Sea Shell Planter Ideas to Show Off your Plants | Ideas for Displaying Seahells

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Sea shell planters are creative ways to show off plants. You can tuck smaller succulents and use them as a centerpiece of your home.

Sea Shell Planter Ideas


succulent in shell

Succulents are planted in a large shell and filled with tiny gravels.


airplant in seashellTuck an air plant into the shell opening and lightly mist once a month. The plant should not be forced into the shell, but rather loosely positioned to allow for good air circulation. Read more on Yankee magazine.


clam shell planter
Image Credit: Censation Girl

“Little Jewels” succulents planted in a big clam shell. You can also use faux plants instead of real ones.


shell crafts
Image Credit: Carolyns Home Network

Succulents planted in a shell and covered with pebbles to decorate it.


sea shell planters
Image Credit: Geoff Baldwin

Very large snail shells used as unique hanging planters.

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sea shell planter
Image Credit: Megan Andersen

This cool looking shell is used as a planter to grow succulents. You can see more ideas like that on


conch planter

If you have a big conch fill it with a light succulent potting and tuck a few succulents in it.


hanging shell planter 1

Decorating with shells is a great idea. Hang the conch shells and plant trailing succulent in their lip, spray water from time to time to keep them growing.

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conch shell planter

Create great centerpieces for your living room and dining room by growing succulents in beautiful conch shells.

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sea shell planter ideas

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  1. Hi, regarding your succulent shells, how do you keep the Succulents from falling out of the shell? I’ve tried planting them with succulent soil, sand & soil, & rain deer moss & they eventually fall out of the shell when moved. Yours look so pretty!! If you can just let me know how they stay put🐚🐚 Sincerely, Sharon


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