22 Indoor Plants Hanging from Ceiling Ideas!

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Trailing houseplants add a lot of appeal indoors while looking great. Check out these Pictures of Hanging Ceiling Plants From Instagram for ideas!

If you want to grow houseplants in a different way, then have a look at these creative Pictures of Hanging Ceiling Plants From Instagram!

Have a look at some awesome blue foliage plant pictures from Instagram here

Pictures of Hanging Ceiling Plants From Instagram

1. Urban Hanging Jungle

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2. Plants on Hanging Metal Frame from Ceiling

3. Hanging Cascading Plants with Automatic Irrigation

4. Plants with Lights

5. Pothos in a Brass Hanging Planter

6. Hanging Plants in Bathroom

7. Hoya on a Hanging Circular Planter

8. Pothos and Monstera

9. Staghorn Fern with Other Plants


11. Indoor Hanging Garden from a Ceiling

12. Succulent and Other Plants

13. A Ceiling Full of Ferns!

14. Hanging Plants with Light Bulbs

15. A Room Full of Hanging and Potted Plants

16. Hanging Air Plants on a Metal Rod


18. Hanging Bathroom Planter in the Corner

19. Hanging Plant with a Picture Frame

20. Macrame Planters with a Pot Hanging from the Ceiling

21. Ferns, Lights, and Other Plants

22. Plants with Wire Light Globes

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