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20 DIY Wine Bottle Bird Feeder Ideas

Don’t throw wine bottles! Turn them into amazing DIY Wine Bottle Bird Feeder Ideas that will uplift your home with some feather friends!

Looking to create a bird feeder from wine bottle? These DIY Wine Bottle Bird Feeder Ideas will captivate everyone and ensure that your garden’s always full of chirps and life.

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DIY Wine Bottle Bird Feeder Ideas

1. Booze Bottle Feeder

DIY Wine Bottle Bird Feeder 1

Put on your safety glasses and create a feeder with wine bottle bird feeder plans. For the supply list and the tutorial, watch this video.

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2. Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Tighten a wine bottle to a bird feeder channel with a clamp to imitate the feeder idea here. Don’t fasten the roof to the top to ensure easy removal of the bottle.

3. Glass Bottle Bird Feeder

DIY Wine Bottle Bird Feeder 3

Wrap copper wire around a bottle so that the end of the bottle has an S-shaped hook for hanging. Fill the bottle with bird seeds and add a feeder base to the mouth of the bottle. We found the idea here.

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4. Fish-Shaped Bird Feeder

Cut out a fish design on a wood piece and secure the shape to a wine bottle using a wire. It’s a bit complicated in the picture above, but you’ll be able to understand the tutorial well in this video here.

5. DIY Bird Feeder

DIY Wine Bottle Bird Feeder 5

Employ your bottle collection in making a DIY wine bottle bird feeder for your garden or balcony. Learn the steps at She Knows.

6. Bottle Bird Feeder

You’ll need cedar boards, brad nails, wood glue, a wine bottle, birdseed, a pencil, and some technical assistance. Check out the tutorial at Bloglovin.

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7. Bottle Feeder For Birds

DIY Wine Bottle Bird Feeder 7

Hang a wine bottle upright in your yard to invite little friends to your garden. You can give it a decorative touch to make it look attractive. Click here for the tutorial.

8. Bird Feeder DIY

Attach a large wine bottle to a plate and drill holes in the bottle to let the seeds come out of them. Use wires and a plier to hang it from a tree. The Chilly Dog has the directions for this wine bottle bird feeder DIY.

9. Upcycled Bird Feeder

DIY Wine Bottle Bird Feeder 9

Drill two holes on either side of the bottle’s bottom and secure it to a plate. Hang the feeder from a tree, or anywhere you want with copper wire. The tutorial is here.

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10. Upside-Down Bird Feeder

This upside-down wine bottle bird feeder requires easy-to-find supplies. Have a look at the directions here.

11. Paracord Wine Bottle Feeder

DIY Wine Bottle Bird Feeder 11

Hang this paracord wine bottle near your porch or patio to enjoy seeing the birds while they feed themselves. The tutorial for this bird feeder made from wine bottle is available at Four Oaks Crafts.

12. Hummingbird Feeder

To attract hummingbirds, hang a bright red colored wine bottle as a feeder in your yard. The instructions are right here.

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13. Wine Bottle Feeder with Dish

With some tinted wine bottles and a little bit of elbow grease, you can easily create a bird bottle feeder for your home. Here’s the DIY.

14. Wood Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Follow this quick and easy DIY to create a beautiful bird feeder for your garden over the weekend. Check it out here.

15. Cut Bottle Feeder

An elegant and functional bird bottle feeder, this is one of the best choices on our list. Here’s the DIY.

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16. Corked Wine Bottle Feeder

Want a quick and easy one that won’t take much of your time? Here’s the DIY you’ve been searching for!

17. Hummingbird Feeder

This DIY wine bottle hummingbird feeder is an eco-friendly solution that you will love doing. Check out the detailed DIY here.

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18. Stunning Wine Bottle Feeders

Craft a bottle feeder with this DIY and capture the attention of everyone on the block, including the lovely birds.

19. Classy Wine Bottle Feeder

This classy wine bottle feeder will uplift your porch and make it a haven for pretty little birdies. Here’s the DIY.

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20. Bonus: Wine Cork Bird Feeder

Why throw away the corks when they can be put to good use? Follow this DIY and create a birdhouse from these too.



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