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21 Best String Succulents that Hang | Popular String Plants

Best String Succulents that Hang are becoming popular. And if you wish to grow them, find their names in this listicle.

String succulents and plants are very trendy, easy to grow, and perfect for hanging baskets and pots as a spiller. With their addition, you can be the most fashionable plant grower in your circle.

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Popular String Plants

1. String of Pearls

String Succulents

Botanical name: Senecio rowleyanus

Native to South Africa, the leaves of the plant look like a series of pearls attached to a fine line of string. It is a great specimen for hanging baskets.

2. String of Buttons

Botanical name: Crassula perforata

An easy-to-grow plant, its leaves look like they’re stacked on top of each other, intricately woven on a string-like stem! The foliage also has red rims, which gives it an attractive look.

3. String of Bananas

String Succulents that Hang 2

Botanical name: Curio radicans

With soft leaves that resemble the shape of a banana, it is a charming succulent that also grows beautiful tiny flowers in yellow-white color.

4. String of Hearts

Botanical name: Ceropegia Woodii

One of the perfect plants for a hanging basket, the succulent has charming, heart-shaped variegated leaves dangling on wire-like stems!

5. String of Beads

String Succulents that Hang 3

Botanical name: Senecio herreianus

The thin creeping stems of this plant hold the array of oval, bead-shaped, plumpy leaves that look wonderful in their bright shade of green!

6. String of Nickels

Image Credit: Bakker.com

Botanical name: Dischidia nummularia

With leaves that look like miniature magnifying glasses or nickels, this succulent grows fast and shows magnificent foliage in olive-green color!

7. String of Tears

String Succulents that Hang 4

Botanical name: Senecio citriformis

The string of tears is distinct from other plants because the foliage is round, tear-shaped, and has tapered ends.

8. String of Turtles

Botanical name: Peperomia prostrata

A semi-succulent, the plant has a shell-like pattern on its leaves that resembles a turtle’s back. An easy to care for specimen, which looks great in hanging baskets!

9. String of Dolphins

String Succulents that Hang 5

Botanical name: Senecio peregrinus

With eye-catching leaves that look like little dolphins, which also twist around like the tentacles of an octopus! Also blooms white and pink flowers in star shapes!

10. Calico Kitten

Botanical name: Crassula pellucida

Fan of colorful and variegated leaves on thin stems? Then the variegated version of this plant will surely charm you with its rose-pink and cream hues on green, heart-shaped foliage.

11. Burro’s Tail

String Succulents that Hang 6

Botanical name: Sedum morganianum

Due to its distinctive ‘falling’ foliage, the plant looks absolutely smashing in hanging baskets with its lance-shaped, overlapping leaves!

12. String of Pickles

Botanical name: Othonna capensis

A succulent that looks quite charming thanks to its bright, thin, red-purple stems with contrasting plum, bright green leaves that look like ‘little pickles’ when they turn into ruby color in optimum sunlight! It also grows yellow daisy-like flowers because it is a part of the aster family!

13. Green Button Plant

Image Credit: umka_flowers

Botanical name: Peperomia rotundifolia

Thick round leaves on thin red-green stems look like green buttons, hence the name! It is a great plant to place on shelves and plant stands. You can see more peperomia varieties here.

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14. String of Necklace

Botanical name: Crassula marnieriana

If you love succulents, then you need to have this in your collection! Its red-edged leaves are densely packed on thin stems. Looks excellent when it forms masses of pink-white flowers!

15. Rattail Cactus

String Succulents that Hang 8

Botanical name: Disocactus flagelliformis

Not exactly known for its string-like stems, but we have included it because of its sheer beauty! It has long stems with very fine spines and grows glorious flowers in a pink-red hue.

16. String of Tacos

Botanical name: Peperomia axillaris

The ‘string of tacos’ is not an official name, but we are giving it. Because of its cute leaves that look like ‘tacos.’

17. Watch Chain Plant

Botanical name: Crassula muscosa

This is an interesting succulent plant due to its interlocking leaves that drop like watch chains. Not just it looks so unique, but it’s also very easy to grow!

18. Cliff Cotyledon


Botanical name: Cotyledon Pendens

This gorgeous succulent features fuzzy, light gray-green leaves with red tips and leaf margins. It is also called Little Cliff Bells and produces bell-shaped, pink-red blooms hanging down from the stem ends.

19. Elephant Bush

String Succulents that Hang 8

Botanical name: Portulacaria afra

With tiny, fleshy, light green leaves, Elephant Bush is a trailing, bushy succulent. The stems are purplish-red and bear clusters of small, pink blooms.

20. Medusa’s Head


Botanical name: Euphorbia flanaganii

Medusa’s Head is a kind of Euphorbia, and this genus includes Poinsettias and Gopher flowers. Like Medusa, which had snakes coming out of the head, this plant has stems radiating out from the plant like snakes.

21. Million Hearts

String Succulents that Hang 6

Botanical name: Dischidia ruscifolia

With heart-shaped, small, succulent leaves, Million Hearts is an epiphytic vine that grows trailing stems reaching about 5-6 feet. The leaves are gray-green and turn reddish when grown in direct sunlight.



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