17 Awesome Indoor Windowsill Flower Garden Ideas

Make your home look more stunning with the addition of colorful blooms using these Beautiful Windowsill Flower Ideas for a delightful look!

If you’re feeling inspired after viewing these Indoor Windowsill Flower Ideas–it’s possible. Because windowsills are the best spot at home for this purpose as they provide ample light and air circulation to plants.

Here’s how you can make a windowsill herb garden easily

Windowsill Flower Garden Ideas

1. Beautiful Purple Orchid

Beautiful Windowsill Flower Ideas

Orchids does well indoors and colorful ones will surely make your windowsill look awesome.

2. Flowers on a Windowsill

If you’ve got a windowsill that receives several hours of direct, then grow geraniums.

3. A Delightful Addition

Beautiful Windowsill Flower Ideas 2

There’s nothing like the sight of a thriving gerbera in a flowerpot on your indoor windowsill!

4. Daisies in a Flower Box

Enjoy the look of beautiful daisies in a flowerbox and watch them sway in beauty on your window.

5. A Pair of Orchids

Beautiful Windowsill Flower Ideas 3

Orchids never fail to amaze and having two on your windowsill will double the beauty.

6. Flowers on Window Ledge

If you don’t want to grow flowers on a windowsill, you can keep cut flowers.

7. Yellow Flower on a Sash Window

Beautiful Windowsill Flower Ideas 4

A single pot of yellow flower will add a subtle look to a sash window.

8. Orange Delight

If you’ve got a south-facing sunny windowsill, you can grow orange flowers like mums, daisies, marigolds, and gerberas.

9. A Living Bouquet

Beautiful Windowsill Flower Ideas 5

A living bouquet of flowers like this will continue to amaze you with its freshness and colors!

10. Go Blue

Blue not only adds a royal charm but also looks super cool in different shades of these flowers on the window.

11. English Lavender on the Windowsill

Beautiful Windowsill Flower Ideas 6

For delightful fragrance and color, you can grow English lavender on your bright windowsill that receives some direct sunlight.

12. Add the Violet

African violet on the window will get all the light it needs to flaunt its beautiful colors.

13. The Magic of Anthurium

Beautiful Windowsill Flower Ideas 7

The anthurium plant can be grown in both soil and water.

14. Classic Geranium

Rustic terracotta pot and red pelargonium. What a combination!

15. Succulent Flowers

Image Credit: Vanacker_k

Succulents can be an option as well for your indoor windowsill flower garden.

16. Perfect Fall Windowsill

This combination of mums and pumpkins is a perfect windowsill fall decoration.

17. Red Gerbera

Gerberas are perfect windowsill flowering plants and we love them!


  1. Nice google search – geraniums up there twice, orchids up there twice (which aren’t supposed to ever get direct sunlight mind you)

    Write an article then find pictures to match, not the other way around


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