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Get an old ladder and start copying this DIY ladder shelf tutorial to create an astonishing ladder plant holder for your small space garden.DIY ladder shelf

If you love growing plants and unconventional solutions in their arrangement, this idea can be very useful for you. A balcony, patio or terrace or a wide-open room: You can make use of this DIY ladder shelf planter anywhere. Especially in a limited space garden to create a lot of vertical space to grow plants. If not the plants, this DIY ladder shelf can also be used as a small bookcase.

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Things You’ll Need to Make a Ladder Plant Holder

  • Old wooden ladder
  • Planks or Boards
  • Pencil
  • Saw
  • Grinder
  • Screw Driver
  • Screws
  • Paint
  • Potted Plants

DIY Ladder Shelf Step by Step

Step 1step 1 The first and most time-consuming activity is to clean the ladder neatly and to remove dirt. Quickly and thoroughly clean the ladder. If your ladder does not require a thorough cleaning, just do a superficial cleaning and leave the ladder for drying out.

Step 2step 2 Once the ladder dries out completely, measure the length for future shelves. On the first step of ladder (from above) measure out the length for shelf one in a way that it will protrude 10 cm. from both sides. Another shelf that would be placed on the lower level should extend from both sides of the ladder approx. 20 cm. Similarly the third or final step of the ladder should extend from both sides approx. 30 cm. The length of shelves jutting out and the size depends on the ladder you have and how much space you find appropriate.

Step 3step 3 After the measurement, in the next step it’s time to get on with preparing the shelves for your DIY ladder shelf project. Cut the length of each shelf according to the measured length and breadth using a jigsaw. Cut the edges of planks smoothly using a grinder with sandpaper with a weight of 40.

Step 4step 4 In step 4, arrange and fix the shelves on ladder using a screwdriver and screws of 30 mm. Remember to countersink the screws to make them invisible. While fixing ensure you’ll leave appropriate space between each shelve for the potted plants you’d like to keep there.

Step 5step 5 Paint the ladder with an acrylic paint, monolayer. When choosing the paint color, we suggest you to go for neutral colors such as gray, beige or white to highlight lush green foliage, bright flowers and colorful containers.

Step 6step 6 And at last decorate your DIY ladder with colorful pots and plants. A neutral color of your ladder will going to compliment them and make them more noticeable.

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  1. Alright, you guys have been waiting for this ever since I shared our Master En Suite Reveal and I finally got the post together to share with you! I ve had my eye on these types of shelves for a while now but they usually cost between $200-$300 or more. So I figured I d just make my own and it really was super easy! So if you want to make your own DIY Leaning Ladder Shelf you totally can!


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