25 Twig and Branches Craft Ideas for Garden Design

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Add a rustic charm to your yard using these Twig Craft Ideas for Garden Design. They are all fun and easy to make!

The twigs and branches you usually throw away from the garden can be pretty helpful. Wondering how? Check out these fantastic Twig Craft Ideas for Garden Design and make the best ones for yourself!

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Twig Craft Ideas for Garden Design

1. Plant Marker

IMG_20150627_172421Collect small, dried-up, and sturdy twigs, strip half of their bark from one end using a peeler and clean thoroughly. After this, write the name of the plants with a marker.

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2. Garden Fence


Why not make a garden fence of these twigs and branches you always burn? Details are here.

3. Twig Birdhouse

IMG_20150627_172041A twiggy birdhouse looks rustic and natural because it camouflages in its surroundings and attracts birds more than other birdhouses. Click here for details.

4. Twig Trellis


Why splurge money to buy a trellis if you can make your own easily from your garden’s resources. You can use this trellis to climb vines and other tender plants.

5. Twig Holder / Hanger

IMG_20150627_172518Making a twig hanger is quite simple. Just gather some thicker and smaller angular branches and chop them neatly from three ends like above.

6. Twig Arbor


An arbor adds charm to a garden while a warm canopy of flowers and a cluster of greenery completes it. You can also make an arbor from these woody pieces. Click here.

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7. Plant Cage


You can make an excellent plant cage of twigs and branches to support veggies like tomatoes and cucumbers.

8. Twig Picture Frame


Gather tiny twigs, cardboard, and a strong adhesive. Paste the picture and glue all the twigs to the border. Your ‘Twiggy’ picture frame is ready!

9. Twig Birdbath


Erect a tripod-like tough structure using twigs, adhesive, and wires, implant a shallow bowl on top of it, and fill it with water. Place it in a shady and less windy spot.

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10. Twig Globe

Make a twig globe using small pieces of twigs, adhesive, and some solid round mold. You can display it beautifully on a bookshelf or as a countertop decor.

11. Twig Arbor Chair


A twig arbor chair will be a helpful addition to your garden if you like to spend some quality time in the serenity of nature. Make one for yourself like this.

12. Branch Lampshade


Mimic this unique branch lamp shade for your home and garden decor. It is an easy and affordable project that requires a few twig pieces and adhesive. Get the details here.

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13. Twig Fruit Bowl


A twig bowl like this is an excellent display of creativity. Make one for yourself using twig pieces, sturdy wire, nails, a hammer, and the steps mentioned here.

14. Perennial Protector Made from Twig

Protect the tender saplings in the yard from the predators by covering them with a perennial protector made from twigs, twine, and clippers.

15. Vertical Ladder Garden

Display vining plants in the best possible way by trailing them up the ladder. You can install it on the garden fence or any damp, sunny yard corner.

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16. Start Seeds in a Twig Box

A DIY twig box can be a helpful garden add-on for starting seeds or displaying succulents. This is also an eco-friendly take on decorating the yard. Learn more here.

17. Twig Flower Basket


A twig flower basket will add to the aesthetics of your place with its rustic charm. Add some pastel-toned flowers to pair well with the decor. Details are here.

18. Hanging Twig Sphere

A hanging twig sphere can act as a lampshade for a night party in the yard or a hanging floral display if you wish to give your patio a cheerful makeover.

19. Twig Bird Nest


Engage the kids in the house in a fun and easy craft for Easter. You’ll need some twigs, foil-covered eggs, clippers, and other supplies mentioned in the tutorial here.

20. Decorative Willow Fence


A decorative willow fence is perfect for amping up a floral garden or one with ornamental vines. The task requires pro crafting skills, but the final look would be worth the effort. Learn more here.

21. Rabbit Garden Twig Sculpture

Add some drama to your garden by crafting a rabbit sculpture with twigs, rope, a saw, wood glue, and other supplies essential for the project.

22. Fairy House Made From Twigs and Moss


A fairy house feature made from twigs and moss would be a fantastic choice for garden decors. You can use it as a tabletop on your deck or simply hang it in the yard. Make yours like this.

23. Rustic Willow Gate


A rustic willow gate will keep the trespassers at bay besides adding to the beauty of your yard. You may also arrange some flower pots to add a colorful touch. Details are here.

24. Scrap Branch Garden Decor


Decorate your garden with this scrap branch garden decor. You’ll need a few twig pieces, nails, glue, and some other crafting supplies. Get the details here.

25. Willow Dome


A willow dome will add a rustic appeal to your garden besides serving as a shade house for your pets from the harsh sun or heavy rain. Learn more here.

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