Mason Jar Terrarium

Making terrarium is a creative way to bring a splash of greenery to your home. If you have got one or more mason jars you can DIY a mason jar terrarium with just a few things and in little time. If you want to low maintanence terrarium, only plant succulents in it. Check out the tutorial on huffingtonpost.

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2. Mason Jar Greenhouse


Use mason jars as mini greenhouses when trying to save small plants from cold or wind, use them when starting seedlings or trying to root cuttings. To make this all you have to do is to wash the mason jar properly and place it upside down over the plant. Make sure to remove the mason jar every once in a while to allow the plant to breath. Learn more on it.

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3. Mason Jar Herb Garden


How about continuous supply of fresh herbs right from your kitchen? This space saving verticlal herb garden can add a charm to your kitchen. For this, you’ll need mason jars, wooden boards and a few more items. Check out the tutorial.

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4. Mason Jar Sprouter

Sprouting IN Mason-Jar

Sprouting is a quick and easy way to add nutrition to your diet. Did you know you can grow your own sprouts in a mason jar? It’s easy and simple and only takes about 4 days. See the tutorial here.

5. Mason Jar Plant Marker

mason jar plant marker

If you’re facing difficulty in figuring out which plant you planted where, try this mason jar plant marker idea. Simply adhere the empty seed packets on wood stick and encase them in mason jars to protect them from rain and bad weather. See more here.

6. Mason Jar Planter


You can grow plants in mason jars. A succulent, a herb or any other indoor plant that don’t grow much would be perfect.

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7. Mason Jar Birdfeeder

mason jar birdfeeder

If you’re a bird lover and like to watch them, why not DIY a birdfeeder for those beautiful tiny creatures and help them. You don’t need a lot of space to hang it, too. Check out the tutorial.

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Have a collection of unused mason jars? Don't throw them! Here're 7 DIY Mason jar uses in garden you can look at for inspiration.

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