11 Kitchen Countertop Herb Garden Ideas For Apartment Living

If you lack outdoor space, take inspiration from these 11 DIY Kitchen Countertop Herb Garden Ideas to grow your typical herbs and greens indoors!

If your kitchen window receives proper sunlight or at least 4-5 hours, you can grow herbs. Herbs like mint, chives, and parsley, don’t need full sun. You can start with them. Green onions, sprouts, microgreens, and some other leafy greens are also the options.

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1. Toolbox Countertop Herb Garden

DIY Countertop herb Garden

Learn how an old toolbox made into a countertop herb garden in this blogger’s tutorial post here.

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2. Used Food Can Kitchen Counter Garden

A few food cans can be the next containers for your kitchen countertop herb garden. Ensure the spot receives partial sunlight, the tutorial is here.

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3. Customized Herb Garden

growing herbs indoors in a kitchen

Grow herbs in a customized pot on a kitchen counter. The step by step article is available at Balancing Home.

4. Kitchen Counter Garden How-To

If you’re fortunate enough to receive some sunlight from your kitchen window, you’re just one step away to grow fresh homegrown herbs on your kitchen counter. See this how-to to learn more.

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5. Mason Jar Herb Garden on Kitchen Window

kitchen counter hanging mason jar garden, perfect for using indoor vertical space


If your countertop is small, you can also use the vertical space of your kitchen window to grow herbs. The DIY kitchen garden idea is here.

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6. Smart Countertop Herb Garden

countertop herb garden

Learn how this smart countertop herb garden is made in this article.

7. Kitchen Counter Garden

If you’re not much into DIYs, you can also opt for the grow kits available online or something like above. It’s explained well on Gardenista!

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8. Countertop Herb Garden Project

This is a step by step kitchen countertop garden project, you can copy it easily. If there’s no sunlight, you can also use grow light as directed in this tutorial.

9. How to Make a Countertop Herb Garden for Kitchen

Watch this YouTube video tutorial to make a tiered garden on your kitchen counter.

10. Picture Frame Herb Garden

kitchen counter garden

Head over to HGTV.com to find out how they transformed a picture frame into a mini kitchen counter garden.

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11. Countertop Herb Garden

11 Countertop Herb Garden Ideas

Once you’ll gather all the supplies listed in this post, it’ll take no more than 15 minutes to finish this DIY countertop herb garden.


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