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If you are wondering about Which Plant for Which Room, then we have all the right ones listed according to different spaces in your home.

Picking houseplants according to rooms can be a tricky job. You have to take light, air, humidity, and many other factors into consideration before selecting the right plant. So, if you are confused about Which Plant for Which Room, this article will help you.

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Best Plants for Living Room

Which Plant for Which Room

When it comes to selecting the right plant, go for the large indoor plants, create a statement, climbers, trendy ones like succulents.

  • Tall Plants create an impression of the enlarged interior. Create a visual statement in your living rooms by growing them. Here are some awesome large indoor plants.
  • English Ivy, Pothos, and Philodendrons are excellent air-purifying climbing plants that also add a lot of appeal to the interior.
  • You can bring a larger than life look to your living room by growing large-leaf houseplants. Have a look at this article for a detailed list.
  • Add a pop of color to your interiors by growing colorful plants. We have a great article on them here
  • You can also add flowering succulents to your living room. They are small and easy to maintain. Check out some of the gorgeous succulents here
  • If your living room doesn’t receive much sunlight, you can add plants that do well in the shade. To check them out, click here.
  • Lucky bamboo and Chinese money plant are also great choices as they are easy to maintain. They also bring prosperity and fortune to your home, according to Feng Shui.
  • You can also create a tropical look in your living room by growing plants. Check out our article on the best tropical foliage houseplants here.  

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Best Plants for Kitchen

Plants in the kitchen can be used as a quick supply in dishes, or even act as first aid when required. Select those plants that are easy-to-care and acquire less space. You can also grow herbs on a kitchen windowsill.

  • Basil is one of the easiest and essential herbs. If your kitchen has a window that receives some direct light, then this plant is for you.
  • A windowsill vegetable garden can also be made on your bright kitchen window. Learn more about it here. Or, you can also create a windowsill herb garden. Check out our article on herbs for hanging planters here.
  • Aloe vera is one of the best low-maintenance plants to grow in your kitchen. The transparent gel is rich in antibacterial and antiviral properties. If you face any minor burn or rash in the kitchen, cut the fleshy leaf and rub the gel on the skin for instant relief. Read more aloe vera benefits here.
  • You can even grow spider plants, ferns, pothos, and English ivy there. These plants not only look beautiful but also remove toxins from the air you breathe.
  • Microgreens can also be an interesting addition to your kitchen. Learn how to grow them here.

Best Plants for Dining Room

Which Plant for Which Room 2

If you have got a separate dining room, you can grow these plants:

  • Philodendron: A very easy to maintain houseplant, it will add a lot of appeal to space with its big and glossy leaves. Check out our article on its best varieties here
  • Bird of Paradise: The large leaves of the plant are very charming to look at. Also grows crane-like flowers in orange color.
  • Begonia: This beautifully patterned plant has compact dimensions and can be kept anywhere. Here are some of its best varieties. 
  • Mint: Growing herb like mint will let you put its fresh leaves in cocktails. It also helps in improving digestion.
  • Lucky Bamboo: Lucky bamboo can be an excellent dining table centerpiece.
  • Arrowhead Vine: Just like lucky bamboo, you can grow it in water in a decorative vase.

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Best Plants for Bedrooms

A bedroom is a place to relax and unwind. Add some greenery to your bedroom by growing plants that purify the air while you sleep. CAM (Crassulacean Acid Metabolism) plants are the best choice as they absorb CO2 at night. 

  • Bromeliads: Add colors and remove air pollutants with this CAM plant in your bedroom. To know how to care for Bromeliads, click here
  • Jade Plant: This good luck plant thrives on neglect for many days in low-light conditions and filters harmful VOCs from the air. Check out Scientifically proven Jade Plant benefits here!
  • Rubber Plant: One of the most versatile houseplants, it not only looks elegant but also removes CO2 and carbon monoxide from your bedroom while tolerating the low light. Check out some of the amazing Rubber Plant Benefits here
  • Mums: Yes! Mums can be grown indoors. The flower and foliage both look appealing. Also, it removes air pollutants and makes your sleep more peaceful.
  • Palms: Known for feathery fronds, palms produce oxygen at a high rate, increases humidity, and clear formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene from the air. Check out the best indoor palm varieties here.
  • Jasmine: This fragrant plant can be the best addition to your bedroom as the aroma of its white blooms has calming effects. It has been proven in a Japanese study that the jasmine plant has sedative properties, which promote relaxing sleep. To check out more of its benefits, click here.
  • Snake Plant: This air-purifying plant needs no introduction; it adapts very well in extreme conditions. Choose your favorite variety here.

You can also grow lavender, hoya, monstera, and gardenia in your bedroom for soothing aroma and beautiful appearance. We have a great article on the best bedroom plants here.

Note: Dry air in bedrooms can lead to respiratory ailments, wrinkled skin, and sore throat. Some houseplants help in restoring moisture to the air and work on maintaining humidity. Check out their names here.

Best Plants for Kid’s Room

Which Plant for Which Room 3

It’s always good to add a touch of nature to your kid’s room. Some options are listed below:

  • Nerve Plant: The delicately veined leaves of this plant adds a touch of charm to the rooms. It comes in white, green, pink, and red colors.
  • Succulents: These non-fussy and easy to care plants will be a great pick for your children’s room. You can also hang them in baskets!
  • These plants with striped leaves and patterns will be a perfect addition.

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Best Plants for Bathrooms

Add some greenery to your bathroom by adding plants that thrive high humidity and low light:

  • Peace Lily has an attractive appearance that gives an exquisite look to your bathroom. Besides purifying air, it also prevents mildew formation that thrives in the damp environment of bathrooms. Read more benefits it offers here.
  • Baby Rubber plant is also an excellent option for your bathroom as it prefers indirect light and high humidity.
  • The Arrowhead plant is an ideal choice for low-light bathrooms. You can grow it in a vase filled with fresh water.
  • Lucky bamboo can be grown without soil, and that makes it a suitable choice for bathrooms. It is also one of the best plants for a windowless bathroom.
  • You can also grow plants in vases on the rim of sinks or the sides of bathtubs.
  • Climbers and vines can also be added to your bathroom garden. We have a great article on them here.

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