17 Hanging Plant Ideas for Bathroom

Using these awesome Hanging Plant Ideas for Bathrooms you can bring a touch of greenery and enjoy nature while having a relaxing bath!

If you want to bring the feeling of the open showers you see in luxurious resorts, take inspiration from these ideas. Having plants also make this space more relaxing and calm.

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Hanging Plants Ideas for Bathrooms

1. Hanging Plants for Small Bathrooms

2. Plants by the Bathroom Window

3. Hoyas with Other Plants by the Tub

4. Hanging Pothos and Snake Plants

5. Plants in a Large Bathroom with a Tub

6. Trailing Plant Near a Shower, You can Replace with Faux Plants as Well

7. Plant Lover’s Bathroom

8. Install Plant Shelves in Bathroom

9. Hanging Plants with Printed Tiles

10. Mini Jungle in a Bathroom

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🌿My bathroom plants. All of these are there permanently except the Hoya over the bathtub. I hang plants there so I can water and drain, and then they go back to the sunroom. The two baskets lined in coconut fiber are single node pothos that propagated and will be gorgeous, full plants soon. I also have an Alocasia, Norfolk Island Pine, Heart Leaf Philodendron, Peace Lily, Scindapsus, Ficus Audrey, Parlor Palm, (and a thaumatophyllum bipinnatifidum, Pachira aquatica and Aglaonema that are not in this photo…and Cast Iron plant). Damn I have a lot of plants! 😂 This bathroom has two sets of glass sliding doors facing East, and a skylight which adds a good amount of light and am happy to have it there. The giant mirror also reflects some light too to make it brighter 😊 . . . . . #ohiotropics #hoyaplant #pothosplant #ficusaudrey #norfolkislandpine #alocasia #scindapsus #heartleafphilodendron #peacelily #parlorpalm #bathroomplants

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11. Plants on the Shower Wall

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🌻Ensuite inspo 🌻 . . Any recommendations for bathroom loving plants? I can’t wait to start adding plants to our house once it’s built. One of the areas I want to experiment with is our ensuite 😍 . In our build design we have a long shower. We thought about having the double shower head (one on each end) but realistically they both wouldn’t get used at the same time so the additional $400 wasn’t worth it… . So instead we are thinking of adding shelves on far side to add plants 🌱 . . #homegroupwa #homegroup #homebuilder #firsthome #buildinspo #mybuildingjourney #bathroomdesign #bathroominspo #ensuite #plants #bathroomplants #decor #homedecor #myhome

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12. Dream Bathroom

13. A Green Envy

14. Hanging Plants on Suspended Wooden Ladder

15. Trailing Plant Near a Bathroom Window

16. Gorgeous Greens against a Beautiful Window Backdrop

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The space that cannot be photographed. Above la toilette is a collection of gorgeous greenery, but with the beautiful window backdrop, it’s pretty tough to show it off in a picture. We’ve done nothing to the bathroom since we moved in, it’s a passable state of shiny white tiles and grey flooring, but damn it’s cold in winter with only the towel rail as heating. Plus the floor tiles were laid directly on the concrete floor below 🥶 I dream of underfloor heating in this room. Dream. #bathroomstyling #bathroomdecor #bathroomplants #bathroomstyle #plantsofinstagram #plantstyling #houseplant #houseplantclub #howihouseplant #mysmallhome #smalhomestyle #apartmentdecor #apartmentstyling #myhomestyle #interiorstyling #interiorstyle

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17. Plant Therapy Bathroom



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