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30 Tire Garden Ideas You Must Look At

Put your spare tires to good use with these amazing Tire Garden Ideas You Must Look At that will uplift your home.

Do you have old tires? Don’t throw them away, saying they’re not Eco-friendly. They don’t break down easily and can’t be burnt. Utilize these Tire Garden Ideas You Must Look At and reuse tires to create amazing things in your garden.

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Tire Garden Ideas You Must Look At

1. Tire Swing

Tire Garden Ideas You Must Look At

A wonderful idea children will love, is making a tire swing and hanging it in your garden in a warm and open spot. Just paint a tire with shiny bright colors and make cool designs over it. You can use both ropes and chains to hang it.

2. Tire Furniture


Make furniture using one of the best Tire Garden Ideas You Must Look At. You can use your imagination to refurbish them. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube to make DIY tire chairs, tire stools, flower beds, and other garden furniture.

3. Make a Compost bin or Wormery


A compost bin and wormery help in piling up your compost and decomposing it. You can make a tire compost bin and wormery, but this idea is only suitable for areas where the temperature doesn’t exceed 90 F (32 C).

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4. Vertical Tire Planter

Tire Garden Ideas You Must Look At 1
Image Credit: Gardenbuildingsdirect

Making a vertical tire planter and growing flowers in it is a unique idea to recycle an old tire with this. It’s easy to do as well. You can grow cascading flowers like petunias and pansies in them. Read this post to learn How to Make Vertical Tire Planter.

5. Tire Pond

tractor tire pond
Image Credit: Mindkeyblog

A pond in a garden gives it a complete look, an amazing Tire Garden Idea You Must Look At. If you still haven’t made it, use a large tractor or car tire to make it, and paint them using durable and nontoxic best-quality outdoor spray paint. You can add fish in it and grow aquatic plants like lilies and iris.

6. DIY Tire Planters

Image Credit: Imagine-more

Arranging tires and making DIY tire planters is also an option to reuse tires. Make sure you’ll never grow edible plants in them if you live in a hot tropical climate because tires heat up quickly. If you’re living in a colder climate, then this will be good practice for you as tires insulate the plants and provide warmth to them.

7. Pet Bed

Tire Garden Ideas You Must Look At 7

Make a cozy pet bed like this Tire Garden Idea You Must Look At, and keep that in your garden or home. Choose the right size of tire according to your pet’s size. You can also implant cushions in it to make it more comfortable.

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8. Raised Bed Tire Garden

If you've got some spare tires, must try these DIY Tire Garden Ideas. These outdoor projects are easy to do as well.

Create a raised bed tire garden. Raised beds made of tires border the plants and help them to grow in order. If you’re growing vegetables or herbs in these raised beds, use big tires and ensure they’ll not heat much.

9. Patio Chairs

One of the best Tire Garden Ideas You Must Look At are these amazing patio chairs made out of tires. Just take an old metal frame, add a soft rope mesh to the tire, and fix the tires on the metal frame following this DIY here.

10. Tire Planters

Tire Garden Ideas You Must Look At 10

Take spare tires and turn them into wonderful flower planters with this DIY here. You can also construct bigger ones by piling tires and painting them using spray paints.

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11. Vibrant Yard Planter Decorations

Add to the beauty of your yard with this Tire Garden Idea You Must Look At to turn old tires into beautiful colorful planters and stack them to create a stunning garden decoration. Check out the DIY here.

12. Tire Planter with Plant Stand

Tire Garden Ideas You Must Look At 12

Here is a stunning planter for your home that you can make using an old tire. Just add a plywood base to the tire, attach the legs of the stool, and wrap the tire up in jute rope to create this masterpiece. Learn how to make it here.

13. Tire Coffee Table

This stunning Tire Coffee Table is an effortless Tire Garden Idea You Must Look At. Follow this DIY to paint a pair of spare tires, stack them, and furnish them with an old coffee table glass top for this colorful tire coffee table.

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14. Slope Garden Stairs

Tire Garden Ideas You Must Look At 14

Have some spare tires? Make the most of these by making a sturdy staircase out of tires and fixing them using soil to create stairs so you can easily walk through your slope garden. Here is the DIY.

15. DIY Teacup Tire Planters

With spare tires, spray paints, and a little bit of elbow grease, you too can create amazing tea cup planters following this Tire Garden Idea You Must Look At. Here is the detailed DIY.

16. Recycled Tire Speakers

This wonderful sealed tire speaker is the perfect mix of entertainment and elegance that you can make for your home. Check out how to DIY here.

17. DIY Tire Sandbox

Tire Garden Ideas You Must Look At 17

One of the best Tire Garden Ideas You Must Look At that will certainly appeal to all the kids is this Tire Sandbox. Just cover the sharp edges, paint the tire, and fill it with sand, and you have the perfect play area to keep kids occupied for hours. Here is the DIY tutorial.

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18. Minion Garden Helper

You can also make this amazing Minion Helper using spare tires. Just stack some tires and paint them using spray paint and this minion will keep all your garden tools safe and add to the garden’s beauty. Here is the DIY.

19. Play Area with Tires

Minions are not all you can make with tires. Use this idea to create a play area using old tires and poles. Just spray paint the tires using different colors and screw these to the poles, as shown above.

20. DIY Tire Trash Bins

Tire Garden Ideas You Must Look At 20

Paint and stack your tires using this Tire Garden Idea You Must Look At, and add a trash bag inside to create these DIY tire trash bins. Here is the DIY.

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21. Tire Totter

Here is a wonderful DIY that children will love. Follow this DIY to create a tire totter using a spare tire, wooden plank, and metal handles. Check out the DIY here.

22. Couch of Tires


Here is an amazing DIY couch of tires that you can easily make at home. Just stack some tires and use cut tires for the armrests and back.

23. Hanging Tire Planters

Tire Garden Ideas You Must Look At 23

You can also make beautiful hanging tire planters with spare tires in your home. Add hooks to the tires and use strings to suspend these from the walls or the ceiling.

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24. Trendy Tire Table

One of the best Tire Garden Ideas You Must Look At is this trendy tire table that you can make using just plywood and rope. Add a wooden base with the legs of the table, attach it to the base of the tire and wrap it up in rope. Here is the DIY tutorial.

25. Swan Tire Planters

Here is an amazing garden decoration idea with beautiful swan tire planters that you can easily make. Follow this DIY to make these yourself.

26. Tire Retaining Wall and Planters


Make this beautiful tire retaining wall to prevent soil erosion and turn your garden into a mesmerizing planter wall full of colorful foliage. Here is the DIY.

27. Dog Kennel

Tire Garden Ideas You Must Look At 27

This two-tiered dog kennel is one of the best Tire Garden Ideas You Must Look At. Just stack the tires, cut out an opening, paint the kennel, and stack cushions inside and at the top so your dog can chill inside and on the top. Here is the DIY.

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28. Frog Planter From Tires

Look at this beautiful and eye-catching frog planter that backs as a garden decoration. Here is the complete DIY so you can make this frog planter.

29. DIY Pet Alligators

Cut and join tires of different sizes and make these DIY pet alligators with this Tire Garden Ideas You Must Look At. You need spare tires and epoxy, and you can follow this DIY.

30. Tire Patio Set

Tire Garden Ideas You Must Look At 30

Here is one of the best Tire Garden Ideas You Must Look At with a large tire making the table and smaller ones being used as stools. You can also add an umbrella and a Buddha figurine to add a touch of elegance to the patio.

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  1. One comment on planters made with tires states “never grow edibles” in them. Another with tractor tires states not planting veggies to close to the tire edge because it may get to hot.

  2. Super creative! For those concerned with chemicals leaching out, do you also garden organically? Otherwise the question is kind of silly. I’ve never read about tires poisoning water or plants etc, but they have been used in the building of eco houses and such and I’d think the environmentalists, above all, would research it damaging their water supply if they’re using them. Great website! Thanks!

  3. We’re all going to be spending a lot more time at home in the coming weeks and months due to the coronavirus crisis. With schools now closed, we know many families are looking for ideas to keep children entertained. To help, we’ve pulled together some simple, nature-based activities you can enjoy together at home or in your garden.


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