27 Stunning Peperomia Plant Display Ideas

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These Peperomia Display Ideas can add a bit of cheer and beauty to any room! Take inspiration from these and adorn your space.

Peperomias can be a great addition to your indoor and outdoor spaces. This low-maintenance and compact housepant genus has many amazing varieties to choose from.

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Peperomia Display Ideas

1. Peperomia Hope on a Windowsill

Peperomia Display

You can place a cute little Peperomia Hope on your room’s window. Pretty, ain’t it?

2. A Peperomia Garden

Peperomia Garden

Collect your favorite Peperomia varieties and display them together for an indoor Peperomia garden.

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3. In a Pot and Saucer Combo

pepperoima Terracotta Pot

The plain and simple appearance of terracotta pots is best for varieties like the Watermelon Peperomia.

4. Coffee Table Companion

Peperomia on coffee table

Put one on the coffee table, and it’ll lift up your spirits whenever you feel low.

5. A Self-Watering Peperomia Family

Self-Watering Peperomia

Gather different Peperomias and create a lovely family with several other houseplants to adorn your space. Here’s where we got the idea.

6. Hanging Pot Delight

peperomia Hanging Pot

Why not add a bit of color and fun with a hanging pot – what you see is a Peperomia verticillata ‘Red Log.’

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7. On the Porch Stairs

Peperomias on porch stairs

Keep one on the porch if it’s shady, and it’ll put a smile on everyone’s face as they pass it.

8. Peperomia in a Bottle

bottled Peperomias

Ditch those air plant or moss terrariums – Peperomias are the new craze.

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9. Kokedama Peperomia Display

Kokedama Peperomia Display

Put one as a kokedama display inside a closed terrarium for a spooky vibe, and don’t forget the figurines.

10. Perfect Bedside Table Companion

Peperomia in bedroom

This amazing Raindrop Peperomia will look adorable on the bedside table.

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11. Peperomia Glass Display

Peperomia Glass Display

A glass filled with water and a Peperomia is all you need for a cool and maintenance-free display.

12. Windowsill Garden with Peperomia

Peperomias are great plants if you’re creating a windowsill garden. They’ll definitely steal the limelight.

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13. On a Stubby Plant Stand

Peperomia on stubby plant stand

Get a stubby plant stand for your Peperomia and pair it up with art or a calendar – thank us later.

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14. Living Room Hanging Display

Peperomia plant in hanging basket

Hang one of these near the living room window, and it’ll steal the show. This is a Peperomia Scandens Variegata.

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15. Peperomia Hope on a Repurposed Plant Stand

Peperomia in screw stand

You don’t necessarily need a plant stand – use your imagination and put old things to work for a perfect Peperomia display.

16. Play with the Size

Peperomia in tiny pot

You can create layers for your houseplants for a beautiful display. All you need is a small Peperomia next to a massive companion.

17. Hang Peperomias from the Ceiling

Peperomia plant dark green foliage

A command hook and a plastic hanger. That’s all you need for a ceiling display with Peperomias.

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18. Clay Pot Hanging Display

Peperomia in hanging terracota pot

Why not try something new with a clay pot hanger? You can use rope and a hook to hang it.

19. Peperomia Tabletop Centerpiece

peperomia in bowl

If you want a true tabletop display, you should grow a Peperomia caperata in a tray with dirt and gravel like this idea.

20. Cascading String of Turtles

The dresser or top of the table is the perfect place to let a lovely trailing Peperomia plant sit and let its foliage cascade down.

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21. Grow a Peperomia Tree

Peperomias can grow tall if you don’t let the stems fall down and trail – just give them support. And a pretty pot, just like this American rubber plant here.

22. Peperomia Planter Box Display

Why not pair most of the peperomia varieties together for a stunning planter box display?

23. Peperomia Wall Display


See how amazing the Peperomia makes this plant wall look. You should surely try it.

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24. Peperomia as a Welcome Plant


Anyone who visits your home (or hotel) would love to be greeted by this nice Watermelon Peperomia.

25. Outdoor Peperomia Tower Display


Want to grow a Peperomia tower just like this? We found the idea here.

26. Peperomia Collection Again


Take inspiration from Lorichou and create your own Peperomia plant collection. We recommend starting with Emerald Ripple, Marble Peperomia, Red-Edge, and Happy Bean Peperomias, but the list is long, very long.

27. Make a Self-Watering Display


You can easily replicate this cachepot, self-watering Peperomia display. It’ll take 2 pots and some potting soil.

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