26 Beautiful Bathroom Plant Shelf Ideas

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Want to introduce greenery to your restroom? Here are some stunning Bathroom Plant Shelf Ideas that you can try to upgrade your shower space!

These Bathroom Plant Shelves Ideas will give you plenty of reasons to style your washroom with greenery. Whether you want to bring a touch of calm or make the space look luxurious. This works!

Here are the best plants you can grow in a bathroom

Bathroom Plant Shelves Ideas

1. Lavish Bathroom with Large Windows and Plant Shelf

2. Built-in Plant Shelf

3. Wooden Shelf for Small Potted Plants

4. Laundry Cum Plant Shelf

5. Wooden Bench as Plant Shelf

6. Large Mirror with Small Plant Shelf


7. Two Wooden Shelves


8. Plant Shelf with Towel Hanger


9. Mini Plant Shelf for Trailing Succulents


10. Small Plant Shelf with a Round Clock


11. A Bathroom Full of Plants

12. Shelf for Potted and Trailing Plants

13. Wooden Shelf in a White Bathroom

14. Modern Boho Bathroom

15. Aesthetic Bathroom With Wooden Plant Shelves

16. Shelf for Quote Board and Plants

17. Shelf With Metal Railing

18. Mini Plant Shelf in a Well-Lit Bathroom

19. A Bathroom Jungle on a Shelf!

20. Chic Bathroom with Shelves

21. Tall Plant Shelf for Pothos and Other Plants


22. Mini Plant Shelf with Potted Plants


23. Shelf for Ferns


24. Wooden Ladder as Plant Shelf

25. Space Saver Plant Shelf

26. Wooden Plant Shelf for Small Bathroom

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