24 Space-Saving Balcony Hanging Planter Ideas

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Amp up the glamor of your small urban balcony with these space-saving Balcony Hanging Planter Ideas we have here.

If you live in an apartment, don’t let the small size of your balcony prevent you from growing plants. With these Balcony Hanging Planter Ideas, you can multiply your space and have more plants.

Here are some of the best balcony garden ideas you can use

Balcony Hanging Planter Ideas

1. Rainbow Garden Wall

Hanging Planter Ideas for Your Balcony 1

With some wall planter hooks, you can copy this idea to your balcony, patio, or deck garden.

2. Suspended Hanging Planters


Using the help of wired hooks on the railing, you can hang pots on the outside, giving your balcony a unique look.

3. Colorful Succulent Garden on a Railing

Balcony Hanging Planter Ideas 3

A rectangular metal box housing the plants of your choice in different colorful pots will be a great addition to an urban garden.

4. Mini Hanging Buckets

Hanging Planter Ideas for Your Balcony 4

Balcony railings are the best spots to hang pots, and what could be better than to add colorful mini buckets to grow annual flowers!

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5. A Hanging Jungle!

Hanging Planter Ideas for Your Balcony 5

If you are someone who likes ‘the more the merrier’ concept, then you’re going to love this hanging jungle on your balcony!

6. Vertical Vegetable Garden

Hanging Planter Ideas for Your Balcony 6

You can hang pots on a pallet to create a vegetable garden on your balcony. We found the idea here.

7. Hanging Plants With a City View

Balcony Hanging Planter Ideas 7

Enjoy the panoramic view of the city with the beauty of hanging plants on the frame.

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8. Hanging Grow Bags

Hanging Planter Ideas for Your Balcony 8

You don’t always have to use hanging pots to grow plants. Use grow bags like these to plant them!

9. Urban Green Sit-out

Balcony Hanging Planter Ideas 9

Convert your city balcony into a plant place to unwind where you could have a private time with yourself, surrounded by greenery!

10. Colorful Planters

Hanging Planter Ideas for Your Balcony 10

Add a green touch to the look of your balcony by growing plants in different colored planters and hanging them to the railings and ceiling!

11. Hanging Planters on Wooden Slabs

Balcony Hanging Planter Ideas 11

Tuck some painted metal pots on hanging wooden slabs as shown in the image–It’s a perfect balcony hanging planter idea to follow.

12. Multiple Hanging Pots

Balcony Hanging Planter Ideas 12

These balcony hanging planters can be used to grow herbs and annuals. A perfect spacing-saving solution for a small balcony garden.

13. Hanging Plant Oasis

Balcony Hanging Planter Ideas 13

If you want to grow so many plants in little space, this idea is for you.

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14. Hanging Balcony Flowers

Hanging Planter Ideas for Your Balcony 14

If you’ve got south or west-facing balcony where sunlight is optimum, you can create a balcony flower garden like this.

15. Vertical Hanging Wooden Balcony Garden

Balcony Hanging Planter Ideas 15

Grow the plants of your choice in a vertical balcony garden like this one. Find a step-by-step tutorial here.

16. Window Box Garden

Hanging Planter Ideas for Your Balcony 16

Amp up the glamor of your balcony with windowboxes and railing planters.

17. A Relaxing Space

Balcony Hanging Planter Ideas 17

You can have hanging plants on your balcony to utilize the vertical space.

18. A Flower-Ful Balcony Railing

Hanging Planter Ideas for Your Balcony 18

If you have a small balcony like this one, you can transform it into flowering plants like petunias.

19. Flowers in Soda Cans

Balcony Hanging Planter Ideas 19

What could be more beautiful than to cover a large empty wall with hanging soda cans by chains and growing flowers in them!

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20. Golden Hanging Light Globes

Hanging Planter Ideas for Your Balcony 20

These light globes can also double up as planters, where you could use faux vining plants to deck up the space.

21. Go the Macrame Way

Balcony Hanging Planter Ideas 21

It’s always fun when you can make your plant hanger, and macrame is one of the best ways to do it! They are also easy to make and look stunning.

22. Succulents in Cute Wooden Boxes

Hanging Planter Ideas for Your Balcony 22

These wooden hanging boxes are great for displaying colorful succulents on the railing of a balcony. Save space and go green!

23. Mini Planters on a Metal Mesh Balcony Hanging Planter Ideas 23

Install a metal mesh on the balcony, hang mini pots, and grow your favorite plants.

24. Hanging Petunias

Hanging Planter Ideas for Your Balcony 24

Give your entrance a floral makeover by hanging flower baskets and ferns from the balcony and front porch.

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