28 DIY Plant Risers for Indoor Plants to Make a Statement

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Take inspiration from these beautiful DIY Plant Risers for Indoor Plants and elevate them in style from the given ideas.

We have handpicked some stunning and useful DIY Plant Risers for Indoor Plants that will add instant charm while taking their looks to new heights!

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DIY Plant Risers for Indoor Plants

1. A Simple Wooden Stand

27 DIY Plant Risers for Indoor Plants to Make a Statement

Follow this DIY and raise up your flowering plant by keeping it on this simple yet elegant plant stand.

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2. Black and White Mini Plant Stand

Black and White Mini Plant Stand

The white planter contrasts well with the black plant stand and showcases a classic combination that can never go wrong. To DIY this, check the post here.

3. The Beige Stand

DIY Plant Risers for Indoor Plants to Make a Statement 2

This beige container on a wooden plant stand uplifts the natural beauty of the plant and looks graceful, carrying Monstera. Follow the DIY here.

4. Textured Planter on Low-Sitting Stand

DIY Plant Risers for Indoor Plants

The textured white pot on a small modern wooden plant stand gives a good height to the overall look. You can DIY this by following the post here.

5. Bare Wood Plant Stand

best DIY Plant Risers for Indoor Plants

The bare wooden plant stand and white pot match perfectly, enhancing the vibe of your home with light shades. To make this plant riser at home, check the tutorial here.

6. Plant Stand with Wheels

Plant Stand with Wheels

This beautiful rolling plant stand can be moved anywhere in your home and makes your indoor plants look stunning; get the tutorial here.

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7. Metal Plant Riser

Metal Plant Riser

DIY this metal plant stands that is sturdy, really easy to make, goes well with every houseplant, and looks cool as well.

8. Small Table as a Plant Stand

Small Table as a Plant Stand

This DIY might be a little time-consuming, but the result will be worth it! This wooden plant stand is a must-have for living rooms.

9. Little Wooden Plant Holder

Little Wooden Plant Holder

Let your monstera stand out with this chocolate-colored mid-century plant stand that goes well with traditional and modern home styles; check out the DIY here.

10. Pure White Plant Stand

Pure White Plant Stand

The textured black pot and white plant stand on wooden flooring are contrasting and eye-catching. DIY this here.

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11. Basket Plant Stand

Basket Plant Stand

This basket plant riser looks lovely with other furniture in a room with its raw look and feel. Check the DIY here.

12. Double-Storey Plant Stand

best Double-Storey Plant Stand

This sea-green double-story plant stand adds more beauty to your peace lily plant. Follow the tutorial here.

13. Recycle Wire Screen Frame Plant Stand

Recycle Wire Screen Frame Plant Stand

Recycle wire screen frames into a plant stand and create this beautiful look that mixes simple with stunning. Follow the DIY here.

14. Rolling Plant Stand

Rolling Plant Stand

Make this easy-rolling plant stand with a metallic finish; it can be moved anywhere as per the plant’s need.

15. Wooden Stools as a Plant Stand

Wooden Stools as a Plant Stand

This idea does not ask for any investment, just use wooden stools and convert them to plant stands.

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16. Designer Plant Stand

Designer Plant Stand

This delicate-looking DIY raised copper pipe plant stand is an eye-catcher and looks attractive in any home decor style.

17. Basic Plant Stand

Basic Plant Stand

Simplicity attracts more; this plant stand idea proves it right with a raw wooden look that goes well with any pot. Follow the DIY here.

18. Handcrafted Plant Stand

Handcrafted Plant Stand

This unique decorative plant holder looks exquisite and can be a head-turner for your guests, copy the idea here.

19. A Sleek Design

best A Sleek Design

Copy this idea for a minimalist decor that works extremely well with traditional and naturalistic wall styles. Follow the DIY here.

20. A Creative Approach

best A Creative Approach

Make this stacked plant stand using books with colorful covers beside a textured wall. Check the DIY here.

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21. Cacti On a Stool

Cacti On a Stool stand

Give height to your cacti with this cute little stool as a plant stand, and it will certainly turn heads; take help from the DIY here.

22. A Fine Finish

A Fine Finish stand

These glossy plant stands make your rubber plant and monstera more appealing. To DIY this, click here.

23. Movable Plant Caddy

Movable Plant Caddy

Move your potted area palm where it needs to go to soak in the sun with this beautiful plant caddy. DIY the idea here.

24. Beautiful Arrangement

Beautiful Arrangement

Raise up your potted plant from the floor with this little midcentury-style plant stand that adds a true-to-life finish to your home.

25. Acacia Wood Plant Stand

Acacia Wood Plant Stand

This acacia wood plant stands with white legs and a beige base, giving an impression of floating plants in white surroundings. Check the DIY here.

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26. Wooden Stump Side Table

best Wooden Stump Side Table

Elevate your plants with this cylindrical wooden stump side plant stand that blends perfectly with the wooden floor; take inspiration here.

27. DIY Farmhouse Stands And RisersDIY Farmhouse Stands And Risers

These DIY farmhouse stands and risers make your plant look more beautiful, along with the figurine.

28. Flaunt Three Colors Together

best Flaunt Three Colors Together

The dark green snake plant in an off-white planter on a chocolaty plant stand displays three beautiful shades together. Follow the DIY here.

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