14 Best DIY Self-Watering Container Garden Ideas

If you forget to water your plants due to a busy schedule, check out some of the best DIY self-watering container garden ideas.

1. DIY Wicking Bed

diy self watering container garden ideas 1

A wicking bed container garden is a simple, ingenious and space-saving alternative to growing plants in the garden like most people do. It saves the water and also provides the proper moisture to plants. Also, it’s easy to build. Check out the DIY tutorial video!

2. Repurposed Soda Pop Bottles

self watering soda bottle planter

Have you ever wondered that those throwaway soda pop bottles could have another use as well? What makes this DIY project even more fun is the fact that these bottles come dirt cheap, and since they are made of plastic, they seem easier to cut, unlike the wine or glass versions. You can make a bunch of these and arrange them on a crate kept near the window sill or patio.

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3. Wooden Box

diy self watering container garden ideas 3

These compact wooden boxes are not your ordinary planters; they have reservoirs fitted underneath which are constantly fed from the adjacent water butt, much like the cistern of a toilet. If you are looking for a productive and reliable growing system that doesn’t require you to babysit your plants all the time, then this system is apt for you. The time and effort you invest will eventually reward you with economical watering and higher yields! To top it all, they are easy to carry around and transfer in and out according to the changing weather. Here’s the step by step tutorial!

4. Self Watering Bucket & Styrofoam Cup

diy self watering container garden ideas 4

Rather than throwing away your unused plastic buckets, how about using them as elegant plant waterers? A combination of two plastic buckets and styrofoam cup can be used as a reliable self-watering planter garden that is easy to create and a lot more fun to try out than in-ground watering. Plus, you will be eliminating one major problem, and that is regular water supply. So, you can stay away for weeks on vacation and still expect to come home to a flourishing cluster of potted greens. This interesting DIY was found on Crestone Solar School’s website.

5. Inverted Planter Garden

diy self watering container garden ideas 5

These planters solve two problems at once: they keep the plants well-hydrated during the hot summer days when watering regularly is essential, and they give you the opportunity to grow your favorite plants in a vertical garden like the setup. Visit Instructables to see the step by step article in detail.

6. Convert a Standard Planter into a Self Watering Planter

diy self watering container garden ideas 6

If you are just about making the transition to self-watering container gardening and are looking for ways to use up your existing ordinary planters, then this DIY self-watering container project is an effective way out. This project is also nice for gardeners who like the idea of growing in self-watering planters, but want something that is more visually appealing than storage totes. Click here to see the project!

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7. Bottle Garden

diy self watering container garden ideas 7

This no-fuss bottle garden is a convenient system that includes a planter in the top half and a water reservoir in the bottom half. The cotton string is what connects the two and channelizes the water flow. Just maintain the water at a decent level, and you’ll be finally able to cross watering the plants off your to-do list. You can recycle your beer bottles for growing small herbs, or your old wine bottles for a little large plants. The Design Sponge has a great DIY article on it.

8. Air Conditioner-Inspired Planter Garden

diy self watering container garden ideas 8

Recycling the water that drips down when you use the air conditioner is an effective and eco-friendly way to save up on your water bill while setting up a compact planter garden that waters itself without your intervention. Experiment this DIY by following the tutorial available here!

9. Self-Watering Mini Garden

diy self watering container garden ideas 9

A self-watering mini garden gives you the chance to invest in your love for gardening with a little dedication of time for watering. With just two plain plastic boxes salvaged from your local hardware store, you can create this tiny herb garden that has all your recipes covered. To learn more, click here.

10. DIY Self-Watering Planters for Garden

diy self watering container garden ideas 10

This fancy yet functional self-watering planter arrangement combines two big containers, one that is used as a reservoir and the other for planting. You also need a third container to maintain the flow between the other two. It’s like your store-bought grow boxes, albeit cheaper, smarter and more rewarding. Even the process is easy to follow, and with the end product so satisfying, you get to eliminate the hassle of babysitting your plants now and then. See the article in detail here!

11. Homemade Sub-Irrigated Planter

diy self watering container garden ideas 11

A sub-irrigated planter is exactly what you need to assure a regular supply of water to your ambitious garden project. And a homemade one takes about half the cost of a store-bought self-watering planter. The only drawback is that this plan requires you to work on tiny, meticulous details. Instructions are available on Frugal Upstate.

12. Five-Gallon Self Watering Container

diy self watering container garden ideas 12

This five-gallon self-watering container can make with a towel, sponges and two containers within 15 minutes flat. You can grow plants and vegetable in it and forget about watering daily. It’s easy too, see the tutorial video here.

13. Self Watering Foam Box

diy self watering container garden ideas 13

The USP of this self-watering planter is that it is not difficult to make and hardly cost a dime. And depending on how fast you are at DIYs, it will take you around half-an-hour or so. Moreover, the system is portable, requires little space and provides you with a fresh supply of herbs or veggies without even having to water regularly. Look at this functional idea here.

14. Self Watering Water Cooler Planter

diy self watering container garden ideas 14

Who knew that an unimpressive looking water cooler bottle could double up as a classy self-watering planter? Add a lightweight tomato cage for support and what you have is a sturdy and worthy addition to your rooftop container vegetable garden. Check out this interesting tutorial.

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If you forget to water your plants due to a busy schedule, check out some of the best DIY self-watering container garden ideas.



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