10 Creative DIYs to Turn Old Plant Cabinets into Plant Homes

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Here are some great DIYs to turn Old Plant Cabinets into Plant Homes. If you have an unused piece of furniture, use it creatively!

Turn Old Plant Cabinets into Plant Homes creatively and grow houseplants in a small place with ease. Here are some amazing ideas that are especially great for urban apartments and small spaces.

Have a look at some old tin cans turned into plant homes here

Old Plant Cabinets into Plant Homes

1. From Cabinet to Greenhouse!

Old Plant Cabinets into Plants Home

You can turn your old wooden cabinet into a fantastic looking greenhouse to showcase plants of your choice!

2. Easy to Make Indoor Greenhouse

Use an old cabinet and install root farm hydro plant light to grow plants. Details are here.

3. Fold-Down Outdoor Cabinet

Old Plant Cabinets into Plants Home 2

Using just a few tools and materials, you can make this space-saving wooden cabinet to keep plants.

4. Wooden Cabinet with Glass Doors

This old wooden cabinet with glass doors will allow the bright light that is needed to grow plants inside.

5. Upcycle a Rusty Old Metal Filing Cabinet

Old Plant Cabinets into Plants Home 3

Upcycle an old metal cabinet to showcase plants like pothos and small cacti.

6. Upcycled Drawer Plant Stand

This plant stand made from the salvaged dresser drawers is the best thing to showcase and grow plants.

7. Old Dresser Drawer

Old Plant Cabinets into Plants Home 4

This old dresser drawer with individual sections provides an ample space to display multiple plant pots.

8. Chameleon Cage

How about growing plants in a Chameleon Cage? Sounds interesting? Details are here.

9. Greenhouse Plant Cabinet

Old Plant Cabinets into Plants Home 5

Watch this video to make a simple yet attractive greenhouse plant cabinet for your home.

10. Corner Cabinet Planter

Use the kitchen cabinet doors from an old kitchen and make an awesome looking corner plant cabinet!

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