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How to make a Birdcage Planter | DIY Birdcage Planter

Add a little whim to your garden by making a DIY birdcage planter. The project is simple and easy!

A birdcage planter can add a unique touch to your garden. Hang it inside the house or outside on a tree, fix it near the door or create a beautiful vista– hanging many of them in a row near the entrance of your garden. You can do a lot of experiments with it.

Things you’ll need

1. A birdcage
2. Potting mix
3. Coco liner
4. Plants
5. Pebbles (optional)

Steps to make a birdcage planter

Step One: If you are using an old bird cage, make sure to clean it thoroughly with a disinfectant. Remove any rust and paint it well with the color that best suits the color scheme of your garden.

Step Two: Reinforce the cage and tighten any screw or nut because it will become heavy once soil and plants are in it.

Step Three:

Now line the cage with coco liner or moss. It’s important to line the cage nicely to stop soil from spilling out of the cage.

Or you can place a container of similar size in a birdcage. Putting a container will make the work easy, and your cage won’t rust faster. If you’re placing a container in the cage.

Step Four: Mix slow-release fertilizer and water retaining granules in potting mix and fill it in the 1/4 of the birdcage.

Step Five: As our planter is shallow you’ll need to break the root ball of plants you’re planting, after this clear space in the soil and place your plants gently.

Step Six: Finding a right spot to hang your birdcage planter is important. Fix it where it will become a focal point of your garden, in a less windy spot. If it’s large or shaky, put it on a tabletop or chair.

This post is divided into two more parts. One is on how to grow succulents in a birdcage, and another one is on how to create a birdcage flower garden.

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  1. You have made a wonder birdcage planter. Do you have a YouTube channel as well? I want to see the complete process in the video if you have a video tutorial f 40 or this birdcage planter.


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