48 Best DIY Pallet Projects for Gardeners

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You won’t ever believe these Awesome DIY Pallet Projects for your Garden were possible if you don’t see them one by one!

Here are some easy-to-make and pocket-friendly DIY Pallet Projects for Your Garden that you must try for once!

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DIY Pallet Projects for Your Garden

1. Pallet Play House

Awesome DIY Pallet Projects for Gardeners

This summer playhouse for kids is made using pallets. Visit A subtle revelry for the DIY.

2. Pallet Swing Bed

This comfortable swing bed requires a few wooden pallets, rope, DIY tools, a soft mattress, and this tutorial.

3. Free Standing Pallet Herb Garden

Awesome DIY Pallet Project

This pallet herb garden from DIY Show Off generates plenty of space to grow most of the culinary herbs.

4. Pallet Gate

 DIY Pallet Projects for Gardeners

One of the coolest DIY Pallet Projects for your garden–A pallet gate and boardwalk, learn how it’s made at Funky Junk Interiors.

5. Garden Gate

You can utilize the wooden pallets as a garden gate, and it looks good too. We found the idea here.

6. Pallet Walkway
 Pallet Project for Gardeners

Copy this ingenious walkway idea in your garden after dismantling a pallet board. The DIY is here.

7. Pallet Deck

Also, if you like tinkering and giving new life to your everyday items, doing something with pallets should be your thing. Just like this cost-effective wooden deck, which is made out of pallets. A step-by-step tutorial is here.

8. Store Your Bikes

Make an instant bike rack out of two wood pallets on a low budget. Get the details here.

9. Store Gardening Tools

A nice solution for the storage of garden tools, complete this project with the help of this tutorial. Also, check out these garden tool storage ideas here!

10. Pallet Flower Pot Holder

Pallet Flower Pot Holder
Image Credit: Kelly Moore

For this, you just need to attach clamps to an old pallet so that it can hold your pots. Simple!

11. A Chicken Coop

You won't ever believe these 40 Awesome DIY Pallet Projects for your Garden were possible if you don't see them!

Building a chicken coop is a nice homesteading project for backyard gardeners. Two helpful tutorials are here and here.

12. Vertical Pallet Garden

Follow the instructions available at Design Sponge to make this awesome pallet garden for yourself. Also, check out this DIY pallet planter tutorial.

13. Pallet Sandbox

Build an outdoor sandbox for your kids out of pallets with the help of this tutorial.

14. Composter

Start composting to produce your own organic fertilizer from your kitchen scraps and other decomposable waste. You can use pallets to make a DIY composter–the instructions are here.

15. Pallet Pot Stand & Holder

40 DIY Pallet Projects & Ideas

Such a clever idea for your limited space patio or balcony garden. You can hang a lot of pots and planters on a pallet board.

16. The Succulent Table

An outdoor table made out of pallets, and what’s amazing is you can grow succulents in it. Get the step-by-step tutorial at 99pallets.

17. Potting Bench

DIY Pallet Projects for Garden

Instead of splurging money on buying a potting table, DIY one from recycled wooden pallets. The BHG.com has a tutorial for it.

18. Hanging Garden Table

A pallet gardening table that can fold. The DIY is here.

19. DIY Pallet Ladder Planter

DIY Pallet Ladder Planter

Make a vertical ladder shelf from an old wood pallet. You can complete it without much difficulty after following this tutorial.

20. Succulent Planter

Pallet Project for Garden

This is exactly a pallet planter, but cedarwood pickets transformed and given a pallet planter-like appearance. The how-to is here.

21. Lettuce Wood Pallet Garden

Instead of using pallet boards for vertical gardening projects, use them horizontally, a raised bed sort of arrangement to grow lettuces, herbs, strawberries, and other greens. We found the idea here.

22. Pallet Bottle Planter

Pallet Bottle Planter Projects for Garden

Instead of pots, you can fix soda bottle planters between the pallets. Quite easy!

23. Pallet Wood Chair

DIY Pallet Chair

This DIY requires serious woodworking skills to achieve a similar result. Watch its step-by-step tutorial video here.

24. Raised Vegetable Garden

Like the design of these cool-looking raised vegetable garden beds? You can build them from pallets. Its how-to is here.

25. Outdoor Patio

This amazing 600 sq. ft. outdoor patio project requires pallets, scrap wood, reclaimed blocks and stone, gravel, dirt, and concrete. The details are here!

26. Pallet Garden Tool Rack

Another garden tool rack idea out of pallets. Check out its tutorial at HGTV. Also, view these 8 DIY Pallet Tool Rack Projects.

27. Garden Pallet Sign

You won't ever believe these 40 Awesome DIY Pallet Projects for your Garden were possible if you don't see them!These pallet wood plant markers are good for those with large gardens and backyards—a great way to identify plants and create some interest near garden paths and beds. Find the tutorial here.

28. Backyard Pallet Deck

You won't ever believe these 40 Awesome DIY Pallet Projects for your Garden were possible if you don't see them!

You can build a neat pallet deck for your backyard for free or at a cheap cost from reclaimed pallets. Get the DIY at Instructables.

29. Pallet Garden Potting Bench

This post here has three DIY pallet projects–A pallet garden potting bench, planter & chair.

30. DIY Pallet Bird House

Make a cute bird apartment like this one in your garden using pallet boards. It’s not difficult and explained well here.

31. DIY Pallet Dog House

This neat DIY doghouse plan requires pallet woods as its main material. Isn’t it awesome? The step-by-step project is here.

32. DIY Pallet Compost Bin

Another cheap and easy pallet compost bin project for homesteaders here.

33. DIY Pallet Fence

A functional pallet fence with planter boxes. You can build it over the weekend with the help of this DIY tutorial.

34. Pallet Cucumber Trellis

Cucumbers need sturdy trellises to grow and fruit, and you can make one from a pallet without using any tools as this blogger did. Find out more cucumber trellis ideas here!

35. Pallet Wood Window Sill Plant Shelf

DIY Pallet Projects for Gardening

A windowsill plant shelf can increase the space to keep plants on your window. You can make it from pallet wood with the help of this DIY tutorial. Also, learn about the vegetables you can grow on a windowsill.

36. Pallet Wood Flower Box Planter

An economical DIY planter made from old pallet wood. The tutorial is here.

37. DIY Mobile Elevated Planter

Get the plan and instructions of this well-finished mobile elevated planter here.

38. Pallet Wall Planters

40 DIY Pallet Projects & Ideas for Gardeners
Image Credit: Stacy K Floral

Turn some old wood pallets into attractive wall planters. Color them and line them with burlap or landscaping fabric. Fill them with potting soil, low-care plants, and hang them on the wall. Find out more wall planter ideas here.

39. DIY Pallet Hose Holder

DIY Pallet Project

Build this double-duty hose holder using pallets and this tutorial. Keep your hose in the bottom and grow plants on top.

40. DIY Rustic Pallet Planter

You won't ever believe these 40 Awesome DIY Pallet Projects for your Garden were possible if you don't see them!

Make this simple pallet planter that looks rustic and natural, which can blend with any style. The tutorial is here.

41. Window Box Planter

This pallet box planter is easy to make and will set you back for only $15 each!

42. Wood Pallet Hanging Planter

Check out this detailed DIY to make a hanging planter that will look great on a patio or balcony.

43. Pallet Flower Boxes

Want to add decor to your railings? Here’s a DIY on making beautiful pallet flower boxes!

44. Pallet Gallon Drum Planters

All you need is a second-hand 55-gallon food-safe plastic barrel and some scrap wood for this one!

45. Tiered Hanging Planter Boxes

Check out this easy DIY to make tiered hanging planter boxes from pallets for your favorite succulents!

46. Pallet Bench

All you need are sturdy oak pallets, a box of star-headed screws, and a few other supplies to make this one.

47. Pallet Fence

Use 3×2 pallets to make a fence around your garden and use good-quality outdoor paint to give it a nice shade. Details are here.

Check out some amazing pallet fence ideas here 

48. Vertical Pallet Garden for Vegetables and Herbs

Upcycle an old pallet and turn it into a beautiful vertical garden to grow your favorite vegetables and herbs. Details are here!

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