34 Unique Ideas for Indoor Garden Under Stairs

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Utilize the unused space and create an Indoor Garden Under Stairs by following the best ideas discussed below.

The empty space under the stairs can be used for many different purposes, you can store things there, create a mini library, a dog house, kitchen pantry, mini bar, or a small closet, etc. There are many other under stair ideas you can opt for, depending upon the type of space you’ve there.

But the idea that best fits the area under the stairs and looks great as well is creating an Indoor Garden Under Stairs, the only requirement it has is some bright indirect light or you can also use some artificial lights. So, don’t waste time and make smart attractive use of this space by checking the given options.

Check out the best staircase wall decor ideas with plants here

1. Some Lights and Blooms

2. Zen Garden Under the Stairs

3. Create Contrast with Green & White

4. Showcase Plants on Stone Sculpture

5. Plants Under Floating Stairs

6. Flowers and Foliage Together!

7. Have Some Palms in Ceramic Pots Under Stairs

8. Mini Jungle Under the Stairs

Check out the best indoor garden on staircase ideas here

9. A Bright Corner Adorned with Plants

10. Narrow Garden Under Outdoor Floating Stairs

11. Succulents Over Pebbles But Below Your Feet

12. Aesthetic Look with White Pebbles & Green Plants

13. White Stairs and An Open Garden

14. Sophisticated and Advanced

15. A Work of Art with Greenery


16. Big Foliage Display with Spot Light Above


17. Tropical Touch Under Stairs Garden



18. Complement Greenery with a Touch of Gold


19. Green Thumb Under Stairs


20. Glossy Black Pots, Spheres, and Plants


21. Tall Plants Under the Stairs

22. Mini Garden Under the Stairs

Have a look at the staircase with plant ideas for homes here

23. Cacti Garden Under Stairs


24. A Blend of Silver and Black with Greens

25. Rocks and Plants

26. Living Wall Beside Stairs

27. Little Waterfall Carrying Plants

Michelle Inamine

28. Charming & Unique Garden

MM Decor

29. Line the Base of the Stairs with Plants


30. Plants and Cute Figurines

31. A Lavish Garden

32. Floating Plants and Miniature Windmill Under Stairs Garden

33. Green Wall, Cacti, and Potted Plants

34. Snake Plants & Cacti

MM Decor

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  1. Nice ideas, the ideas range from incorporating potted plants to installing a vertical garden or creating a full-fledged greenhouse. These innovative concepts not only add a touch of greenery to your home but also make use of an often-overlooked area.


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