31 Popular Indoor Plants You Can Grow In Vases

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Be it cuttings of charming flowers or propagating plants, you can use a vase for both! Here are some Popular Indoor Plants You Can Grow In Vases!

Vases are a fun way to showcase the beauty of flowers or propagate plants from cuttings, as they take up so little space. Just immerse the nodes or the end of the stems in the water, add some pebbles for decoration, and you are done! Here are some Popular Indoor Plants You Can Grow In Vases without too much trouble!

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Popular Indoor Plants You Can Grow In Vases

1. Arrowhead Plant

Indoor Plants You Can Grow In Vases

Botanical name: Syngonium podophyllum

Arrowhead usually thrives in a humid climate and can grow fast in a vase. It likes bright light but can not sustain direct sunlight.

2. Hosta

Indoor Plants You Can Grow In Vases1

Botanical name: Hosta

Hostas come in a variety of sizes, textures, and colors. Just place the cutting in a vase and watch the plant thrive!

3. Pothos

Popular Indoor Plants You Can Grow In Vases 2

Botanical name: Epipremnum aureum

Pothos look really great in decorative vases with their heart-shaped green and white leaves. The plant requires minimal care and indirect light for growth.

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4. Chinese Evergreen

Indoor Plants You Can Grow In Vases2

Botanical name: Aglaonema

Chinese evergreen has one of the more beautiful foliage with bright colors. You can put the cutting in a vase and transfer it to the pot when it develops roots!

5. Philodendron

Popular Indoor Plants You Can Grow In Vases 3

Botanical name: Philodendron

Philodendron has many species, including both climbers and non-climbers. Heart-leaf philodendron does quite well in vases!

6. Moses In The Cradle

popular Indoor Plants You Can Grow In Vases2

Botanical name: Tradescantia spathacea

With its attractive green leaves and dark purple bottom, it will serve really well as a desktop plant in a vase

7. Purple Heart Plant

Popular Indoor Plants You Can Grow In Vases 4

Botanical name: Tradescantia pallida

The deep purple leaves with delicate and tiny pink flowers of the Purpleheart plant make it one of the most attractive plants to grow in a vase!

8. Spider Plant

famous Indoor Plants You Can Grow In Vases2

Botanical name: Chlorophytum comosum

The spider plant is one of the most popular vase plants. Just cut off one of the plantlets and put it in the vase.

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9. Wandering Jew

Popular Indoor Plants You Can Grow In Vases 4

Botanical name: Tradescantia zebrina

Wandering jew is a fast-growing plant, and its purple-colored and variegated varieties look smashing in vases!

10. Coleus

Indoor Plants You Can Grow In Vases3Botanical name: Plectranthus scutellarioides

The serrated foliage of the coleus plant makes it stand out from many other plants. It will do well in both glass jars and vases!

11. Begonia

Indoor Plants That Are Vase-Friendly
Image Source

Botanical name: Begonia

Begonia has thick leaves and alluring flowers and can be grown in a vase with ease through a single leaf.

12. Geranium

Vase-Gardenable Indoor Plants2

Botanical name: Pelargonium

Geranium is a popular house plant because of its minimal care requirements and bright pink flowers. Vases are also a great option to start a plant from cuttings!

13. English Ivy

Vase-Gardenable Indoor Plants3

Botanical name: Hedera helix

An evergreen vine, it will look quite charming in a vase with its flexible stems dangling down!

14. Watermelon Peperomia

Vase-Growing Indoor Plants

Botanical name: Peperomia

With its thick and bushy foliage, the plant can be an amazing centerpiece! Columbian and Watermelon Peperomia are the best varieties you must grow!

15. Snake Plant

Vase-Growing Indoor Plants5

Botanical name: Dracaena trifasciata

The tall variegated leaves of the snake plant will look absolutely stunning in a transparent vase! It is also a great air-purifying plant!

16. Chinese Money Plant

Indoor Plants That Are Vase-Friendly

Botanical name: Pilea peperomioides

A compact specimen, it is a great plant that you can keep on windowsills and small tables!

17. Dracaena

Indoor Plants That Are Vase-Friendly2
Image Courtesy: Adela B

Botanical name: Dracaena marginata

The sword-like leaves on the slender gray stems of this plant are going to match a tall vase perfectly!

18. Monstera

Indoor Plants That Are Vase-Friendly3

Botanical name: Monstera deliciosa

The unique cut foliage of this low-maintenance plant will look more beautiful in a matching vase! What’s more, you can also grow it in the water!

19. Lucky Bamboo

Vase-Gardenable Indoor Plants2

Botanical name: Dracaena sanderiana

Easy to maintain, it survives in a range of growing conditions and also purifies the air! Lucky Bamboo is the most famous and recognized variety you can grow!

20. Anthurium

Vase-Gardenable Indoor Plants3
Image Source

Botanical name: Anthurium andraeanum

The colorful bracts of the plant go magnificently well with its dark green foliage! You can also grow it in a transparent vase in the water!

21. Peace Lily

Vase-Gardenable Indoor Plants4

Botanical name: Spathiphyllum

A popular houseplant, the peace lily is also easy to maintain and looks quite classy with the combination of its white and green leaves!

22. Swiss Cheese Plant

Vase-Growing Indoor Plants2
Image Source

Botanical name: Monstera adansonii

The unique-looking foliage of this plant has natural holes resembling Swiss cheese! As the plant also loves to climb, you can keep it near a shelf and watch it grow upwards!

23. Alocasia

Vase-Growing Indoor Plants2

Botanical name: Alocasia

The arrow-shaped leaves of alocasia look stunning in glass vases. It is also quite easy to propagate and does well in indirect light. Learn everything about growing Alocasia in the water.

24. Cordyline

Indoor Plants That Are Vase-Friendly3

Botanical name: Cordyline fruticosa

Propagating the Ti Plant plant in water is fun, and you can keep it in tall, narrow vases. Cordyline terminalis is the best variety you can grow.

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25. Dumb Cane

Indoor Plants That Are Vase-Friendly4

Botanical name: Dieffenbachia

The large and variegated leaves of Dieffenbachias look amazing in tall, transparent vases. If you want a plant that looks amazing in water, this is it!

26. Polka Dot Plant

Indoor Plants That Are Vase-Friendly5

Botanical name: Hypoestes phyllostachya

With its bright-colored leaves, the Polka Dot Plant will stand out on tall and transparent vases. All you need to do is to change the water every 3-5 days.

27. Air Plants

Vase-Gardenable Indoor Plants1

Botanical name: Tillandsia

Air plants are so easy to maintain that you don’t even need water to grow them in the vase. A bit of pebbles at the bottom is all you need to make them thrive.

28. Caladium

Vase-Gardenable Indoor Plants2
Creative Home & Garden

Botanical name: Caladium

Caladiums are fuss-free plants and will do just fine as long as you change the water every 3-5 days. Just ensure they get plenty of dappled light.

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29. Ficus

Vase-Gardenable Indoor Plants6

Botanical name: Ficus

If you want a robust plant with thick stems to adorn the vases, this is the one to grow. It is also very easy to look after and does well in indirect light.

30. Aralia

Vase-Gardenable Indoor Plants2

Botanical name: Aralia

The serrated foliage of this plant will match really well with all types of vases. You can also propagate it easily in water, which is quite easy to maintain.

31. Schefflera

Vase-Gardenable Indoor Plants5

Botanical name: Schefflera

The long and slender leaves of this plant look really adorable in tall vases. For best growth, ensure it gets 3-4 hours of direct morning sunlight daily.

Watch this video for more information

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    • No you can’t add a Chinese fighting fish or any other type of fish. These fish need at the very least a 3 gallon tank, preferably 5 gallons or larger. Putting a fish in a vase is akin to animal abuse.

    • If you do this you still must feed the fish. Some say the fish gets enough food from picking at the roots of the plant but it’s not true. Also, these fish need the water to be about 75 degrees. If your house gets cold at night the fish will not thrive. Treat water with water conditioner if you have municipal water before putting in the fish.

  1. Betas actually come from muddy, shallow waters with little oxygen. They lurk in the roots and plants around the top of the water. Also not very social fish. Vases are actually not a terrible idea. You’re changing the water enough and a decent vase provides far more room than the recommended store bought beta tanks.

    • Actually they come from rice paddies, And while slightly muddy, they have vast areas to explore, and there is very much oxygen happening, lots of places to hide and ample food from larvae. A vase is absolutely not enough room just because its “better” than what they came in, and the roots do not provide enough nutrition and shelter. Please dont advocate animal abuse. Proper research should be done when adding any life form to your family/home.

  2. So do you just pu the plant in water and thats it? I have a peace lily and a moses in the basket id like to put in a water vase, just not sure if i have to add anything else to the vase.

    • I have had no problems taking a small plant from the garden with roots. Just washed as much soil as I could before putting into a vases of clear rain water.

  3. Hi Billie, the plant could go into shock if you remove it from soil into water, it’s best to propagate these plants from cuttings and have them grow in water then. If you’d like to plant the new plant into soil later, it’s also recommended that you add a bit of compost to the water over 2 or 3 weeks before planting it in soil.

  4. Use the glass vases with flowers to brighten up any corner of your bedroom or you can choose to forget the botanicals and use the vase as a standalone piece in your living room or office cabin. Whether you use them as a centerpiece with some fresh flowers or just a single twig, they are sure to brighten up any room in your home or office.

  5. Planters are not only decorative items, but they are also calming to the eyes. When you get home from work, they make you feel refreshed.

  6. I put a little hydrogen peroxide into the water too. Helps to add oxygen to the water . Keeps Water clean. Roots faster. At least those are my results.

  7. i have a lucky bamboo thats in the same vase for 10 years. its not a clear vase its painted teal blue. i have never changed the water, only add water when it gets low, about every 2 weeks or so. its in a north facing window off a covered deck.

  8. You cannot keep a human in a cupboard. You cannot keep a fish in a vase. Therefore please remember your plant will grow, needing room and nutrients on its way to adulthood. Please be respectful of all life for which you decide to care

  9. I paid too much for glucosamine extract for cats, slightly oily, for my cats, who all shunned their food. I’ve added a tiny bit, therefore, to my pathetic rooting & barely surviving plants which don’t get hardly any light. Is this alright or helpful for plants?


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