28 Cool DIY Ideas To Make Your Garden Look Great

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Get inspired by these Cool DIY Ideas to Make Your Garden Look Great without investing much of your time and money!

Looking for feasible options to revamp your yard? Try out these Cool DIY Ideas to Make Your Garden Look Great with a handful of supplies!

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Cool DIY Ideas to Make Your Garden Look Great

1. Everlasting Faux Alliums

Cool DIY Ideas to Make Your Garden Look Great

Make a few of these faux allium flowers with chicken wire and paint to create these everlasting alliums.

2. Crate Shelves

It’s a new trend, recycling objects! Wooden crates can be repainted and turned into beautiful shelves. It’s an easy and inexpensive idea.

3. Vintage Bed Frame PlanterCool DIY Ideas to Make Your Garden Look Great 2

Use metal bed frames, old furniture, and chairs to make planters out of them. Check out these chair planter ideas.

Discover some vintage planter ideas here

4. Pallet Garden Table

Make this cheap and excellent garden table from pallets. Check out the tutorial. It is one of the best and coolest DIY ideas to make your garden look great!

Check out some vertical pallet garden ideas here

5. PVC Plant TowerCool DIY Ideas to Make Your Garden Look Great 3

Make holes so that you can insert the plants. Also, cover the base of the pipe so the soil will not fall. Learn how to make it on Instructables.

6. Recycle Old Stuff To Make Planters

Recycle old stuff that you have at home; look at this idea—planters made from old tubs. Here you can see more planter ideas from household items.

7. Spilled Flower Pot From Broken Pots

Cool DIY Ideas to Make Your Garden Look Great 4

Create an astonishing cascading appearance with flowers. For this, all you need is a pot and a few groundcovers. Learn how to make it in our post.

8. Flowerpot Tower Planter + Birdfeeder

Brilliant idea! Have some terracotta pots? Employ them to make a flower pot tower planter, also add a feeder at the top. Here’s the tutorial.

9. Reuse Old Doors

Cool DIY Ideas to Make Your Garden Look Great 5

Give an unusual touch to an old door, attach a planter or a window box and grow some colorful annuals. Either keep it the same or paint bright colors on it.

10. A Birdcage Planter

Grow flowers or decorative foliage plants in a bird cage and hang them in the visible spot. It will become a focal point.

11. Water Fountain

Cool DIY Ideas to Make Your Garden Look Great 6

Make a water fountain for your garden and add a small feature to your backyard. See the DIY article on Instructables.

Look at some cool water feature ideas for your yard here

12. Great Bicycle Planter

Decorate the garden by recycling an old bicycle into a planter. This will become the most eye-catching planter in your garden.

13. Cinder Block Bench

Cool DIY Ideas to Make Your Garden Look Great 7

If you have got a few cinder blocks, you can make a bench out of them. Secure them with adhesive and insert wood slats between the cinder block holes. Click here.

14. Pond In a Pot

Do you want to add a water feature to your small garden but don’t have space? If yes, then create a pond in a pot. You can also make it in a bucket or bathtub.

Check out some beautiful water garden ideas here

15. Gazing Ball

Cool DIY Ideas to Make Your Garden Look Great 8

You’ll need an old ball, some embellishments, adhesive, and little time to create this beautiful accent. Learn more here.

16. Repurpose Old Tires

Very popular! Old tires are inexpensive, and they have various decorative uses in the garden. You can wash and spray paint them in your favorite color.

17. Ladder Planter

Cool DIY Ideas to Make Your Garden Look Great 9

Get an old staircase, paint it and use it to keep the pots. An excellent idea if you don’t have much space in the garden.

Find out some amazing ladder decor ideas here

18. Tree Stumps As Planters

If there are accumulated logs or tree stumps in your backyard, you can put planters on them or grow plants in them. See more tree stump planter ideas here.

19. Solar Power Lantern With Address Sign

Cool DIY Ideas to Make Your Garden Look Great 10

This solar power lantern comes handy without burning a hole in your pocket. Also, you can stick adhesive numbers to create an address sign for your home. Learn more here.

20. Fire Pit Top Cum Coffee Table

Do you know a fire pit can also serve as a coffee table? All you need is a cover for the hearth. Get the tutorial here.

21. Flowerpot Fairy Garden Feature

Cool DIY Ideas to Make Your Garden Look Great 11

Turn a broken terracotta planter into a fairy garden. You may also use a drilling machine to make pieces of your choice. Learn the detailed steps here.

22. Chandelier Hanging Planter

Add a burst of dazzle and glam to your yard party with this chandelier hanging planter. You can suspend it from tree branches, pergolas, and arbors. Learn more here.

23. DIY Stepping Stone

Cool DIY Ideas to Make Your Garden Look Great 14

Craft DIY stepping stones using a cake pan, marine varnish, concrete mold, some glass pebbles, and other supplies mentioned in the tutorial.

Check out some fantastic DIY stepping stone ideas here

24. Vintage Garden Lamp Pillar

Add a touch of vintage elegance to your yard by repurposing old lamps into a garden lamp pillar like this. To avoid accidents, place it by the garden fence or a large tree.

25. Rustic Wheelbarrow Flower Bed

Cool DIY Ideas to Make Your Garden Look Great 15

Add a pop of colors to your yard with this wheelbarrow flower bed. Grow the most colorful varieties for a brilliant show. Details are here.

26. Topsy Turvy Metal Planter

Add this unique planter idea to your garden to save space while showcasing your favorite flowers or plant in a different yet attractive way!

27. Repurposed Crockery on a Ladder Planter

Cool DIY Ideas to Make Your Garden Look Great 16

Get an old ladder and hang pots to showcase plants in style. It is also great to grow herbs! For details, click here.

28. DIY Mason Jar Lantern

Craft these beautiful mason jar lanterns using a votive holder, sea glass tea light, wire, and the steps mentioned here.

Look at some beautiful mason jar fairy garden ideas here

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