19 Best Peperomia Types | Peperomia Plant Varieties

Looking for easy to care and beautiful houseplants? These Best Peperomia Types are surely going to add beauty to your home and office!

Peperomia plants come in a variety of beautiful, smooth and textured leaves that makes them stunningly stand out from the rest of the plants. If you are an avid plant lover, looking forward to having an easy-going plant for home, pick one from these Best Peperomia Types!

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List of Best Peperomia Types

1. Beetle Peperomia


Botanical Name: Peperomia quadrangularis

Height and Spread: 8-12 inches

Also known as Peperomia angulata, it is a small houseplant with creeping stems. It produces dark green leaves with beautiful, light green vertical stripes. This interesting plant is perfect for hanging baskets as crawling stems enhance its beauty.

Growing Tips

It grows well in moist, well-drained soil and prefers low to moderate light.

2. Belly Button Peperomia

Botanical Name: Peperomia verticillata

Height and Spread: Up to 3 feet

Belly Button peperomia is an attractive species with little, plump, dark green leaves that gets a velvet texture with age. This charming specimen is ideal for both ground cover and as an indoor plant, making it one of the best peperomia types!

Growing Tips

It grows best in humid and moist conditions with bright, indirect sunlight. Avoid overwatering, mainly in winter.

3. Columbian Peperomia

Best Peperomia Types 2

Botanical Name: Peperomia Metallica var. columbiana

Height and Spread: 2-8 & 4-10 inches

Columbian peperomia is ideal for container gardening. It is an erect perennial with dark-green to black leaves that are burgundy to dark red beneath. Every leaf has a metallic-silver stripe at the center. This variety is perfect for a rock garden or a terrarium.

Growing Tips

This lovely plant prefers partial sunlight and humus-rich, moist, well-drained soil.

4. Bibi Peperomia

Botanical Name: Peperomia trinervula ‘Bibi’

Height and Spread: 7-10 inches

Bibi peperomia is a charming, easy-to-grow houseplant, prized for its lance-shaped dark green leaves and creeping red stems. It grows in a spreading form and is suitable for window sills, terrarium or vivarium.

Growing Tips

Bibi peperomia is drought and humidity tolerant and does well in partial or dappled shade.

5. Cupid Peperomia

Best Peperomia Types 3

Botanical Name: Peperomia scandens ‘Variegata’

Height and Spread: 8-10 & 10-20 inches

The cupid peperomia is the variegated version of peperomia scandens. Just like the name, it displays heart-shaped, light green leaves, with creamy gold edges. This variety can spread up to 20-30 inches, which makes it ideal for planting in hanging baskets.

Growing Tips

It thrives well in partial light indoors. Locate it under partial shade if growing outdoors. Allow the soil to dry between watering, as it can cause rot.

6. Golden Gate Peperomia

Botanical Name: Peperomia obtusifolia ‘Golden Gate’

Height and Spread: 7-8 inches

This beautiful and compact houseplant showcases glossy, variegated leaves with a dense, bushy appearance. ‘Golden Gate’ is suitable for offices or shaded areas as it grows well in low or fluorescent lights.

Growing Tips

It thrives in well-draining soil. Water the plant when top-soil is dry to 1 inch. 

7. Jelly Peperomia

Best Peperomia Types 4

Botanical Name: Peperomia Clusiifolia ‘Jelly’

Height and Spread: 9-18 inches

Jelly peperomia has striking wide, oval-shaped leaves adorned with a pink and cream-hued edge. It also features spikes of green-white flowers. This easy to care plant is ideal for shelves and small tables, making it one of the best peperomia types!

Growing Tips

This variety enjoys bright or moderate light conditions and withstands shade as well. Avoid overwatering.

8. Isabella Peperomia


Botanical Name: Peperomia hoffmanii

Height and Spread: 6-12 inches

Isabella is prized with beautiful, tiny succulent-type leaves, on a round rope-like trailing vine. This variety is an ideal small creeper for hanging baskets or terrarium as it grows up to 10-12 inches long with a similar spread.

Growing Tips

Grow this beautiful plant in full sun to partial shade in average well-draining soil.

9. Peperomia Perciliata

Best Peperomia Types 5

Botanical Name: Peperomia Perciliata

Height and Spread: 2-4 & 8-10 inches

Peperomia Perciliata shows off small, heart-shaped leaves on red stems. This interesting plant can grow up to 2-4 inches tall and eight or more inches wide. You can grow it in terrariums or as an underplanting to upright or taller plants.

Growing Tips

The Perciliata variety thrives well in full sun to partial or dappled shade and slightly acidic soil with pH 6.1-6.5.

10. Peperomia Japonica

Botanical Name: Peperomia Japonica

Height and Spread: 4-6 & 8-14 inches

Perfect for growing in terrariums, small pots, and hanging baskets or as a ground cover, Peperomia Japonica is another climbing small green-leafed variety, with red or green stems.

Growing Tips

Use a well-draining potting mix amended with peat moss. Allow the soil to dry between watering.

11. Varigated Teardrop Peperomia

Best Peperomia Types 6

Botanical Name: Peperomia orba ‘Variegata’

Height and Spread: 4-6 & 8-12 inches

‘Teardrop’ is a low, mounding plant that produces glossy green leaves designed with golden-yellow edges. Varigated teardrop peperomia is ideal for planters, terrariums, and hanging baskets.

Growing Tips

It prefers rich, well-draining soil and occasional watering for optimum growth.

12. Teardrop Peperomia

Botanical Name: Peperomia orba

Height and Spread: 8-10 & 10-12 inches

This compact variety is perfect for hanging planters and terrariums. The plant exhibits light green, thick succulent type leaves, with a light silver stripe under the midvein. It spreads with maturity and forms tiny white spikes.

Growing Tips

Keep the plant in a bright location. Water at the base of the plant, avoiding leaves.

13. Red Ripple Peperomia

Best Peperomia Types 7

Botanical Name: Peperomia caperata ‘Red Ripple’

Height and Spread: 6-9 inches

Red ripple variety is popular for its red-purple, deeply textured heart-shaped leaves. You can grow it as a houseplant as well as a groundcover outdoors. This beautiful variety is one of the best peperomia types!

Growing Tips

It grows best in partial shade with moderate watering.

14. Red-Edge Peperomia

Botanical Name: Peperomia clusiifolia

Height/Spread: 6-12 & 6-10 inches

Red edge is one of the easiest variety to grow. It features spoon-shaped, dark green glossy leaves, with beautiful red edges. Ideal for growing in baskets and pots.

Growing Tips

This peperomia grows well in warm, humid conditions with regular light watering.

15. Rainbow Peperomia

Best Peperomia Types 8

Botanical Name: Peperomia clusiifolia ‘Rainbow’

Height and Spread: 6-12 & 6-8 inches

If you are a beginner in gardening, then plant Rainbow peperomia, as this variety thrives on neglect. It shows off light green leaves with yellow-pink borders. Perfect choice for dish gardens and hanging baskets.

Growing Tips

‘Rainbow’ variety does well in bright, warm, and humid conditions.

16. Peperomia Serpens

Botanical Name: Peperomia serpens

Height and Spread: 2-4 & 12-24 inches

The heart-shaped leaves with deep veins of this peperomia can brighten up any dark corner of your living room! The trailing form of this adorable plant is perfect for terrariums and hanging planters.

Growing Tips

This peperomia variety flourishes in partial or dappled shade, in slightly acidic soil with pH 6.1-6.5.

17. Peperomia Rubella

Best Peperomia Types 9

Botanical Name: Peperomia rubella

Height and Spread: 6-8 & 10-12 inches

This stunning variety displays small, fleshy leaves that are olive green on the top and red on the back with red stems. As the plant matures, it forms a beautiful trail that can be grown in the small dish garden paired with other miniature plants.

Growing Tips

Grow the plant in the bright indirect sun, allow the soil to dry between next watering.

18. Peperomia Prostrata


Botanical Name: Peperomia prostrata

Height and Spread: 12-24 & 8-12 inches

Also known as string of turtles, it is a small vining plant with round dark green to purple-colored leaves, patterned in white veins. It looks beautiful in hanging planters, where it cascades over the sides of the container.

Growing Tips

Peperomia prostrata likes moist soil though it is also quite sensitive towards overwatering.

19. Watermelon Peperomia

Best Peperomia Types 10

Botanical Name: Peperomia argyreia

Height/Spread: 6-8 & 10-12 inches

Watermelon peperomia is adorned with rounded, fleshy leaves patterned with dark green and silver markings, resembling a watermelon’s rind. It is mainly grown as a houseplant, though it can be planted outdoors in the warm climate of USDA hardiness Zone 10-12.

Growing Tips

It favors bright, indirect sunlight, and humid conditions.

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