16 Indoor Plant Home Office Ideas

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Working from home due to the pandemic and want to create a great working space indoors? Here are some great Indoor Plant Home Office Ideas you can use!

Don’t let the dull look of your room eat into your productivity while working from home. Here are some awesome Indoor Plant Home Office Ideas that’ll help you transform your home working station, helping you to create a green space, which will also improve your work and concentration.

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Indoor Plant Home Office Ideas

1. Hanging Plant Home Office

Indoor Plant Home Office Ideas

The hanging plants from the ceiling won’t take much space in the room while adding a green element right above your desk.

2. A Plant Wall

Image Source: oldbrandnew

Add shelves to the wall where you have kept the desk and grow different plants for a green wall look.

3. Minimalist Home Office With Indoor Plants

Indoor Plant Home Office Ideas 2
Image Source: crismatec

A minimalistic home office setup with a black desk, white chair, and trailing foliage plant will complete the look.

4. Modern Home Office with Plants

Surround your home office desk with a large leaf plants of your choice for a serene and calming look.

5. Small Plants in Home Office

Indoor Plant Home Office Ideas 3
Image Source: shelbydeeringwriter

A home office desk by a large window will be a great place to grow small plants thanks to all the light coming in!

6. Vintage Home Office Setup

A vintage office table and chair along with small plants in the pots will make for a great home office.

7. Potted Plants on Desk

Indoor Plant Home Office Ideas 4

Have a small home office? You can still grow plants by placing small pots on the table!

8. Work Desk With Plants

Plants can transform the look of a room, bringing in a lot of positive vibes to the place. A great place for office work!

9. An Elegant Home Office

Indoor Plant Home Office Ideas 5

The soothing shade of white in the room will be matched perfectly with dark foliaged plants right by the working desk.

10. A Scandinavian Home Office

Famous for an artistic approach in designs, a Scandinavian home office will look much better with the inclusion of indoor plants.

11. Plants in Home Office

Indoor Plant Home Office Ideas 6

If you always remain busy in the office work, you can adorn your desk and home office with low maintenance plants or opt for the fake ones.

12. Plants in Brick Wall Home Office

Green plants will add to the rustic look of the unplastered wall, matching with the bricks and hanging yellow lighting.

13. Big Home Office with Plants

Indoor Plant Home Office Ideas 7

If you have a big home office, then you can utilize the space wisely by growing plants like an orchid on shelves and the desk.

14. Desk Under Stairs

Use space below the stairs optimally to put up a work station and grow plants on the steps for a charming home office.

15. An Architect’s Home Office

Indoor Plant Home Office Ideas 8

If you are an architect, then this arrangement will surely tempt you into making a similar one for yourself.

16. A Wooden Floor Office with Plants

The wooden floor in your home office with a dark wall will match with the natural elements of indoor plants.

17. A Busy Work Station

If you have a busy work station, you can still find space to grow plants to enjoy the touch of nature in your busy schedule.

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