20 Stylish DIY Ladder and Trellis Ideas for Houseplants

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Check out these DIY Ladder & Trellis Ideas for Houseplants and craft the most beautiful ones to support and display your green buddies with style!

If you are looking for pretty ways to train your vining plants around the house, check out these DIY Ladder & Trellis Ideas for Houseplants and mimic the best for yourself!

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DIY Ladder & Trellis Ideas for Houseplants

1. Swiss Cheese on a Jute Ladder

DIY Ladder & Trellis Ideas for Houseplants 1

Whirl jute rope evenly around a ladder to train lush houseplants and invite the rustic charm indoors.

2. Variegated Pothos on Twigs Trellis

DIY Ladder & Trellis Ideas for Houseplants 2

Arrange a few twigs in rows with a rope or S-hooks on the wall to mimic this beautiful DIY trellis for yourself.

Decorate the walls with Pothos like this

3. Circular Wire Trellis

Make circles with metal wire and twine them to make a horizontal array on the wall. Get the details here.

4. Zig-Zag Rope Trellis for Vining Plants

DIY Ladder & Trellis Ideas for Houseplants 3

Make a zig-zag plant trellis joining rope around randomly attached hooks on the wall.

5. Customized Ladder for Narrow Corners

Light up the narrow corners of your house with a customized plant ladder while training up some vibrant flowers.

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6. Trellis Planter BoxDIY Ladder & Trellis Ideas for Houseplants 4

This trellis comes with a planter box, suitable to grow houseplants that could easily trail up the fixture.

7. Metal Trellis for Trailing Plants


This metal trellis is a perfect choice to grow trailing houseplants indoors and add the perfect tropical charm to your place.

8. Beautiful Indoor Metal Trellis

DIY Ladder & Trellis Ideas for Houseplants 5

A metal trellis with a wooden planter box is best for luxurious home decors.

9. Cutlery Trellis

Go creative by fixing your cutleries vertically with a wire or jute rope to craft this DIY plant trellis.

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10. Circular Trellis Loop

This circular trellis loop looks cute and can easily be installed by drilling hooks on the wall.

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11. Ladder Plant Trellis

Pine board cuttings, wood closet poles, drill, screw, and wood stain are all the supplies you need to mimic this DIY plant ladder for yourself. Learn more here.

12. Indoor Plant Climber

This plant support is a must-add for potted varieties such as Pothos, Philos, Jasmine, Creeping Fig, and so on. Get the details here.

13. Climbing Pothos on Birch Stem

DIY Ladder & Trellis Ideas for Houseplants 9

Tuck in a birch stem in the pot to provide support to your pretty climbing houseplants.

14. Wall Trellis with Hooks


Drill multiple hooks randomly on the wall and train the stems in such a way that it forms a web of green leaves.

15. Super Easy Indoor Trellis Garden

This indoor trellis garden is super affordable and a handy option for those looking for fancy home decors. Get the details here.

16. Trellis Flower Box

This trellis flower box will help you grow trailing flowering varieties without the fuss of additional stakes. Click here for more.

17. Indoor Trellis for Climbing Vines

Thin wood strips, twine, metallic paint, and other supplies will make your task easy while crafting this beautiful plant trellis. Know more here.

18. Plant Ladder Stand

Mimic this DIY Ladder Plant stand using pine boards, miter saw, wood glue, nail gun, table saw, and other woodworking essentials. Get the tutorial here.

19. Indoor Plant Trellis for Vine Plant

Have you always wanted to create a DIY indoor plant trellis but weren’t sure where to begin? This guide will tell you everything.

20. Plant Wire Trellis

Do you have plants that need a trellis? Make them easily with astonishingly low cost! Details are here.

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