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Grow More Plants Indoors, Follow 16 Best DIY Vertical Pallet Garden Ideas!

With these Vertical Indoor Pallet Garden Ideas here, not only you’ll be able to save money but also create more space for growing plants!

1. Pallet Planks Plant Holder

Take a few pallet planks and nail them to the wall strongly. Fix and hang a few of your indoor pots on them, that way you’ll be able to create a lot of space vertically.

2. DIY Pallet Pot Holder

Create a dynamic outdoor or indoor pallet pot holder, a practical idea for the balcony gardeners as well. You can hang a window box or a hanging basket or whatever you like on it. The step by step DIY is here!

3. DIY Pallet Living Wall

Creating an indoor living wall is not an easy idea to follow but definitely a nice way to add some greenery to your lifeless walls. You’ll need a nice shipping pallet, landscaping fabric, staple gun, indoor potting soil and a few other things. The instructions are here!

4. Vertical Succulent Wall Planter

Make a hanging frame of live plants for your room, following this tutorial!

5. Ladder Planter Holder

A ladder can be made out of pallets; it can be the ideal anchor for your indoor garden. This idea can work just anywhere. We found the idea here!

6. Recycled Pallet Vertical Garden

The simplest way to add an indoor pallet garden in your space is to make a vertical planter. Follow this step by step guide on how to make a recycled pallet vertical planter to grow lots of plants.

7. Wooden Pallet Vertical Herb Garden

Image credit: PinkWhen

For all your herbs, there is an easy way to create a nicely labeled pallet planter that is vertical and can be placed almost anywhere. Learn everything about this DIY project here!

8. DIY Tiered Herb Garden

A tiered herb garden can work really well for your indoor and outdoor space. You can use pallets to create this, here’s the DIY!

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9. The Pallet Garden

Utilize a colored pallet and bring on board a variety of flowers and even herbs. You can also add some herbs as you desire. Place this in a spot receives some sunlight. Learn more about this here!

10. Pallet Succulent Planter

Add life to your indoor space with this excellent cedar pallet succulent planter. The step by step DIY is here to follow!

11. DIY Pallet Wood Hose Holder with Planter

Build a hose holder out of pallet boards that can be used as a planter as well. The tutorial is available here!

12. Free Standing Pallet Herb Garden

Want to create a herb garden closer to your kitchen? A perfect idea for apartment dwellers, check out the tutorial here!

13. Pallet Succulent Planter

You can actually use a nicely reclaimed wooden pallet to display succulents in any space of your house. We found the idea here!

14. Pallet Vertical Garden

Spice up your vertical pallet garden by adding some colored decorative pot planters. You can try this idea in your kitchen as well. See the DIY project here!

15. Vertical Pallet Garden

If you are looking for something vertical that allows you to grow fruits like strawberries or else your favorite plants indoors, this idea is for you. Find more here!

16. Pallet Butterfly Garden

Use this guide to create the most adorable butterfly pallet planter or if you want to keep it indoors, choose other plants than recommended here in this tutorial!

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With these Vertical Indoor Pallet Garden Ideas here, not only you'll be able to save money but also create more space for growing plants!


  1. Make the corners of your garden a little more exciting with a pallet sofa — made by combining two or three pallets to form the base and the backrest. To make this exact piece, just follow our guide to  how to make pallet garden furniture.


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