25 Absolutely Amazing DIY Chicken Wire Projects For The Garden

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Chicken wire for the garden can be very useful. Here are the 25 DIY Chicken Wire Projects for you to follow!

1. Waste Bin

This is a 2 purpose DIY bin that you can use either as a yard waste bin or as a compost bin. You can create this project using wires and a few more basic supplies with this easy tutorial from the Empress of Dirt.

2. Wire Wreath

Wire Wreath

Use chicken wire and some decorative items to create this holiday wire wreath. Visit eHow to learn more.

3. Outdoor Chandelier

Make this gorgeous rustic outdoor Chandelier using natural elements and citronella candles. Visit Consumer Crafts to know more!

4. Chicken Tractor

Build an inexpensive and movable chicken tractor to house your chickens because, of course, it’s difficult to keep them in one place all day. Get the tutorial here.

5. Wire Cloche

Wire Cloche

If you have an issue with critters visiting your garden, then you need to DIY this Wire cloche, which protects your plants from unwanted guests. This DIY is available on the Home Talk.

6. Wire Sculpture

Make a dragonfly sculpture using chicken wire and a few more supplies to decorate your garden in a unique and inexpensive way. You will find this DIY tutorial on eHow.

7. Garden Fencing

Protect your vegetable garden by creating a secured panel for them using wires and wooden fencing. Besides being inexpensive, it looks good and functional! Here’s the tutorial.

8. Vertical Gardening

If your love for vertical gardening never fades, this might be the idea for you. Create this Vertical Garden using chicken wire in simple steps with this easy to understand tutorial.

9. Floral Sconces

Make this beautiful wall sconce out of chicken wire to showcase the fresh flowers! The DIY is here.

10. Stubby Wire Planter

Make something different for your next party as gifts for your guest to take home. Details are here.

11. Garden Globes

Try making these lovely wire globes to decorate your garden at a budget. You’ll get the tutorial at The Wood Grain Cottage.

12. Tomato Cage

Provide constant support to the indeterminate tomatoes as they grow taller by making this ultimate tomato cage DIY. Get the step-by-step tutorial at Growing A Green World. Check out more tomato cages idea here.

13. Wreath Bird Feeder

Create this unique wreath feeder for the cute little guests that maintain the beauty of your garden. To make a feeder for your garden, visit Birds and Blossoms.

14. Potato Bin

Grow potatoes with ease using chicken wire and newspapers. The tutorial for this functional and easy to make potato bin is here.

15. Wire Flowers

Create giant allium flowers with wires that look amazing and impressive. Get the detailed tutorial here.

16. DIY Vertical Chicken Wire Planter

Make this vertical chicken wire planter on pallet wood. Find this functional recycling project here.

17. DIY Chicken Wire Basket

DIY Chicken Wire Basket

Two things are used to make this wire basket for a houseplant planter–a frame of a lampshade and chicken wire. Find out the tutorial here.

18. Easy Chicken Wire Cloche

This tutorial, from the Hip Homestead, teaches you how to make a plant and seedling cover in easy steps to save them from occasional nibbling from pets and chickens.

19. DIY Strawberry Tower from Chicken Wire

DIY this interesting and functional strawberry tower using the chicken wire, it is perfect for small space gardeners. Check out the steps here.

20. Chicken Wire Uses in Landscaping

Chicken Wire Uses in Landscaping

Must read this informative article at the Spruce.com to learn more about chicken wire uses in the garden.

21. Chicken Wire Pumpkin

A pumpkin made out of chicken wire and twine. See this DIY tutorial here.

22. Chicken Wire Patio Garden Cabinet

Chicken Wire Patio Garden Cabinet

Learn about this patio garden cabinet project here and make one for yourself to keep your plants.

24. Unique Stone Heart

This unique stone heart can be a nice hanging decorative item in your home or garden. It is made using heavy gauge wire, chicken wire, and pebbles. Find the steps here!

25. Vegetable Garden Trellis

Build a functional vegetable garden trellis for your garden using a chicken wire and a few other supplies to support vines and climbers. Find the tutorial here!

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  1. This has been great ideas for worse condition yard I’ve ever seen inMichigan no less……I trued to grow anything….We had to compost the entire yard from buried asphalt…….Ground up soil building from no pH level at all……It’s about 5.0 now It’s been three years cover this,Plant berries first.Now plant for better pH levels now we can build before landscape down fault line ledges …..Two other privacy fence sides off two declining concrete patio risers.Lot of ideas I’m grateful I foundPinerest Garden and Landscape ideas.


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