12 Best Succulents For Beginners

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If you are a novice gardener, then low-demanding succulents are the ideal choice for you! Discover Best Succulents For Beginners in the article below!

Are you fed up of your unsuccessful attempts at planting succulents and looking out for easy ones to grow? Well, we have great news for you! Here are Best Succulents For Beginners that you can grow successfully without much care and effort!

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List of Easy-to-Grow Succulents for Beginners

1. Kalanchoe

Best Succulents For Beginners

Kalanchoe can go for weeks without water, and this trait makes them very easy to maintain! They overgrow quickly for a succulent and produce beautiful flowers of different colors. Blossfeldiana variety produces some of the longest blooming flowers in the plant world!

Easy to grow Varieties:

  • Kalanchoe blossfeldiana
  • Kalanchoe pinnata
  • Kalanchoe beharensis
  • Kalanchoe popphyrocalyx and manginii

2. Agave

Agave plants are popular as succulents with large leaves and pointed tips. These plants can survive well in full sun to partial shade. Also, they are drought tolerant, and when it comes to soil preference, they do well in any well-draining soil.

Easy to grow Varieties:

  • Agave attenuata
  • Agave parviflora
  • Agave Tequilana Azul
  • Agave victoria-reginae

Fun Fact: Tequila is distilled from the fermented juice of the Central American century plant Agave tequilana.

Here are some amazing agave plant benefits! 

3. Echeveria

Best Succulents For Beginners 2

Native to Central America, Echeveria is well suited for outdoor habitat. They require low watering, fewer nutrients, and will even thrive on an extended period of neglect. Echeveria is a slow-growing succulent and reaches a height and width of 12 inches, at its best.

Easy to grow Varieties:

  • Black Prince Echeveria
  • Echeveria elegans
  • Echeveria colorata
  • Princess Blue Echeveria

4. Aloe

Although Aloe is undemanding, you do have to keep a few things in mind. Water the plant only after the soil turns dry and keep them in a bright spot. It is also known as the wonder plant, thanks to its gel that has been used for its many therapeutic properties for thousands of years.

Easy to grow Varieties:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Climbing Aloe
  • Flow Aloe
  • Lace Aloe
  • Aloe juvenna
  • Aloe ‘White lightning.’

Here are the astonishing benefits aloe has on offer! 

5. Crassula

Best Succulents Beginners 3

There are many varieties of crassula, and all of them are easy to grow. The most popular amongst them is the jade plant, also known as money tree or lucky tree. Propagate them from offsets, division, or leaf cuttings. Like other succulents, they also do not need watering too often. In summers, they go dormant and need scarcer watering.

Easy to grow Varieties:

  • Jade Plant
  • Crassula muscosa
  • Crassula perforata (Necklace Plant)
  • Moon Glow Crassula
  • Crassula rupestris

6. Haworthia

Haworthia is commonly known as the zebra plant because of the stripes present on the leaves.  Some genus of this succulent has transparent foliage and makes a beautiful addition for home decor. They are hardier than other succulents and can survive in low light. Avoid overwatering for optimum growth.

Easy to grow Varieties:

  • Haworthia transiens
  • Haworthia truncata
  • Haworthia chocolate

Here are the best varieties for small spaces of Haworthia that you can grow! 

7. Snake Plant

Best Succulents For Beginners 4

According to research conducted by NASA, this plant purifies the indoor air by absorbing nitrogen oxides, formaldehyde, and other toxins. Consider them as the most tolerant plant; the snake plant will remain healthy for weeks without care. It is the best choice for a houseplant as they stay fresh, even in dim lighting.

Easy to grow Varieties:

  • Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Mother-in law’s Tongue.’
  • Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Twist.’
  • Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Golden hahnii’

Check out the best varieties of snake plants to grow indoors here

8. Faucaria

One of the best succulents for beginners, it is also known as “tiger jaws” because the edges of the leaves look spiny and form a jaw-like, ferocious shape. It grows colorful flowers in shades of yellow, white to pink, which start to bloom at the beginning of winter or in fall. They can survive extreme heat but need good drainage.

Easy to grow Varieties:

  • Faucaria boscheana
  • Faucaria felina
  • Faucaria tigerina
  • Faucaria gratiae

9. Gasteria

Best Succulents For Beginners 5

This plant also goes with the name Ox Tongue, Cow Tongue, or Lawyer’s Tongue because its leaves resemble the shape of a tongue. Its flowers look like the stomach, and therefore it is also named Gasteria (Gaster is Latin for the stomach). Just like other succulents, it thrives in fast-draining soil and bright, indirect sunlight.

Easy to grow Varieties:

  • Gasteria verrucosa
  • Gasteria maculata
  • Gasteria glomerata

10. Sedum

Also commonly known as lamb’s tail, burro’s tail, or horse’s tail, they are excellent as hanging plants or trailers. This plant will grow without much attention. When grown in the full sun, the plants turn into a visual delight because of the orange-red highlights!

Easy to grow Varieties:

  • Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’
  • Sedum spectabile ‘Brilliant.’
  • Sedum ‘Vera Jamison’
  • Sedum ‘Black Jack’

Here’s everything you need to know about propagating Sedum! 

11. Sempervivum

Best Succulents For Beginners 6

Sempervivum is a task-free and ‘no fuss’ plant that thrives on neglect. Plant them in rock gardens, container gardens, rooftop gardens, and rock walls; those attractive foliage go well with all. You can also propagate its offsets, anywhere you like, easily.

Easy to grow Varieties:

  • Sempervivum arachnoideum ‘Cobweb houseleek’
  • Sempervivum ‘ Engle’
  • Sempervivum marmoreum ‘Brunneifolium’
  • Sempervivum ‘Pippin’

12. Adromischus

Native to Southern Africa, it forms bright green tubular, wide, and short recurved lobes. The plant resembles baby’s feet, the undulated small ‘toes’ and hairy stems are two properties of this easy-to-grow succulent. The hairy texture helps in holding moisture and prevents the plant from drying. Just be careful not to overwater the plant.

Easy to grow Varieties:

  • Adromischus cristatus ‘Crinkle leaf plant’
  • Adromischus cooperi
  • Adromischus maculatus

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