18 Amazing DIY Ikea Indoor Garden Ideas

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Would you believe you can repurpose Ikea items and use them to complete these amazing DIY Ikea Indoor Garden Ideas for your home?

Ikea products offer the best of looks and functionality, and you can use them to complete some of the most amazing DIY indoor garden ideas.

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DIY Ikea Indoor Garden Ideas

1. Succulent Garden in an Ikea Cart

DIY Ikea Indoor Garden Ideas

Grow a mini succulent garden in a trendy Ikea cart featuring a gorgeous shade of powder blue.

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2. Window Herb Garden–IKEA Hack

Get curtain rods and hooks from an IKEA store and hang metal planters on your apartment window to grow herbs of your choice.

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3. Ikea Tradig Wire Bowl

DIY Ikea Indoor Garden Ideas 2

This ready-made wire bowl from Ikea can be wonderfully used to put planters.

4. Ikea Lack Table for a Succulent Vertical Garden

Ikea lack-table, one sonotube, paint or decoupage, and chains are all you need to make this gorgeous vertical succulent garden. Details are here!

5. Herb Garden with Ikea Pots

DIY Ikea Indoor Garden Ideas 3

Place cute looking Ikea pots on a wooden ladder by the window to grow different herbs vertically.

6. Ikea Planter for Fiddle Leaf Fig

The beauty of the fiddle leaf fig or any other large indoor plant will enhance more when you’re going to put it in a container from Ikea.

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7. DIY Acacia Wood Plant Stand

DIY Ikea Indoor Garden Ideas 4

Using Ikea PS plant stands, acacia wood plates, and super glue, you can make this charming wood plant stand for yourself.

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8. IKEA Hack: DIY Lantern Terrarium

This Ikea BORBY lantern can be made into a terrarium to grow fern or other small shade-dwelling plants with moss.

9. IKEA Hyllis Hack: Industrial Wall Planter

DIY Ikea Indoor Garden Ideas 5

The IKEA Hyllis frame used for this DIY makes for a perfect stand to place different pots.

10. Colorful Herb Garden

All you need is an IKEA socker plant pot with a stand, spray paint in your choice of colors and spray shellac sealer to make colorful planters to grow herbs.

11. IKEA Hack: Suction Cup Window Planters

DIY Ikea Indoor Garden Ideas 6

The suction cups in these planters make it easy to stick them to glass. They’ll look great on any window or balcony of the house.

12. IKEA Decor Hack: Small Bedroom Storage with Wooden Detail

Using Mackapär shoe cabinet, half-round dowel, saw and miter box, sandpaper, and wood glue, you can make this excellent bedroom storage.

13. DIY Gold Mini Greenhouse

DIY Ikea Indoor Garden Ideas 7

Get an Ikea Socker Greenhouse and give it a coat of Martha Stewart’s gold liquid gilding, and you’re done! The details are here.

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14. Ikea Planter from a Trash Can

A cheap and easy way to convert an Ikea Fniss trash can into a beautiful planter using a spray primer. For details, click here.

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15. DIY Ikea Bar Cart

DIY Ikea Indoor Garden Ideas 8

You can make this budget-friendly cart with an Ikea Kallax bookshelf unit for an attractive addition to your room.

16. Ikea Tarva Dresser

Give a rustic look to a Tarva Dresser with a special walnut stain and use it to place pots on the top.

17. DIY Indoor Plant Pots

DIY Ikea Indoor Garden Ideas 9

Make different patterns on the NYPON pots from Ikea using a tip paint pen and use them as plant pots!

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18. IKEA Spice Rack Vertical Garden

Image Source: Ikea

This spice rack from Ikea can be used in a multitude of ways, where you can hang it anywhere to put vases and pots.

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