96 Most Beautiful Types of Caladiums | Best Caladium Varieties

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Discover different Types of Caladium Varieties that can add drama & flare to your landscape and interior! Pick the most vivid one out!

If you are looking for the fanciest foliage plant that can grow in the shade, what else than beautiful caladiums? With 100s of cultivars, eye-catching variegation, colored midribs, diverse edges, and textures having hues of pink, white, green, rose, or red–They are awesome.

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Types of Caladiums

Caladiums are classified into two main categories:

  • Fancy Leaf Caladium Plants: Has large heart-shaped leaves on long petioles.
  • Strap Leaf Caladium Plants: Features short and narrow leaves with ruffled edges on short petioles.

Most Beautiful Caladiums Varieties

1. Baiman

Height & Spread: 12-24 inches

Baiman offers ruffled glossy foliage in a reddish-brown shade. The miniature size makes it perfect for tabletops.

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2. White Cranberry Star

Height & Spread: 18-22 inches

The pure white foliage with dark green veins and pink dots looks beautiful indoors in the warm, humid corners of the house.

3. White Majesty


Height & Spread: 12-30 inches

As the name suggests, this caladium cultivar features majestic white foliage with dark green margins and veins, making it a stunning houseplant.

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4. Hot Lips


Height & Spread: 24-36 inches

Hot Lips bears dark red leaves with black veins and tiny soft red splotches across the foliage. Provide the plant with bright indirect light for the best hues.

5. Heart & Soul

Height & Spread: 15-20 inches

Heart & Soul adds a dramatic appeal wherever it goes with its abstract heart-shaped leaves variegated in green, white, pink, and red.

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6. Festivia


Height & Spread: 12-18 inches

Festivia bears unique green foliage that takes a dark red hue with green borders and veins as the plant ages. It can be a beautiful addition to the warm, humid corners of the house.

7. Southern Charm


Height & Spread: 18-24 inches

A striking foliage plant with dark red veins against a white background margined in dark green. The color trio gives the plant an attractive appearance.

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8. Rubicundum Bicolor


Height & Spread: 25-36 inches

A unique cultivar that shows off dark purple leaves with pink dots. The striking combination makes Rubicundun one of the most loved varieties.

9. Tears Of The Sun


Height & Spread: 12-24 inches

The large heart-shaped leaves are toned in lime green with hot pink splotches in the center around the veins.

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10. Caladium Lindenii

Height & Spread: 24-36 inches

The plant features elongated foliage in a deep green shade and prominent white veins. Caladium Lindenii is the best choice if you want to shower some tropical vibes indoors.

11. Broken Heart

Height & Spread: 15-20 inches

The heart-shaped leaves are dual-toned and come in red and green shades with white spots all over the surface. Grow the plant in beautiful ceramics for a dramatic appeal.

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12. Red Devil


Height & Spread: 25-30 inches

This caladium cultivar is prized for its beautiful red foliage with bronze borders. The subtle metallic shine makes it one of the most loved varieties globally.

13. New Wave


Height & Spread: 12-18 inches

Another specimen with spectacular bronze foliage edged in lime-green. It is a low-growing variety and would look best on table and cabinet tops.

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14. Rich of Thai


Height & Spread: 10-18 inches

An exotic variety with dark maroon leaves margined in a darker hue. The prominent white veins give the foliage an eye-catching striking look.

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15. Puppy Love


Height & Spread: 12-18 inches

A beautiful pink foliage plant with darker veins and dark green borders. This rare combination makes it a lovely addition to patios and porches.

16. Khong Kwan

Height & Spread: 12-24 inches

Khong Kwan is an exotic Thai cultivar that features bright pink foliage paired with prominent white veins, making it one of the best on the list.

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17. Clowning Around

Height & Spread: 18-24 inches

A stunning foliar specimen featuring large ruffled leaves in a pinkish-orange shade with dark red veins and green borders. Grow the plant in ample warmth and humidity for the best colors.

18. Bubble

Height & Spread: 12-20 inches

A Thai cultivar with stunning red foliage veined in dark green. Some leaves are also variegated in red and green splotches all across the foliage.

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19. Bold & Beautiful


Height & Spread: 12-30 inches

Resembling the name, this caladium cultivar bears bold red leaves with green edges, giving a striking appearance. The plant thrives in warm and humid conditions.

20. Berries & Burgundy


Height & Spread: 12-24 inches

The plant features pinkish-green leaves with pink veins and green borders. The color blend gives the plant a bronze-like look with green undertones.

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21. Pretty Pink

Height & Spread: 12-36 inches

One of the most beautiful pink plants to grow. We also added it to our list of pink houseplants, which you can see here.

22. Red Kujang

Height & Spread: 18-30 inches

A rare cultivar with slightly ruffled pink leaves and brown fringes from the bottom, Red Kujang will look beautiful indoors under bright indirect sunlight.

23. White Marble


Height & Spread: 18-24 inches

A heat-loving cultivar with glossy white leaves edged in dark green; White Marble gives a tough competition to the other caladium varieties.

24. White Cap


Height & Spread: 12-24 inches

White Cap bears large green leaves variegated in white around the veins. Its heat-loving nature makes the plant perfect for sunny patios.

25. White Butterfly


Height & Spread: 12-18 inches

An eye-catching variety, the leaves bear double margins in dark green on white background. The prominent green veins and pink dots add to the appeal.

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26. Strawberry Star

Height & Spread: 8-20 inches

Adhering to the name, the plant features bright red splotches on the white foliage with green margins and soft pink stains around the veins.

27. Debutante


Height & Spread: 12-18 inches

This stunning cultivar is hued in a blend of soft pink and white colors. The prominent deep green veins add to the charm.

28. Day Dreamer


Height & Spread: 12-18 inches

Perfect for art patrons, the plant features ruffled creamy pink leaves with magenta splotches and green margins that turn pink with age.

29. Crystal Moon


Height & Spread: 12-18 inches

The silvery-green hue with dark green borders and veins make Crystal Moon an extraordinary foliar plant. Provide the plant a warm atmosphere to thrive.

30. Candidum Sr.

Height & Spread: 12-18 inches

With an interesting white-green combination, the plant features broad leaves that look best on patio gardens and open balconies.

31. Allure


Height & Spread: 16-20 inches

The slightly ruffled texture gives the plant a papery look, while the dark green veins on the white background make it an outstanding cultivar.

32. Aaron

Height & Spread: 12-18 inches

This fancy-leaved cultivar has a white center and veins with deep green margins. It can withstand the sun to a certain extent. Also available in red and pink shades.

33. Carolyn Whorton

Height & Spread: 18-30 inches

The fantastic-looking foliage of this cultivar has pink hues with bright red veins and margins in green color. It can tolerate some sunlight.

34. Candidum

Most Beautiful Caladiums 2

Height & Spread: 12-24 inches

Candidum is another fancy-leaved cultivar with medium to large white and green-veined leaves. This variety can tolerate more sun as compared to other caladiums.

35. Candidum Junior

Height & Spread: 12-24 inches

This is a strap or lance-leaved cultivar with large foliage. The elegant white leaves are patterned in dark green veins.

36. Fannie Munson

Most Beautiful Caladiums 3

Height & Spread: 18-30 inches

It comes in shades of pink with red-hued veins and green margins. Leaves are large to extra-large in size.

37. Freida Hemple

Height & Spread: 12-24 inches

Another fancy-leaved cultivar, it shows off medium to large leaves with a dark red center, having light green smudges and green margins.

38. Florida Sweetheart

Most Beautiful Caladiums 4

Height & Spread: 6-12 inches

This strap-leaved variety has broad and small-sized leaves with a pink-red center having green ruffled edges.

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39. Gingerland

Height & Spread: 8-14 inches

This strap-leaf caladium variety has creamy-white small to medium-sized heart-shaped leaves adorned in green margins. The foliage is beautifully designed in pink or red splotches.

40. June Bride

Most Beautiful Caladiums 5

Height & Spread: 12-24 inches

The pure white leaves of this plant have delicate green veins. It grows best in partial shade.

41. Miss Muffett

Height & Spread: 10-14 inches

It features small-shaped lime-green to chartreuse hued leaves flecked with maroon or deep red and usually, red veins—a good option for indoor gardens.

42. Pink Beauty

Most Beautiful Caladiums 6

Height & Spread: 12-24 inches

This variety has dramatic foliage with medium to large green leaves, having pink splotches and red veins.

43. Pink Gem

Height & Spread: 6-12 inches

It is a strap-leaved cultivar showcasing a pink center, green margins, and white streak between veins. This variety can tolerate some amount of sun.

44. Pink Symphony

Height & Spread: 15 inches

This beautiful strap-leaved cultivar has graceful pink leaves with deep green veins. It can withstand some amount of sun exposure too.

45. Postman Joyner

Height & Spread: 12-24 inches

‘Postman Joyner’ is also a strap-leaved variety with medium to large-sized leaves and a wide red center running through the medium green margins.

46. Red Flash

Height & Spread: 18-30 inches

Red Flash has striking dark large to extra large red leaves, embellished with pink spots and wide, dark green edges.

47. Red Frill

Height & Spread: 6-12 inches

As the name suggests, its red leaves are very frilly with green tips and edges. Unfortunately, the plant cannot tolerate sunlight.

48. Rosebud

Most Beautiful Caladiums 9

Height & Spread: 12-24 inches

A fancy-leaved variety, ‘Rosebud’ features beautiful large leaves with a pink center, surrounded by white splotches and green margins.

49. White Christmas

Height & Spread: 12-24 inches

The bright white leaves of this fancy variety are patterned with dark green veins and edges. It cannot tolerate bright, direct light.

50. White Queen

Most Beautiful Caladiums 10

Height & Spread: 12-24 inches

It’s one more outstanding cultivar with elegant white leaves textured with thin green and bold red veins!

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51. White Wing

Height & Spread: 18 inches

A strap-leaved variety, the small white-colored leaves have curly green stiped-edges and can stand bright light to some extent.

52. Apple Blossom

Most Beautiful Caladiums 11

Height & Spread: 18-24 inches

The leaves of this stunning plant feature pink center with prominent pink veins and green margins. The slightly frilly foliage can tolerate 4-6 hours of sunlight.

53. Blushing Bride

Height & Spread: 10-12 inches

Exclusive strap pink cultivar, it displays bright dark pink splotches, and green borders on heart-shaped leaves. The veins become whiter depending on the growing conditions.

54. Candyland

Most Beautiful Caladiums 12

Height & Spread: 12-18 inches

It has slightly ruffled green edged leaves with pink blotches and white-pink veins. This cultivar thrives well in both full sun to full shade.

55. Party Punch

Height & Spread: 18-24 inches

A fancy-leaf pink cultivar, it offers beautiful green leaves with deep pink veins and white spots.

56. Peppermint

Most Beautiful Caladiums 13

Height & Spread: 18-24 inches

This white strap cultivar displays a deep pink center with light-pink spots and bright green borders.

57. Radiance

Height & Spread: 12-18 inches

It is a recently introduced variety with glossy green-edged leaves, deep pink veins, and pink splotches. It develops a deep crimson blush with maturity.

58. Splash of Wine

Most Beautiful Caladiums 14

Height & Spread: 12-14 inches

The white-pink leaves have deep green veins and cranberry-red splotches, making it one of the most striking patterned caladiums.

59. Starburst

Height & Spread: 12-18 inches

‘Starburst’ is a beautiful strap pink cultivar with white veins that contrast amazingly with pink smudge and green margins.

60. Sweetheart

Most Beautiful Caladiums 15

Height & Spread: 12-18 inches

Sweetheart offers bright and strong pink heart-shaped leaves. It prefers full to partial sun and looks great in hanging baskets and pots.

61. Tickle Me Pink

Height & Spread: 12-14 inches

It has a clean pink shade with a mottled white area at the center and green borders. It can withstand both sun and shade.

62. Bombshell

Most Beautiful Caladiums 16

Height & Spread: 12-18 inches

With beautiful foliage that displays red centers surrounded by white smudges and blue-green edges. It can be a great addition to your home!

63. Dawn to Dusk

Height & Spread: 15-20 inches

It features slightly ruffled green leaves with irregular white veins and deep pink blotches that look more like a maroon shade.

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64. Freckles

Most Beautiful Caladiums 17

Height & Spread: 12- 18 inches

This full sun tolerant caladium has dark green leaves patterned with pink splotches and can be a great addition to planters and containers.

65. Heart’s Delight

Height & Spread: 12-14 inches

The large, light green leaves of this variety have pink middle veins and white spots. It does well in both sun and shade.

66. Lemon Blush

Most Beautiful Caladiums 18

Height & Spread: 18-24 inches

Lemon Blush features a rose-red center and wide chartreuse borders. It can be an outstanding border plant too!

67. Raspberry Moon

Height & Spread: 18-24 inches

The plant showcases light green to yellow foliage covered with dark green and raspberry pink to red blotches.

68. Mesmerized

Most Beautiful Caladiums 19

Height & Spread: 15-20 inches

This fancy leaf cultivar creates a beautiful contrast with red, green, chartreuse, and orange-red hues on ruffled leaves.

Height & Spread: 18-24 inches

Introduced in the year 2015, it has one of the most intense and attractive foliage with red veins filled, white splotches, and green margins.

70. Celebration

Most Beautiful Caladiums 20

Height & Spread: 18-24 inches

Introduced in 2013, this variety shows its beauty through deep crimson veins with white blotches over bright green foliage.

71. DayDreamer

Height & Spread: 10-12 inches

Recently introduced, this fascinating caladium combines white and pink center over green leaves with pink spots.

72. Red Glamour

Most Beautiful Caladiums 21

Height & Spread: 12-24 inches

This red strap cultivar sports dark green ruffled edges with mottled green veins over thick, shiny, and flat-leaf.

73. Bottle Rocket

Height & Spread: 15-20 inches

The plant has a bright red center vein with white panes and green edges. Provide it with bright indirect light, and it can be an excellent tabletop plant too!

74. Rosemary

Most Beautiful Caladiums 22

Height & Spread: 18-24 inches

This lance or strap leaf rose-red variety exhibits mottled light to dark green borders, red centers, and primary veins.

75. Scarlet Flame

Height & Spread: 10-12 inches

A strap leaf red variety, its leaves are heavily patterned with pink-white splotches and veins having green margins.

76. Tiki Torch

Most Beautiful Caladiums 23

Height & Spread: 10-12 inches

Showcasing a gorgeous display of red hues, it has scarlet red leaves with beautiful intense red veins and a chartreuse margin.

77. Heart and Soul

Height & Spread: 15-20 inches

Flushed with a beautiful shade of pink, it sports a white center, green margin, and red spots.

78. Monument

Most Beautiful Caladiums 25

Height & Spread: 12-18 inches

Fancy white variety, the luminescent white leaves have deep green veins. The leaves are frilly, thin, and translucent.

79. Snow Drift

Height & Spread: 12-14 inches

If you love white foliage, then it’ll amaze you with its ruffled white leaves with deep green veins and edges.

80. Summer Breeze

Most Beautiful Caladiums 26

Height & Spread: 18-24 inches

Showcasing large mint-tinged white leaves with electric pink primary veins and green margins, it looks gorgeous in landscapes or containers!

81. White Diamond

Height & Spread: 18-24 inches

A sun-loving specimen, its lanch-shaped white leaves have dark green borders with beautiful patterns of white and green veins.

82. White Dynasty

Most Beautiful Caladiums 27

Height & Spread: 12-18 inches

This beautiful strap white cultivar has a creamy-white center and veins with prominent green borders.

83. White Pearl

Height & Spread: 12-18 inches

A sun tolerant variety, its large lance-shaped leaves have frilled deep green edges and a white center with pronounced white veins.

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84. White Wonder

Most Beautiful Caladiums 29

Height & Spread: 12-14 inches

As the name suggests, it has fantastic-looking white foliage with distinct green borders, white panes, and a splash of pink on large frilly leaves!

85. White Star

Height & Spread: 12-18 inches

‘White Star’ is a beautiful strap leaf variety with large white-green leaves and pronounced pink veins.

86. Chinook

Most Beautiful Caladiums 25

Height & Spread: 15-20 inches

Sporting a unique shade of pink, the plant has prominent pink veins and green borders. Looks great with other dark foliage plants!

87. Berries N’ Burgundy

Height & Spread: 18-24 inches

It’s a sun-loving multicolor variety with a unique bronze background, pink-white center, and bright pink primary veins.

88. Bold N’ Beautiful

Height & Spread: 12-14 inches

This strap-leaf variety is famous for its distinct color patterns. The leaves are pink-orange with olive-green margins.

89. Burning Heart

Height & Spread: 16-20 inches

This fancy leaf cultivar is patterned with pink to orange spots. Its unique leaf shade makes it stand out among other caladiums!

90. Caribbean Coral

Most Beautiful Caladiums 32

Height & Spread: 15-20 inches

It displays white spots on a coral background with elongated, slightly ruffled leaves, which gives it a tropical look.

91. Desert Sunset

Height & Spread: 18-24 inches

Fan of bold foliage with very prominent veins? This variety will amaze you with its salmon-pink leaves, adorned in copper-colored veins.

92. Flatter Me

Height & Spread: 15-20 inches

This fancy-leaf variety has a unique center that exhibits a distinct color pattern, speckled light, and dark green background.

93. Just Saucy

Height & Spread: 14-16 inches

It has a patterned, creamy-white to slightly yellow center with primary veins. The leaves also have rusty-orange splotches with green margins.

94. Va Va Violet

Height & Spread: 12-18 inches

The leaves of this variety have a bright violet-pink shade with deep pink veins and green borders. Looks best in pots and hanging baskets.

95. Rose Glow

Height & Spread: 15-20 inches

This hybrid has medium green leaves with a bright flamingo pink center and a frosty white halo. With maturity, leaves develop primary white veins.

96. Iceberg

Height & Spread: 12-28 inches

An easy-to-grow specimen, it has attractive marbled foliage in green and white hues. Some of its leaves can also turn up completely white!

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