10 Perfect Plants For A Vertical Wall

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Want to create a living wall indoors or outdoors? Discover the names of some of the Best Plants for a Vertical Wall in this list to try!

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If you are planning to create a living wall, then the first important step is selecting an appropriate plant. Apart from the plants listed below, you can also use:

  • Herbs
  • Flowering annuals
  • Vines
  • Air-purifying Plants

Keep in mind that not all plants can be grown on a vertical wall garden. Select plants that have similar requirements, are slow-growing, or have a shallow root system.

Best Plants for a Vertical Wall

1. Ferns

Best Plants for a Vertical Wall

Ferns are admired for their adaptability, easy growing habit, delicate appearance, and fast spread. You can try Boston fern, blue star fern, sword fern, rabbit foot fern, and bird’s nest fern.

Note: Ferns trail and grow downward, so grow other covering plants with them as well.

Here are some great hanging ferns you should grow

2. Arrowhead Vine

Include this beautiful and elegant climbing or trailing vine for its ornamental foliage and low maintenance nature. This shallow root plant can also be grown in the water!

Here are some beautiful indoor vines you can grow

3. Boatlily

This beautiful plant with a rosette of waxy, sword-shaped, not-so-long foliage with purple undersides grows well on a living vertical wall. It is quite easy to maintain and thrives well indoors as well if bright light is available.

If you want to bring a colorful accent Rhoeo Discolor ‘Variegata’ with striped leaves in pink, burgundy, cream, and green will be an interesting addition.

4. Madagascar Jasmine

If you love fragrance, you can grow this plant or other jasmine varieties. The actual showstoppers of this plant are its fragrant white flowers that create a beautiful contrast with green foliage.

Madagascar jasmine can tolerate shade as well and prefers indirect sunlight and occasional watering.

5. Spiderwort (Wandering Jew)

Best Plants for a Vertical Wall 3

Tradescantia genus offers you a wide range of varieties for your living vertical wall. You can grow it in the complete shade as well as in partial sunlight.

Tradescantia zebrina display leaves resembling stripes of zebra on purple-green foliage, it can be an attractive addition to the vertical wall.

6. Succulents

Succulents are the most suitable choice for vertical walls due to their attractive appearance and adaptable nature to survive in extreme conditions.

You can use echeveria, crassula, sedums, sempervivum, and senecio for creating a living succulent wall. You can learn more about it here!

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7. Teardrop Peperomia


Best Plants for a Vertical Wall 4
Image Credit: The New York Times

Peperomia, prayer plant, and peace lily climbing on bathroom vanity. Copy it in your home, if you like the idea.

Here are some great Peperomia varieties that you must check out

8. Bromeliads

Most bromeliads need little space to grow and have shallow roots that make them a perfect choice for a living wall garden. The colorful foliage with air-purifying abilities and ornamental flowers will be a focal point on a vertical wall.

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9. Pothos

Want to create a living wall indoors or outdoors? Discover the names of some of the Best Plants for a Vertical Wall in this list to try!

Trailing vines of the pothos plant can add an extra dimension to any vertical wall. The air-purifying properties of pothos also make it one of the most functional plants that you can grow indoors. Other vines like ivies, philodendron, and rosary vine can also be added to your vertical wall.

Here are some of the most amazing benefits of pothos

10. Moss

You can opt for a living moss wall but it needs maintenance. If you’re looking for a maintenance-free alternative that looks natural unlike the artificial ones, go for preserved moss like mood moss, sheet moss, and reindeer moss.

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