20 Amazing Tiny Tabletop Garden Ideas

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Are you a fan of miniature gardens? We have some really great Tiny Tabletop Garden Ideas for you that you can copy to make one for yourself!

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1. Mini Indoor Garden on a Metal Stand

Tiny Tabletop Garden Ideas

Create a mini indoor garden in a wooden box on top of a metal stand.

2. Tabletop Moss Garden


Using moss, a light-orange butterfly, some black giraffes, a crystal blue flower-shaped lake, and a pale white laughing Buddha you can make a similar one.

3. Mini Succulent Garden

Tiny Tabletop Garden Ideas 2

Grow different succulents in a long pot and keep it on a table for visual appeal.

4. Faux Orchid in a Wooden Bowl

Place a faux or real orchid in a wooden bowl on top of a small wooden table.

5. Schefflera on Lava Rock

Tiny Tabletop Garden Ideas 3

Schefflera on lava rock inside a black box on a bright yellow table will look simply awesome!

6. Set the Table With Air Plants


Using Geometric air plant holders, grow Tillandsia xerographica with other smaller air plants.

7. Mini Succulent Pots in a Platter

Tiny Tabletop Garden Ideas 4

Succulents are the top choice for mini pots and they look fabulous when you grow them together.

8. Mini Buddha with a Fern

A mini Budhha, fern, and other small plants will look great in a stone bowl. You can also use fake plants.

9. Spring Tabletop Garden

Tiny Tabletop Garden Ideas 5

Make a spring tabletop garden using moss and flower cuttings. You can also add fake eggs to complete the look!

10. Small Succulents and a Mini Swing!

Different types of succulents arranged well on a platter will look more charming with the addition of a mini swing for that garden look!

11. An Ornamental Mini Lawn

Tiny Tabletop Garden Ideas 6

A miniature house, tree, rocks, and a pond makes for a great looking mini pond. You can use both faux or real moss on this.

12. Indoor Moss Garden

A mini indoor moss garden with leaf inserts in a rock bowl will look delightful.

13. A Succulent Garden with Miniature House

Tiny Tabletop Garden Ideas 7

Grow aloe with other plants and succulents in a smart bowl with pebbles and a miniature house.

14. Fairy Garden in a Tin Container

A beautiful fairy garden with a mini birdcage, house, and plants will look spectacular in a tin container.

15. Garden in a Mini Blue Bucket

Tiny Tabletop Garden Ideas 8

Grow succulents in a bucket and adorn it with a miniature lawn chair, fence, and glass pebbles.

16. Metal Greenhouse

A small metal greenhouse will look perfect, with plants housed inside, on tabletops.

17. A Succulent Table!

Tiny Tabletop Garden Ideas 9

Use the lower half section of a round table to grow multiple colorful succulents of your choice! You can use fake plants for this DIY!

18. A Lampshade Planter

How about growing a plant hydroponically inside a bulb in a lampshade?

19. Bonsai Magic

Tiny Tabletop Garden Ideas 10

A bonsai tree in a dark copper pot will look incredibly classy on a table.

20. Air Plants in Wood Branch

Use any wooden branch as a planter to grow air plants and display them on the table.

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