30 Cool DIY Stepping Stone Ideas

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Level up your creativity by applying these Cool DIY Stepping Stone Ideas to your garden! They are simple and easy to make. Read on to know the steps.

Do you want to make your garden more stare-worthy? Apply these Cool DIY Stepping Stone Ideas and awestruck your visitors with your art!

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Cool DIY Stepping Stone Ideas

1. Broken China Dish Stepping Stone


Broke the recently bought china dish set? No worries! Create a beautiful stepping stone like this.

2. Concrete Stepping Stone


These simple and rugged stepping stones will give your garden an elegant look. Check out the details here.

3. Glass Mosaic Stepping Stone


Let your love for bright colors flow with these beautiful mosaic stepping stones. Click here for the tutorial.

4. Leaf Imprinted Stepping Stone


Give your garden pathway a leafy look with these leaf imprinted stepping stones. Check out the tutorial here.

5. Stenciled Garden Stepping Stone


Add a pop of colors to your garden with this cool stenciled stepping stone idea. Get the details here.

6. Sea Glass Stepping Stone


Collect sea glasses on your next marine trip and make this stunning stepping stone. Check the steps here.

7. Doormat Engraved Stepping Stone


Wanna know what else doormats can do other than dusting your feet? Check this out.

8. Cobblestone Mould Stepping Stone


Create a cobblestone doorway to your house with this idea.

9. Aqua Blue Marble Stepping Stone


All you need is some marbles and concrete mold to make this. Get the details here.

10. Floral Printed Stepping Stone


Paint your alley in floral shades like this.

11. Mosaic Tiles Stepping Stone


This mosaic tiles stepping stone will give your lawn a beachy look. Check the details here.

12. Personalized Garden Stepping Stone


Knock up the artist in you by making these personalized stepping stones. Get the steps here.

13. Salt Dough Stepping Stone


Engage the kids at home in something creative using kitchen ingredients. Check this out.

14. Stained Glass Cobbles Stepping Stone


This cool stepping stone idea is a pocket-friendly option if you want to deck up your garden with joyful colors. Check out the details here.

15. DIY Hummingbird Stepping Stone


This DIY Hummingbird stepping stone is a great choice for any bird lover. Click here for the tutorial.

16. Hopscotch Stepping Stone


Have a fun weekend making this hopscotch stepping stone with your toddler. Read the steps here.

17. Keepsake Stepping Stone


Keepsake your kiddo’s first footprints with this brilliant stepping stone idea. Check out the tutorial here.

18. Heart-Shaped Stepping Stone


Try this easy DIY and give your lawn a cozy look. Click here for details.

19. Pebble Mosaic Stepping Stone


This simple yet elegant stepping stone is a fit for a small space. Check out the details here.

20. DIY Flagstone Stepping Stone


Give your garden an artistic touch by trying out different shapes and sizes of stepping stones. Click here for details.

21. DIY Leaf Shaped Stepping Stones


These easy leaf-shaped DIY stepping stones are ideal for gravel pathways. Get the tutorial here.

22. Cement Stepping Stones


These quick and easy-to-make cement stepping stones come with an added bling of colorful glass pieces! Click here for details.

23. Decorative Garden Stone



Here’s a detailed guide on how you can make this decorative garden stone for your backyard.

24. Garden Leaf Sculpture


This garden leaf structure can be used as a welcome stone to the yard. Details are here.

25. Decorative Hypertufa Stepping Stones


All you need are decorations for stepping stones like glass beads, glitter, marbles, shells, along with portland cement and some other supplies to make this one.

26. Stone Sidewalk


A stone walkway has a rustic charm that is ideal for a cottage garden design but is equally suitable for any natural landscape plan. Details are here.

27. Hand Print Garden Stepping Stones


This DIY requires quickset concrete, water, flower pot trays, and a few other supplies to make. Click here for details.

28. Pebble Mosaic Pathway


Check out this detailed blog that will guide you in making this colorful mosaic stone pathway in your garden.

29. Natural Stone Path


Plan and build dry-laid natural stone steps and paths, using flat flagstones for the treads and thicker blocks of matching stone for the risers. Details are here.

30. Walkway Using Recycled Counter Top Granite Scrap


Why make a stepping stone when you can make a walkway using leftover granite. Find out all the details here!

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