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Make Hanging Tire Planters | Garden Design Idea

If you want to make your garden more unique and enchanting then ‘Hanging Tire Planters’ are perfect. It’s the best way to utilize vertical space and to give a great visible aspect to your garden.

Find a tire

Find a tire that is not cracked or too old. Make sure the tire you use is big enough to hold soil for plants. But remember that too big tire will become heavy to hang.

how to make hanging plantersWash and paint

To help paint stay on the tire, the first step is to clean its dirt and wash it with soap and rinse it. Before using spray paint, you’ll need to paint it with primer. After that, spray some coats of paint with the color that will suit the style of your garden. Avoid dark colors especially black, otherwise, your planter will heat up. Paint it with light colors to reduce evaporation.

Use Durable nontoxic outdoor paint.

Make drainage holes

Drill the bottom of the tire to make 1/2 inch of drainage holes, cover holes with landscaper’s cloth to avoid spilling of soil through the holes. If you don’t have landscaper’s cloth then use another medium to stop soil from spilling out.


Use high-quality potting mix and mix slow release fertilizer in it. You can’t water frequently in such planter, that’s why adding water retaining granules in it is a good idea.

Choose the plants

making tire planters
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Growing right flowering plants in it is most important for a beautiful hanging tire planter. Choose from the list below. We’ve listed flowers that are most suitable for it.

  1. Petunia
  2. Geranium
  3. Periwinkle
  4. Portulaca
  5. Impatiens
  6. Fuchsias
  7. Lobelia
  8. Pansies
  9. Begonias
  10. Nasturtiums
  11. Verbena
  12. Sweet alyssum
  13. Miniature Rose

Choose the color of flower that will complement the color of the tire.


Add a layer of soil at the bottom of the tire. Take out the plants from their pots and plant them in. Now pour more soil over them to cover the roots. Water those plants thoroughly and slowly and make sure not to spill soil.

Right spot to hang it

What is the perfect spot to hang it? A broad and open spot from where it would be visible. Don’t hang it in too hot and windy spot. Otherwise, your plants will dry up quickly. Don’t hang it too high or else you’ll be leaping to water it.

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  1. That is my question, also. What I did for the ones on my garage wall is a heavy duty hose hanger. That is alright, but detracts from the painting my grandnieces did. I would like to know how these are mounted.


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