14 Alluring Mason Jar Fairy Garden Ideas You Should Look Now!

Mason jar fairy gardens can be great gifts or nice decorative objects for your home and garden. Find here 14 best DIY ideas with their tutorials.

1. Fairy Garden Terrarium in a Mason Jar

Turn a simple mason jar into the beautiful fairy garden terrarium. Visit the Country Chic Cottage to learn more!

2. Self-Sustaining Fairy Gardens

These self-sustaining fairy gardens in jars are low maintenance, can continue to grow for years. The tutorial video is here!

3. Beach Mason Jars

Not exactly the fairy garden tutorial but you can bring the beach indoors in the summer with this craft, it’s a nice tabletop decoration idea as well. Find the DIY at Crafts Unleashed!

4. Magical Fairy Lantern

These mason jar fairy can bring a magical touch to your room in the dark. We found the tutorial video here!

5. DIY Fairy Garden in a Mason Jar

Another impressive mason jar fairy garden tutorial to copy. The step by step instructions are here.

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6. Beautiful Mason Jar Fairy Garden Terrariums

This is beautiful, mason jar fairy garden terrarium. Perfect for tabletop decorations, find out the tutorial article here.

7. Easy Mason Jar Fairy Garden

A simple, easy to understand and basic mason jar fairy garden tutorial. Find the article here!

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8. Seasonal Fairy Garden

Decorate this fairy garden according to the changes in seasons following the instructions available at the Good Hearted Woman!

9. Mason Jar Fairy House

Dive in the fairy garden trend by creating this mason jar fairy house for your home. The DIY post is here!

10. Fairy Garden Kids Craft Tutorial

Head over to the One Savvy Mom to find out this fairy garden kids craft tutorial. Assign it to your young one to improve her creativity.

11. Mason Jar Fairy Garden Accent Piece

This eye catchy fairy garden can be a nice accent piece in your small garden. Visit The Decorated Cookie to view the tutorial.

12. Mini Fairy Jar

Enticing fairy garden jar that you can make with your kids, especially if you’ve girls, they’ll love this project. The tutorial is here!

13. Fairies in the Jar


Get a small sized mason jar to create the fairies in the jar project, keep this jar in the dark area, where it can glow. The tutorial is available at wikiHow.

14. 15 Minutes Mason Jar Fairy Gardens

This fairy garden in a mason jar project here can be completed in just 15 minutes if you’ve all the supplies ready.

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  1. Wow! It looks wonderful. I always wanted to create something like that actually. So, now I have few ideas about this and maybe will do it. I think it’s a nice interior element. Thank you!


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