45 Best Window Boxes Idea to Boost Curb Appeal of Your Home!

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Whether you live in a large country house or an urban apartment, you can take inspiration from these Prettiest Window Box pictures to boost curb appeal.

Adding window boxes to your outdoor windows is like the last touch-up you shouldn’t miss. This way, not only can you beautify the exterior of your home, but it also boosts the curb appeal. Moreover, if you don’t have an extra outdoor area to garden–Window boxes provide you more space for planting. You can grow flowers, foliage plants, herbs, and even vegetables in them–The choice is yours!

Here are the best cascading flowers you can grow for Window Boxes

Prettiest Window Boxes

1. Flowers Galore

Prettiest Window Boxes

2. Green Window Box with Flowers and Plants

3. Blue and Pink

Prettiest Window Boxes 2

4. Trailing Flowers in a Wooden Window Box

5. Large Flower Box by a Tall Window

Prettiest Window Boxes 3

6. Multicolor Flowers in a Shallow Window Box

7. Dark Trough Window Box with Matching Flowers

Prettiest Window Boxes 4

8. Nasturtiums in Window Box

9. Window Box Full of Impatiens

Prettiest Window Boxes 5

10. Zinnias By the Window

11. Large Horizontal Wooden Window Box

Prettiest Window Boxes 6

12. Foxglove Window Box

13. Modern Window Planter

Prettiest Window Boxes 7

14. Glorious Balsams

15. Window Box Full of Plants and Flowers

Prettiest Window Boxes 8

16. Pretty Pink

17. Compact Window Box for an Apartment

Prettiest Window Boxes 9

18. White Flower Box for a Sash Window

19. Trailing Plants

Prettiest Window Boxes 10

20. Window Box and Picket Fence

21. Tale of Two Window Boxes!

Prettiest Window Boxes 11

22. Flowers All-Around!


23. White Window Box with Purple Flowers

Prettiest Window Boxes 12

24. Wrought Iron Window Box with Flowers

25. Red Geraniums

26. Wooden Window Box with Geranium Flowers

27. Herbs in a Window Box


28. Pink and Red Blooms


29. Window Box Herb Garden


30. Variegated Plants with White Flowers


31. The Glorious Red Petunias!

32. Trailing Plants and Flowers

33. Sweet Alyssum Flower Box

34. Red Flowers Window Box with Blue Shade

35. Colorful Foliage Plants

36. Red and Green

37. Honeysuckle in Window Box

38. The Colorful Coleus

39. Marigold

40. Herbs in a White Wooden Window Box



41. Colorful Windowbox Plantings


42. Purple and Burgundy Fall Window Box


43. Rustic Window Box with Vibrant Blooms


44. With Sunflowers!


45. Mini Window Box with Multiple Plants


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