9 Science Backed ZZ Plant Benefits You Should Know!

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Zamioculcas zamiifolia is a versatile plant that’s great for both home and workplace! Don’t believe us? Continue reading to find out the amazing ZZ Plant Benefits!

ZZ Plant Benefits

ZZ plant is native to the drought-prone regions of Africa but now can be seen all around the world. It became a popular choice as a houseplant because of the forgiving nature. This perfect beginner plant has some uses as well, which you can find in this ZZ Plant Benefits article!

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1. Removes Pollutants

Indoor air pollution is a severe threat to human health, mainly because, in this era of urbanization, we spend most of our time indoors. One of the ZZ Plant Benefits is improving the severely compromised, indoor air quality.

According to the NASA Clean Air Study, the ZZ plant helps in cleaning the indoor air by absorbing pollutants such as xylene, toluene, and carbon dioxide from the surrounding air. Therefore, making it one of the few plants that not only look good but also have a purpose!

2. Improves Cognitive Function

ZZ plant propagation

Cognitive function includes multiple abilities of human brain functions such as learning, thinking, reasoning, attention, problem-solving, and decision making. Having a houseplant at home, especially a plant-like ZZ plant that improves air quality is known to enhance cognitive function.

3. Adaptable in Nature

The reason why the ZZ plant gained so much popularity is that it’s probably the toughest plant out there. It does well in both high and low lighting conditions. So you can place it both indoors and outdoors, and it’ll do equally well.

And as it is also well adapted to the container growing, it grows excellently and doesn’t attain a monstrous size that’s too big for the container. Pests and diseases also tend to leave it alone, so that’s once less thing to worry about. This is one of the best ZZ Plant Benefits it is famous for!

4. Requires Less Watering

The thing about growing plants is that even if you take care of everything, you still need to water them. Now, it doesn’t mean that ZZ plant can live without water, it’s just that it is not as needy, as most of the other plants. It requires watering only once every 3-4 weeks.

The swollen underground rhizomes of the ZZ plant resemble potatoes. They are separated and planted to propagate it. One of the ZZ Plant Benefits is they store water and are the reason for it being drought tolerant.

  • Water the plant thoroughly and allow the excess water to drain out freely from the drainage holes.
  • Watering too frequently or allowing the ZZ plant to sit in water will lead to root rot and untimely death.

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5. Looks Beautiful!

The reason why most of us have indoor plants is that they look great and transform the indoor space. ZZ plant is no exception to that and literally brightens up the surroundings as its waxy leaves reflect sunlight. The stems can grow to around 3-4 feet tall and sport beautiful dark green and glossy leaves. Plus, it’s not too big neither too small, making it ideal for both large and small spaces.

6. It is an Amazing Tabletop plant!

ZZ Plant Benefits are many and this makes it win the most votes when it comes to office table plant choices. It can be a wonderful tabletop plant in the early stages of growth. You can also use it as a large houseplant to make a bold statement in your rooms!

7. A Great Feng Shui Option!

ZZ plant is an excellent feng shui plant to grow indoors. When placed in the right spot like Southeastern, Southern, and Eastern corners of homes, it helps in bringing protective and purifying energy to your house.

8. It’s a CAM Plant

ZZ plant follows Crassulacean Acid Metabolism; it can consume CO2 even when the sun is down thanks to the capability to perform a particular type of photosynthesis. This attribute makes them perfect for bedrooms!

9. It Has Traditional Medicinal Uses

The roots of ZZ plants are rich in steroid, triterpenoid, flavonoid, and polyphenolic. The extract is also a source of antioxidants and the juice is used to treat ear-ache in Tanzania.  The locals also use the entire plant to treat the inflammatory condition–Mshipa. The leaves of the plants are also used by the shamans in the jungles of Ghana to cure stomach ailments.

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  1. Hi I’m very interested more info for growing Z plant I got 2 pots and it doesn’t look like its going to have new shoots. I got them fo abt 10 months now. I divided the mother plant into 4 and it’s still green but no newshoots

  2. I just love this plant. But I never got it for myself. I have large windows but the sun doesn’t even come near it. After reading this I’m definitely getting one. Where is the best place to buy a ZZ plant? Thank you for all this wonderful information.

  3. I love these plants. They’re the easiest plant I’ve ever owned, and I’m a plant person. Over the years, I’ve probably had at least a couple hundred plants. They’re also pretty. And apparently, they’re also healing, and cleanse the air. What’s not to like? A+

  4. I love learning about new plants and their benefits! This zz plant is definitely one I’ll be keeping an eye on!


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