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9 Twig Craft Ideas for Garden Design

Those twigs and branches you usually throw away from garden are really useful. You can make things out of them and use them to spruce up your garden.
How? Take inspiration from these ‘9 twig craft ideas’: Use them in your garden, give it a rustic look and save lot of money.

1. Plant Marker

IMG_20150627_172421                                                                                     Image Credit: aftcra

Make excellent plant markers of twigs. Collect small, dried up and sturdy branches of 1/2 inch diameter. Strip half of their bark from one end, using a peeler and clean thoroughly. After this, write the name of plants from permanent marker. You can also paint them in various colors.

2. Garden Fence

IMG_20150627_172136                                                                            Image Credit: improvised life

Why not make a garden fence of these wasteful twigs and branches you always burn. There are so many styles, you can choose, from whatever you find most convenient. Willow wood and hazel wood are appropriate for this. You can take help of plenty of tutorials available on the web.

3. Twig Birdhouse

IMG_20150627_172041                                                                                   Image Credit: craftionary

A twiggy birdhouse looks rustic and more natural, because it camouflages in surroundings and attracts birds more than other birdhouses. You need a wooden birdhouse to make this. Take supple, dried up twigs, free from any rot. Cut them in similar sizes according to the shape and size of birdhouse and glue them on it.

4. Twig Trellis


Why splurge money to buy a trellis if you can make your own easily from your garden’s resources. Take four equal and pliable branches and interlace them from above using wire or thread, this’ll make a structure. Now weave more branches all across this structure to make it solid and firm. You can use this trellis to climb vines and other tender plants.

5. Twig Holder/Hanger

IMG_20150627_172518                                                                              Image Credit: Rooby Roost

Making twig hanger is quite simple. Just gather some thicker and smaller angular branches and chop them neatly from three ends like above. Nail them on wall, it’ll create alluring bucolic effect. You can hang small things like keys and stockings and light weight garden tools on it.

6. Arbor


An arbor adds charm in a garden, a warm canopy of flowers and cluster of greenery completes it. You can also make an arbor from these woody pieces. Taking help from tutorials available on the web on ‘how to make an arbor’.

7. Plant Cage


You can make a cool plant cage of twigs and branches to support veggies like tomatoes and cucumbers. Stab four equal stick in soil and encircle them all round with young pliable stems and then knot these stems with strong wires.

8. Twig Picture Frame


Gather tiny twigs, a cardboard and strong adhesive. Measure the length of picture or mirror you’re about to paste on cardboard. Draw borders around it from a pencil. After this, paste the picture and glue all the twigs in the border.  Your ‘Twiggy’ picture frame is ready.

9. Birdbath


You can craft almost everything for your garden from twigs. A birdbath, too. Erect a tripod like tough structure using twigs and adhesive and wires, implant a shallow bowl on top of it and fill it with water. Place it in a shady and less windy spot.


  1. An icy woodland-inspired theme is magical and will last year after year. What s more, with a natural look you can dress your home with free foliage from your own garden and use inexpensive materials for rustic charm. Dress the mantel with a homemade garland, using pinecones, greenery, nuts and berries from outdoors. Buy inexpensive paper stars to hang from the ceiling, or even make your own from sheets of newspaper.


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