34 Colorful Succulents That Are Incredibly Beautiful

These Colorful Succulents are low maintenance and can pretty up your gardens and container arrangements like no other plants.

1. Sticks on Fire

Sticks on Fire

Botanical Name: Euphorbia tirucalli

Color: Yellow to Red

Popularly known as “Pencil Cactus,” the sap of this Euphorbia family plant is toxic. For the best color, grow it in full to part sun and water less.

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2. California Sunset

Most Colorful Succulents

Botanical Name: Graptosedum ‘California Sunset’

Color: Pink-Orange

This succulent has Echeveria like rosettes, the main attraction is orangish-pink like color. To make it look best, don’t grow it in shade. Check out these shade-tolerant succulents.

3. Santa Rita Prickly Pear

These Colorful Succulents are low maintenance and can pretty up your gardens and container arrangements like no other plants.

Botanical Name: Opuntia “Santa Rita”

Color: Violet, Pinkish-Red

This upright succulent plant has very attractive fleshy pads. This architectural plant grows best in hot climates (USDA Zones 9-12).

4. Blue Glow “Agave”

Botanical Name: Agave attenuata x Agave ocahui

Color: Blue

It’s a cross between Agave Attenuata and Agave Ocahui. It can grow up to 2 feet tall and wide similarly and can tolerate cold temperature down to 20 F (-6 C).

5. Campfire Plant

Botanical Name: Crassula capitella

Color: Apple Green to Red

Grow it in ample sunlight and it will show you why it’s known as “Campfire Plant.” It’s not cold tolerant and you’ll need to keep it indoors in winters, in a cool climate.

6. Echeveria ‘Wine Red’

Botanical Name: Echeveria agavoides cv. Wine Red

Color: Bright Red

Not just the tips but the whole plant can turn into this beautiful red wine color. It’s a rare variety!

7. Paddle Plant

Botanical Name: Kalanchoe luciae

Color: Pinkish Red

When grown in full sunlight and put into a slight stress, the paddle plant flushes with beautiful rosy color.

8. Red Aloe

Botanical Name: Aloe cameronii Hemsl.

Color: Copper Red

This dramatic aloe species turn to outstanding copper red in the summer heat. It’s native to Zimbabwe and Malawi.

 9. Blue Chalksticks

Botanical Name: Senecio serpens

Color: Blue

The bluish-green foliage is easy to care and grows upright to about a foot long. Being a drought tolerant plant you’ll only need to water it once in 3-4 weeks once established.

10. Golden Barrel Cactus

Golden barrel cactus with other succulents

Botanical Name: Echinocactus grusonii

Color: Golden

Golden barrel cactus is an engaging succulent that is covered with showy pointy spines that look like a web from distance. It’s a perfect choice in your succulent collection but keep it out of the reach of kids and pets. Its mature size is up to 3 feet.

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11. Purple Beauty

Botanical Name: Sempervivum tectorum var. Purple beauty

Color: Purple

The rosette of purple leaves makes this very plant incomparable when placed in the bright sun outdoors. Overwintering is easy as they are incredibly frost hardy.

12. Baby’s Necklace

Botanical Name: Crassula ‘Baby’s Necklace’

Color: Rose Blush

Not only the name but its shape is also unique with red edged leaves stacked like beads on a baby’s necklace. Protect it from fungal diseases by never letting it sit in water.

13. Golden-Toothed Aloe

Botanical Name: Aloe x nobilis

Color: Golden, Orange-Red

It’s a rosette-forming succulent that multiplies very quickly and creates a glorious show of red tinted leaves. The most distinctive feature is its golden tooth. Check out more awesome aloe varieties you can grow in pots.

14. Sunset Jade

Botanical Name: Crassula ovata ‘Sunset’

Color: Yellow

Also known as Golden Jade Tree, this variety turn golden yellow with red margins in full sun. The thick, woody, succulent branches make it a natural bonsai specimen.

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15. Dragon’s Blood

Botanical Name: Phedimus spurius ‘Dragon’s Blood’

Color: Red

This cold tolerant stonecrop is grown as a groundcover. Leaves turn to outstanding bronze-red in late summer and then red in the fall. You can also grow in hanging baskets.

16. Coppertone Stonecrop

Image Credit: Inland Valley Garden Planner

Botanical Name: Sedum nussbaumerianum

Color: Gold

Like all sedums, this one too thrives on neglect and drought and heat tolerant, once established. In full sun, leaves are copper-gold whereas in the partial shade they show yellowish-green tint.

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17. Morning Light Echeveria

Botanical Name: Echeveria ‘Morning Light’

Color: Dark Pink, Bluish Lavender

It’s a beautiful hybrid variety that has short stems and a rosette which spans six inches in diameter. Orange-red flowers and its bluish-lavender leaves with pink edges make it an eye-pleasing succulent.

18. Black Beauty ‘Aeonium’

Best Colorful Succulents

Botanical Name: Aeonium arboreum ‘Zwartkop’

Color: Dark Brown or Burgundy, Black

When grown in full sun, the burgundy and green leaves of this exotic succulent turn to almost black. It can grow up to 4-5 feet tall

19. Black Knight

Botanical Name: Echeveria affinis ‘Black Knight’

Color: Black

There aren’t many succulents that have such dark shaded foliage. It fits perfectly well in small containers and doesn’t do well in cold and frost.

20. Chroma

Botanical Name: Echeveria ‘Chroma’

Color: Dark Pink, Maroon

The foliage is shiny and fleshy and ranges from deep red to maroon in color. It’s an attractive addition to any home decor setting and looks even more pleasant in winters.

21. Wooly Senecio

Botanical Name: Senecio haworthii

Color: White

The distinctive feature is the snow white leaves that sets it apart from other succulents. Hard to find but worth to have!

22. Graptosedum ‘Bronze’

Botanical Name: Graptosedum ‘Bronze’

Color: Brown

Although the yellow flowers are inconspicuous, its lovely reddish-bronze shaded foliage steals the show. Any leaf falling off the plant can easily be used to propagate a new plant. Learn how to propagate succulents from leaves here.

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23. Moon Cactus

Botanical Name: Gymnocalycium mihanovichii

Color: Pink

The cacti usually involved for grafting it are Gymnocalycium and a rootstock cactus, for example, Hylocereus. Learn more about it here.

24. Living Stones

Botanical Name: Lithops

Color: Marbled

Its a stemless succulent with leaves fused together and resemble a polished grey or beige marble splashed with shades of green, yellow, lilac and blue. Large yellowish flowers contrast the leaves emerge from the fissure between them. Learn how to grow them here.

25. Houseleek

Botanical Name: Sempervivum tectorum

Color: Green, Purple-Red Shade on Leaves

Also known as hens and chicks, it has a beautiful green rosette of leaves with purple tips. Some varieties have shades of red over green leaves.

26. Queen Victoria Agave

Botanical Name: Agave victoriae-reginae

Color: Deep Green

Sculptured geometrical leaves with streaks of white make it unrivaled architectural plant. It’s also known a Royal Agave.

27. Blue Beaked Yucca

Botanical Name: Yucca Rostrata

Color: Blue

Commonly grown as an ornamental landscape plant, its quite enormous. The thin and long leaves are mounted on the trunk and bring a tropical feel to any space.

28. Lavender Scallops

Colorful Succulents

Botanical Name: Bryophyllum Fedtschenkoi

Color: Lavender, Pink

Also known as Kalanchoe Stonecrop, its stems take root wherever they touch the ground. Go for the flowering varieties if you fancy long-lasting and colorful flowers.

29. Mangave ‘Macho Mocha’

Botanical Name: Mangave ‘Macho Mocha’

Color: Purple

When mature, it grows as wide as six feet and looks glorious with the thick fleshy purple-gray-green leaves. It has purple spots all over it and on the end of the leaves, the spots are so dense that foliage appears to be purple.

30. Copper Pinwheel

Botanical Name: Aeonium ‘Sunburst’

Color: Variegated

It’s a branching succulent that grows on stalks which can reach a height of 18 inches. Rosette of variegated leaves in green and yellow color looks charming and does well in bright shade to full sun.

31. Purple Heart

Botanical Name: Tradescantia pallida ‘Purpurea’

Color: Purple

If purple is your go-to color then you’ll surely love this succulent. Even the flowers are purple and grow on vigorously growing stems. Find out more purple indoor plants here.

32. Red Edge Echeveria

Image Credit: Oxley Nursery

Botanical Name: Echeveria subrigida ‘Fire and Ice’

Color: Red

Four to six hours of direct sun each day and you’ll have the best possible show of colors. Perfect to have as a focal point in the small succulent container garden.

33. Zebra Plant

Botanical Name: Haworthiopsis attenuata

Color: Green and White

This stemless pocket size succulent is known for beautiful white zebra-like strips on deep green leaves. Growing it is easy!

34. Red Pagoda

Botanical Name: Crassula capitella “Red Pagoda”

Color: Light Green, Crimson

Crassula genus has some excellent colorful succulents and one of them is this eye-catchy beauty. It thrives well in full sun but doesn’t mind some shade.



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