13 DIY Jeans Uses In The Garden

You must’ve unused pairs of jeans in your home. Instead of throwing them away, use them in the garden. Check out these 13 Jeans Uses!

1. DIY Potato Grow Bags

Jeans Use in garden

There’re so many ways to grow potatoes, and one of them is this– Quick-sew denim grow bags. A fun family project for all the apartment dwellers and patio gardeners out there. The tutorial is here!

2. DIY Plant Pockets

The major obstacle with vertical gardening is the challenge of finding containers that hold up well on the wall, don’t wear down from regular watering, and are still porous enough to allow entry of oxygen into the roots for healthy plant growth. Well, with denim plant pockets, you can get rid of all these problems. The tutorial is here!

3. DIY Weed Block

Another unique way to repurpose your old jeans is to roughly cut them up into evenly-sized strips and place them around the root of your garden plants. For best results, bury them underneath the topsoil layer. This will enable the roots to retain more moisture and function better. If your main aim is to defeat the weeds, open out the leg of the jeans just wide enough to cover the weeds. Pour some mulch over the arrangement too.

4. DIY Pot Cover

Jeans Uses in the garden

Consider recycling old jeans into cute and chic garden pot covers that are simple to make and add a nice appeal to the window sill of your kitchen or the patio, or you can cover the houseplant pots with these. Adorn them in various ways to reflect the moods of the season and contrast with the colors of your favorite plants. The tutorial is here!

5. Denim-Styled Stump Planter

These neatly chopped off palm stumps adorned with a layer of faded jeans not only pose a pretty picture but also come off as a nice and unique holder for small green plants. You can also dig out more pulp from the center and plant a few annuals directly in them. The tutorial is here!

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6. Blue Jeans Plant Stand

use of jeans in garden

One of the best old jeans uses in the garden is to make planters out of them, and this step-by-step tutorial shows you how to make an adorable planter out of them. The planter stands on its own, without toppling over, and doesn’t require anything regarding upkeep.

7. DIY Recycled Denim Frost Cover

Why invest in expensive fabric frost covers when you can use make them for free from your old jeans. These recycled denim quilts are just what you need to shield your precious plants, to ensure they don’t desiccate or wilt away. Remove the covers at the time when the temperature rises above freezing point. The tutorial is here!

8. DIY Garden Tools Bag

using jeans in garden

Make a tool bag from your old pair of jeans. It’s such a nice idea, especially if you’re a container gardener. You can keep all of your tools in that bag and hang it safely; it looks good too. The tutorial is here!

9. DIY Denim Gardening Apron

Buying a gardening apron doesn’t make any sense because it’s going to get extremely dirty and accumulate stains. Instead, make your own apron at home. This tutorial video shows you how to recycle your dark denim and carve out no-sew, structured gardening aprons that hide smears and are durable enough to withstand rough use. In fact, they look good even when they get faded or frayed.

10. DIY Knee Pads

Gardening is hard-work and digging around in the soil can take a toll on your knees, causing them to get all sore and painful. Instead of buying knee pads, consider transforming jeans into padded mats to protect your tired limbs as you bend down and garden. The tutorial is here!

11. Use Jeans to Create Privacy

Use Jeans to Create Privacy


An eye-catchy idea, which is bizarre too. Line the inside of the jeans with a plastic bag and then fill them up with soil and use a fence or metal rod to provide support and place them closely. The tutorial is here!

12. Old Jeans Plant Hanger

Jeans is a durable fabric, and it can handle tough use. If you’ve unused jeans, recycle them into something useful like this– A triple decker plant hanger, you can keep your small herb pots in it. The tutorial is here!

13. Decoupage Pumpkins

How about covering up the pumpkin with scraps of your old denim and then embellishing it with a few rhinestones or paper flowers! That would make for a wonderfully creative decor that is sure to draw eyes. See the tutorial here!

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You must've unused pairs of jeans in your home. Instead of throwing them away, use them in the garden. Check out these 13 Jeans Uses!


  1. This project allows you to upcycle not only denim but also tin cans too! Marry the two with this gorgeous recycled jean planter. To make this planter unique and to show off the different shades of indigo in denim, use just the seams and hems for this upcycle. Seams and waistbands of jeans are definitely the most interesting bits that add character to any upcycle (along with the pockets of course). Don’t you think succulents and denim look awesome together?


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