24 Stunning Plants that Look Like they are Made of Copper

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Have you ever seen Plants that Look Like They are Made of Copper? If not, then check out the best copper-hued plants below.

We are sure that you must have plants with colorful foliage in your home and garden but have you seen Plants that Look Like They are Made of Copper? We have the best ones for you on this list!

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Plants that Look Like They are Made of Copper

1. Copper Spoon Plant

Plants that Look Like They are Made of Copper

Botanical Name: Kalanchoe orgyalis

This slow-growing multi-branched succulent shrub offers ovate leaves with bronze to gray undersides and cinnamon-hued fine hairs on top.

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2. Copper Tone Sedum

Botanical Name: Sedum nussbaumerianum

This subshrub produces rosettes of yellow-green leaves that turn rose-gold to copper red in full sunlight. It grows up to 8 inches tall and spreads up to 3 feet wide.

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3. Copper Leaf Plant

Plants that Look Like They are Made of Copper 2

Botanical Name: Acalypha wilkesiana

Copper Leaf Plant is an evergreen subtropical fast-growing shrub. It produces copper-red leaves when exposed to full sun or light partial shade.

4. Caribbean Copper Plant


Botanical Name: Euphorbia cotinifolia

Its heart-shaped leaves have a copper or rust-colored hue. This broadleaf shrub grows quickly in warm temperatures.

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5. Henna Coleus

Plants that Look Like They are Made of Copper 3

Botanical Name: Coleus ‘Henna’

This coleus cultivar features copper and chartreuse frilly-edged foliage with burgundy to magenta edges. Grow it in full sun to partial shade for striking leaf color.

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6. Red Iceton Croton


Botanical Name: Codiaeum ‘Red Iceton’

This croton displays yellow foliage that matures in stunning copper-red color with bright veins. It grows upto 7-8 feet tall outdoors.

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7. Dwarf Turk’s Cap Cactus

Plants that Look Like They are Made of Copper 4

Botanical Name: Melocactus matanzanus

Native to Cuba, this endangered cactus cultivar grows at a slow pace and produces copper spines with pink blooms.

8. Prince of Orange Philodendron

Botanical Name: Philodendron ‘Prince of Orange’

This Philo variety shows off new leaves in a copper-orange hue and slowly becomes light green. It grows up to 15-20 inches tall and prefers bright, indirect light.

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9. Red Aloe

Botanical Name: Aloe ferox

The dark green leaves of this aloe variety turn copper red during the summer heat. It grows up to 2-3 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide.

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10. Can Can Echeveria

Plants that Look Like They are Made of Copper 5

Botanical Name: Echeveria ‘Can-Can’

This Echeveria cultivar showcases a large rosette of robust fleshy foliage that changes the shade from copper green to brown-violet with age.

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11. Amelia’s Kaleidoscope

Botanical Name: Begonia ‘Amelia’s Kaleidoscope’

The new growth of this begonia cultivar flaunts a copper-bronze tint that turns out in chartreuse-lime color with age and maturity.

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12. Red Secret

Plants that Look Like They are Made of Copper 6

Botanical Name: Alocasia ‘Red Secret’

Alocasia ‘Red Secret’ looks gorgeous with oval-shaped, opalescent foliage in copper-green and pink tones. Grow this plant in an area with indirect light in well-draining soil.

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13. False Aralia

Botanical Name: Schefflera elegantissima

The tall, slim stems of this plant have pretty serrated foliage with a copper-burgundy shade when they are young and become rich green with age.

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14. Desert Sunset

Plants that Look Like They are Made of Copper 7

Botanical Name: Caladium ‘Desert Sunset’

‘Desert Sunset’ boasts large leaves with prominent veins, the salmon-pink foliage has copper-toned veins.

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15. Copper Leaf Ammania

Botanical Name: Ammania senegalensis

With proper care and the right light conditions, the oval leaves of this aquatic plant reflect a pretty copper hue. It prefers plenty of sunlight and rich fertilizer.

16. Melaco Brown Rose Echeveria

Plants that Look Like They are Made of Copper 8

Botanical Name: Echeveria ‘Melaco Brown Rose’

‘Melaco Brown Rose’ showcases green leaves with a copper red hue and displays a ‘molasses’ rosette. It produces bell-shaped orange blooms in mid-summer.

17. Red Rover Heuchera

Botanical Name: Heuchera ‘Red Rover’

During spring, the lobed young leaves have a copper red tone and age to deeply lobed bright red with burgundy red centers.

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18. Cranberry Hibiscus

Plants that Look Like They are Made of Copper 9

Botanical Name: Hibiscus acetosella

Apart from funnel-shaped yellow-red blooms, this plant is also loved for beautiful leaves in the shades of copper and burgundy that resemble the colors of maple trees.

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19. Sunset Fern

Botanical Name: Dryopteris lepidopoda

This clump-forming, evergreen to semi-evergreen fern has slightly arching fronds that develop with a coppery-red hue and turn dark green with maturity.

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20. Copper Branch

Plants that Look Like They are Made of Copper 10

Botanical Name: Rhipsalis rhombea

This epiphytic cactus features green fleshy flat stems segments that become rich copper-purple when planted in full sunlight.

21. Copper Rose


Botanical Name: Echeveria multicaulis

This succulent display bright, fleshy green leaves with copper to red edges which cover the leaf tips. The copper tones get deep according to the amount of light the plant receives.

22. Copper Pinwheel

Plants that Look Like They are Made of Copper 11

Botanical Name: Aeonium ‘Sunburst’

This aeonium variety forms large rosettes of fleshy variegated spoon-shaped green foliage with yellow variegation on outer borders and copper-red tips when grown in full sun.

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23. Sedum Golden Glow


Botanical Name: Sedum ‘Golden Glow’

‘Golden Glow’ shows off clustered rosettes on arching stems. The fleshy, boat-shaped leaves develop with a green, golden-yellow to copper-orange hue.

24. Coppertone Snake Plant

Botanical Name: Sansevieria ‘Kirkii Coppertone’

As the name suggests, this snake plant has a beautiful deep variation on its leaves with a bit of a coppery hue to them!

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