13 DIY Mini Zen Garden Ideas For Desk

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Try one of these 13 DIY Mini Zen Garden Ideas for Desk to maintain serenity in your room or workplace, they can also become a nice gift!

1. DIY Zen Garden

Use balsa wood or polymer clay as a base of your miniature zen garden and paint it with acrylic paint. Add some sand and decorate it with rocks, mini figurines, and if you like, plants. In the end, create zen garden patterns on the sand. Watch the tutorial here.

2. Adorable Mini Zen Garden

Adorable Mini Zen Garden

Create an adorable mini zen garden with some sand, stones, and a stirrer. Create wavy patterns on the sand and make your zen garden unique.

3. Tabletop Zen Garden

Tabletop Zen Garden

Make this calming tabletop version of a zen garden. Create ripples of water on sand, in whatever pattern you like. The supplies and the tutorial are here.

4. Succulent Zen Garden

Mini zen garden ideas

Add mini succulents and some sand with river rocks in a shallow bowl to copy the DIY above. You can use a chopstick to fiddle designs into the sand.

5. Mini Zen Garden

Mini Zen Garden

Indulge yourself in making this mini zen garden. Keep it on your office desk or shelf, relax yourself watching it and stay calm throughout the day. Add an air plant or succulent to beautify it further. Get the directions here.

6. Zen Garden Favor Kit

Use mini tins to build a zen garden favor kit for your friends and family. Give this as a wedding favor gift or keep this in the home as a decor item. Click here for the tutorial.

7. Zen Garden DIY

For this big mini zen garden, you’ll need a larger shallow container like a picture frame. Paint it and fill it with colored sand. The list of supplies and procedure is here.

8. Quick Zen Garden

Quick Zen Garden

Stick faux plants to the bottom of the bowl and fill some sand. After you add sand, doodle into it with something that has a round or edgy ends like a fork or chopstick. The project is here.

9. Zen Garden Centerpiece

Fill your little zen garden with colored sand, candle votives, and real or faux flowers in glass containers and surround them with pebbles. This can become an adorable tabletop centerpiece for your workplace or home. Find the details here!

10. Mini Winter Zen Garden

Unlike other DIYs, this idea is about creating a winter zen garden. From ornaments to the garden, everything in detail is available here.

11. Zen Garden Ideas

Follow this article to explore everything about a zen garden along with a set of ideas on different zen gardens to create. Get inspired by any of these and create one for yourself.

12. Desktop Zen GardenDesktop Zen Garden

Here at The Instructables, they have an in-depth explanation of a homemade zen garden. No need to find an ideal container, instead get some wood scraps and create one on your own.

13. DIY Mini Zen Garden

DIY Mini Zen Garden

Find this easy DIY idea as a way to get relief from the tensions and stress of daily life. Use some crystals to add healing power to your zen garden.

Which one of these mini zen garden ideas did you like most? Share in comments!

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