40 Best and Most Creative DIY Plant Stand Ideas for Inspiration

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These DIY Plant Stand Ideas will help you to enhance the plant’s appeal indoors while adding to the beauty of your home! We have included the best ones!

We have included some of the best DIY Plant Stand Ideas in this list to make sure your plants look much better in the rooms!

Here are the plants that look best on the plant stands

DIY Plant Stand Ideas

1. Simple Wooden Plant Stand


This wooden plant stand is simple to make, even for beginners. Great for displaying indoor plants elegantly. Check out how to DIY this here.

2. Ladder Stand


Try this DIY ladder planter to display flowers, herbs, and greenery, either indoors or outdoors, without using much floor space. Here is the tutorial on GoodHousekeeping.

3. TV Plant Stand


Make this beautiful plant stand using an old TV stand. This is a great way to upcycle your old TV stand and transform it into a centerpiece. You can either paint it for a fresh new look or use it as it is for a rustic look.

4. Midcentury Plant Stand


Display your plants in a rustic way with this plant stand. Check it out here.

5. Modern Plant Stand


You are going to love how simple and cheap this plant stand is. This stand can be modified so that any pot can fit in it. Here is the step-by-step tutorial for your help.

6. Concrete Plant Stand


If you are on a budget, make this DIY plant stand for only $5. To make this adorable little DIY concrete plant stand, you will need a bag of concrete mix, dowel, a bucket, and few more things. See the tutorial here.

7. A-Frame Folding Plant Stand

This A-frame folding plant stand is perfect for showing off your plant collection beautifully. Details are here.

8. Wooden Plant Stand

All you need is plywood, tape measure, pencil, bandsaw or jigsaw, and sandpaper to make this one.

9. Wire Plant Stand

Check out this detailed video on how you can make a wire stand for small pots.

10. Stubby Plant Stand

This modern, clean-line design is simple to make and works well with small pots. Details are here.

11. Wooden Pallet Plant Stand

Here’s a detailed video on how you can make a smart wooden plant stand with ease.

12. Space Saving Plant Stand

DIY Plant Stand Ideas 41

This space-saving plant stand is easy to make and also looks great in the corner. Watch the video here.

13. Upcycled Drawer Plant Stand

Use an old drawer creatively to make a good-looking plant stand! Details are here.

14. Tiered Plant Stand

DIY Plant Stand Ideas 42

Build an easy DIY tiered plant stand with this step-by-step tutorial. The best part, it uses scrap wood! It can be used indoors or outdoors! Click here for details.

15. Corner Plant Stand

This is the perfect DIY plant stand for an empty corner of your home! Details are here.

16. Plant Stand with Wheels

DIY Plant Stand Ideas 43

This DIY plant stand is modern, cool, and easy to build! With added casters, it’s easy to roll heavy pots from room to room indoors. Check out the tutorial here.

17. Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

Here’s an easy and smart plant stand that will look great on a balcony or patio.

18. Circular Metal Stand

DIY Plant Stand Ideas 44

If you want to displant several pots in a limited space, then this stand will work great!

19. Outdoor Plant Stand

Build a DIY outdoor plant stand made out of a single cedar 4×4 fence post and four cedar pickets. Details are here.

20. Modern Plant Stand

DIY Plant Stand Ideas 45

These modern plant stands can be made using wood and ceramic tile. Details are here.

21. Small Plant Stand

Here’s a simple and classy plant stand that will look amazing in any room!

22. Skinny Planter Stand

DIY Plant Stand Ideas 46

This skinny plant stand is great for a corner as it takes so much less space! Click here for details.

23. Plant Stand Cart

An old metal bar cart is all you need to make for a movable plant stand! Click here.

24. Tree Stump Stand

DIY Plant Stand Ideas 47

Make your very own tree stump table that also works great as a plant stand. Details are here.

25. Wood Plant Stand

This DIY wood plant stand is easy to make, and you can use it to showcase small pots.

26. Outdoor Plant Shelf / Stand

DIY Plant Stand Ideas 48

This plant shelf is a must-have if you want to keep all your outdoor plants organized.

27. Mini Wooden Plant Stand

Build this DIY plant stand to showcase your favorite foliage! Details are here.

28. Copper Plant Stands

DIY Plant Stand Ideas 49

Check out this DIY to make classy copper plant stands for your bedroom!

29. Tiered Wooden Stands

This video will guide you into making a smart wooden plant stand with ease!

30. Patio Plant Stand

DIY Plant Stand Ideas 50

If you want a plant stand for your patio, then this is one of the best ones you can make! Details are here.

31. Tiered Corner Plant Stand

If you have a lot of potted plants, consider making this simple DIY 3 tiered corner plant stand! Click here.

32. Outdoor Plant Stand with Arbor

DIY Plant Stand Ideas 51

Grow lots of plants in a compact space with this DIY outdoor plant stand! It features two large planter boxes, shelves for pots, and an arbor on top for beautiful hanging baskets!

33. Plant Stand With Hairpin Legs

Learn how to make a very simple and chic DIY midcentury plant stand with hairpin legs. A plant stand is an easy way to make large plants look bigger and more intentional.

34. Rope Spool Plant Stand

DIY Plant Stand Ideas 52

Here’s a plant stand that you can make with ease for that minimalistic look.

35. Bird Feeder & Plant Stand!

This covered DIY bird feeder and plant atrium looks beautiful and is also a great project to do with kids. Details are here.

36. Tiered Metal Plant Stand

DIY Plant Stand Ideas 53

Make a DIY tiered metal plant stand using aluminum brazing with a blow torch. It makes a great display for all your plants!

37. Mid Century Plant Stand

If you love the classic standing mid-century styles, then you’ll adore this one for sure!

38. Colorful Stacked Book Plant Stand

DIY Plant Stand Ideas 54

This DIY colorful stacked book plant stand is easy and is perfect for elevating those small planters off the ground. Details are here.

39. Carved Hexagon Planter with Plant Stand

All you need are some hex planters along with few other tools to make this one.

40. Copper Round Plant Stand

DIY Plant Stand Ideas 55

These copper round plant stands have a cute modern, mid-century style! Click here.

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  1. Color and Pattern. We enjoy any design enhancement that brings home a little color, pattern and even a hint of skill without in fact changing the modern allure of the inside. The two trendy plant stands that you see below deal specifically that. The Do It Yourself repainted geometric planter is very easy sufficient to make, give you adequate chance to get creative and also you can rest assured that any type of area it adorns will certainly never feel dull. You can also replace the darker and also bolder shades with pastels for an extra contemporary stylish room.


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