16 Unique DIY Kokedama Ball Ideas

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Are you looking for some creative planters for your home? Check out these Unique DIY Kokedama Ball Ideas that are great to grow plants into!

Kokedama translates to a moss ball in Japanese and looks wonderful, especially when you grow plants in them. Here are some Unique DIY Kokedama Ball Ideas that you can make easily using cheesecloth, fishing line, sheet moss, twine, and bonsai soil.

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Unique DIY Kokedama Ball Ideas

 1. How to Make a Kokedama

Unique DIY Kokedama Ball Ideas

Wrap the roots of the plants with soil, sphagnum sheet moss, and string to make this one. Detials are here.

2. Japanese Moss Ball Planters

Make beautiful hanging moss ball planters for your living room by taking help from this blog.

3. Cute Kokedama Planter

Unique DIY Kokedama Ball Ideas 2

All you need is sphagnum moss, ferns (or similar plant type), and assorted jute twines to make this planter.

4. Kokedama String Balls

A great way to grow low-light plants and you can also hang them by the wall using an iron hook. Click here for information.

5. DIY Hanging Moss Ball Planter

Unique DIY Kokedama Ball Ideas 3

This inexpensive planter can be used in a variety of ways to grow succulents.

6. Kokedama Moss Ball String Gardens

You can hang these planters near a well-lit window to grow plants like ferns.

7. DIY Succulent Kokedama Balls

Unique DIY Kokedama Ball Ideas 4

If you love growing succulents, then you will absolutely adore this planter!

8. Easy to Make Kokedama Planter

This easy to make planter can be done within an hour! You can also involve your kids in this project.

9. Kokedama Plant Moss Balls

Unique DIY Kokedama Ball Ideas 5

Beautifully patterned and foliage plants will look simply awesome in this kokedama plant moss ball. Details are here.

10. DIY Faux Foliage Hanging String Plants

If you are not much of a gardener, then you can also hang faux plants for that green look without any maintenance indoors!

11. Kokedama for Cuttings

Unique DIY Kokedama Ball Ideas 6

Display the plant cuttings in a creative way using these gorgeous planters.

12. Wall Kokedama

All you need is a sheet sphagnum moss and jute or fishing string to make this wall hanging kokedama.

13. Beautiful Japanese Moss Ball

Unique DIY Kokedama Ball Ideas 7

Grow Asparagus fern, Staghorn Fern, Hedera Ivy, Foxtail Fern, and Calathea Lancifolia in style using this planter.

14. Making Kokedama With Cat Litter

Yes! You read that right! You can make a Kokedama planter using cat litter. Detials are here.

15. Kokedama with Speciality Orchids

Unique DIY Kokedama Ball Ideas 8

Don’t plant beautiful orchids in boring pots and transform them into beautiful kokedama planters!

16. Grow Anthuriums in Kokedama

The colorful bracts of anthurium will look more stunning in a kokedama planter. Learn how to make it here.

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  1. Hi, KIM It s a sooo nice work. I appreciate your DIY project. Hope I Will get more unique DIY guide from you. I have decided to make kokedama so I need cheesecloth. Would you kindly tell me which cheesecloth do I choose?


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