25 Indoor Plant Propagation Station Ideas

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These Indoor Plant Propagation Station Ideas will not only give you a vertical space to start cuttings in water but will also look modern and appealing.

If you are a houseplant enthusiast and “they” are an integral of your home decor–you can take inspiration from any of these Indoor Plant Propagation Station Ideas to make one in your home. This will also allow you to root cuttings in the water!

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Indoor Plant Propagation Station Ideas

1. Glass Bottle Plant Propagators

Image Source: riseandshinevine

Keep some decorative glass bottles on a tabletop for growing indoor vines in water.

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2. DIY Wood & Glass Propagation Station

Here’s the DIY tutorial to make this cool plant propagation station. You can also use it as a tabletop centerpiece.

3. Windowsill Plant Propagation Center

Indoor Plant Propagation Station Ideas 2
Image Source: jmw091011

Make yourself a windowsill plant propagation center like this, your cuttings will get all the bright light they need, and you can transplant them later in the soil.

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4. Wall Shelves Propagation Unit

Image Source: zzbotanicalandhome

Floating wall shelves available in geometric shapes can become great propagation stations.

5. Test Tube Propagation Station

Indoor Plant Propagation Station Ideas 3
Image Source: sap_plants

Fix test tubes in a DIY cardboard stand like this one and propagate plants right on your table.

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6. Wall Hanging Plant Propagation Station

Indoor Plant Propagation Station Ideas 4

This cool idea was published on Apartment Therapy, and you can learn more about it here.

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7. Golden Pothos in Glass Jugs

Image Source: lulus

Because pothos is one of the easiest plants, it doesn’t mind growing in water.

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8. Desktop Chemistry Propagation Station

Indoor Plant Propagation Station Ideas 5
Image Credit: Olivra Homedecor

If you love chemistry, a water propagation station like this would be the best thing for you.

9. Plant Cuttings in Glass Jars

Small, convenient, and purposeful; these glass jars can be kept anywhere with ease to grow plant cuttings.

10. Basil Blues

Indoor Plant Propagation Station Ideas 6
Image Source: thecafesucrefarine

You can grow basil cuttings in water in your kitchen. To learn more, click here!

11. Pothos Cuttings in Mini Glass Bottles

Image Source: cityofsisterlylove

A mini plant propagation station like this one will good on your windowsill.

12. Random Plants

Indoor Plant Propagation Station Ideas 7
Image Source: apieceofrainbow

The colorful and variegated leaves of indoor plants will look smashing in glass jars.

13. Mini Propagation Station for Table

Image Source: leaf_it_like_lisa

This mini growing station is similar to number eight in this list.

14. A Propagation Shelf

Indoor Plant Propagation Station Ideas 8
Image Source: plant_ina_mo

Put your plant cuttings on display with style by placing them on a wooden shelf on a wall.

15. Staircase Propagation Station

Indoor Plant Propagation Station Ideas 77
Image Source: plantscouts

This looks impractical, but if you are not using stairs in your home, then use them to place multiple plant cuttings in water like this.

16. Glass Vessels for Water Propagation

Indoor Plant Propagation Station Ideas 85
Image Source: plantsdontwine

Propagate your favorite plants using glass vessels and vases like this.

17. Testubes on Wall

Here’s a great way to propagate cuttings in test tubes and stick them on the wall for a fantastic green display!

18. Snake Plant in Glass Jars


Indoor Plant Propagation Station Ideas 75

Propagate snake plants in glass jars and display them on coffee tables or living rooms. Details are here.

19. Hang them!

Here’s a cool way to display cuttings on a wall by growing them in glass jars and hanging them on a twig.

20. Jeweled Test Tube Propagation Vases

Indoor Plant Propagation Station Ideas 65

Here are the perfect test tube holders that you could use to propagate some new plants in test tube bud vases.

21. Upcycled Banana Hanger Made into an Awesome Hanging Vase

Use an upcycled banana hanger made into an awesome hanging vase with lab flasks to display cuttings or cut flowers.


22. Chinese Money Plant Propagation Station

Indoor Plant Propagation Station Ideas 55

Here’s an awesome idea to propagate Pilea peperomioides in flashy and colorful pots!

23. Living Wall for the Office

Hang or glue several vessels on an empty wall to display cuttings of different plants of your choice, Details are here.

24. Wooden Shelf with Glass Tubes


This wooden shelf plant propagation is best for tabletops and small spaces. Takes less space and you can grow many plants in it!

25. Wall Hanging Propagation Station

Create a tropical jungle inside your home for very little cost! Propagate everything in sight and create a stunning propagation wall. Details are here!

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