15 Edible Living Wall Ideas for Small Spaces

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Here are some unique Edible Living Wall Ideas that will come in handy if you live in an apartment! Grow your favorite green in less space!

Here are some easy-to-make Edible Living Wall Ideas that you can use to grow herbs, salads, and greens of your choice in a small space!

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Edible Living Wall Ideas

1. Rainbow Vertical Garden

This eye-catching colorful vertical garden can be made using wooden crates and few other supplies. Click here for details.

2. Rain Gutter Garden

If you’re short on space but want to grow greens then this DIY will help you to transform dull drainpipes into an adorable rain gutter garden.

3. PVC Pipe Garden on Wall

This easy-to-make and cheap project will help you grow your favorite herbs on a wall! Details are here.

4. Vertical Planter for Strawberries and Other Plants

Edible Living Wall Ideas

All you need are some metal planters that you can hang onto a pallet wall on a balcony.

5. A Herb Wall by a Window

Grow different types of herbs on a wooden board by hanging mini pots by a well-lit window in a room.

6. Wooden Planter for Salad Greens

Edible Living Wall Ideas 2

A tall wooden planter like this will serve just right to grow different salad greens of your choice in a limited space.

7. Vertical Growing Bags for Herbs and Other Greens

shutterstock/Gardens by Design

Hang growing bags on a balcony wall to grow multiple plants together! They are best for salad greens and herbs.

8. Tall Pallet Planter

Edible Living Wall Ideas 3

Make a tower pallet planter to grow different greens in each section. You can also divide the individual sections according to the plants you plan to grow!

9. Hanging Planters and Pallet Boxes


Make a wooden frame and hang pots of different sizes to grow vegetables and fruits of your choice.

10. Herbs and Other Plants in Mini Hanging Pots

Edible Living Wall Ideas 4

These super cute pots are joined together and can be easily hanged on a wall to grow veggies, herbs, and even flowers!

11. Edible Wall on a Balcony


This tall growing pouch is quite versatile and can be hanged on a balcony wall to grow several herbs in a small space.

12. Edible Wall with Aromatic Plants

Edible Living Wall Ideas 5

A wooden wall with built-in sections will serve as a useful planter to grow different veggies, flowers, and other plants.

13. Hanging Herbs on Wired Wall


A wire frame like this can be bolted on a wall to hang multiple pots to grow herbs, salad greens, and vegetables.

14. A living Wall of Edible Greens!

Edible Living Wall Ideas 6

Make wooden sections on an empty wall and utilize the space smartly to grow greens.

15. Salads Greens and Herbs in Mini Grow Bags

These mini grow bags can be placed in plastic or metal rows on walls to grow different greens.

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